The Guys!

The Guys!
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Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

Hola familia! so this last week was pretty good I guess. we have been workin a lot with our investigators and everything. and juan came to church yesterday which was great! and last week I forgot to tell you about familia silva that we found through a recent convert. she invited her friend over to talk to us about 2 and a half weeks ago and so we taught her a little bit and then the next day we taught her and her family and they are all freakin awesome! at first the dad liked the stuff and then the next day he heard some stuff about mormons from other friends so he didnt want to talk to us anymore but we did our best to talk to him and we have been teaching him and the mom and they have 5 kids. boy thats 14 boy thats 12 boy thats 8 girl thats like 5 and then another little boy. we have been teaching them a lot for the past couple weeks and at first the little 8 year old boy and the girl wouldnt really talk to us and were really shy and stuff and then sometime last week they really opened up a ton and the boy prays on his own with us now and we baptised him yesterday. It was awesome! the parents arent married but the mom recently has learned that living together and not being married is a sin even though they have been together for like 20 or more years but yeah so she has been really trying with her husband to get married so hopefully that happens this week so they can get baptised soon. the 14 year old came to church yesterday with the 8 year old and the mom and so he is getting baptised next sunday and the 12 year old didnt come yesterday so he will get baptised the next sunday after this one cause he needs at least 3 attendances in church. It's so awesome to see them progress so fast cause they really have been praying and reading and everything on their own especially the mom and she is really seeing the blessings from it already. yesterday before church she woke up with a little bit of a fever and really sick and the 8 year old who we baptised was up before everyone and woke everyone up for his baptism and then his mom told him we will go next week cause she has a fever and stuff and she told us that the little boy said "no mom im prepared right now." it was so cool when we heard that! so yeah and juan has his baptismal date for this coming sunday too so hopefully hes keeps progressing and gets baptised. he just really needs to pray. hes been reading but not praying but yeah. we played soccer today which really felt really great to play cause its been a little while. wow do I miss soccer everyday.. so yeah with jairo it hasnt been good cause he lives kinda with a friend or something and he always works and never answers his phone so we still havent been able to teach him or anything. but yeah I think thats pretty much been it to tell this week. I really love that now I'm really just getting used to talking to people and getting better at speaking and understanding castellano so I dont have to always have my companion right by me translating for me haha but yeah its crazy there is only 2 more weeks left in this transfer.   Im not sure if boca and river are going to play but I know that argentina beat brasil the other day and I watched a little bit of the river game last night too which was cool. It was at the same persons house we are going to tonight which is familia gutierez and we are making something and having a dinner and noche de hogar with them. they are a pretty poor family and less active but they are so cool and so funny! yeah I have never eaten at brick oven either but oh well I guess. nobody else has emailed me so itd be cool if they would. when is jacob moving for the summer? and what is everyone gonna do all summer? oh sweet austin and carson coaching together will be way fun.. that really is a thing I regret though is respecting you more and thats something thats important to do obviously cause its one of the 10 commandments. has he been hanging out with trent and cade and david and them very much? the wedding is this week?? man I want to be there so bad! :( I'm excited to see the pictures. oh and this computer really sucks and so it wouldnt let me watch the videos. maybe next week I can watch them. but the pictures I'm sending work I hope. the first 2 soccer ones were today and the baptism yesterday. I really wish landon would go on a mission. it seriously changes you. I see every single thing in my life so different now. like really I kinda laugh and its pretty crazy about how oblivious I was to some things the past years haha but yeah oh well Im really trying to not look at my past anymore. just repent of everything and look to the future. the past is over and theres nothing we can do about it anymore. but yeah. oh man i love kirst! i wish i could talk to her more but oh well I guess. thats cool about ali haha. wow thats awesome you got accepted mom! I bet you will get accepted to both haha thats just how great you are. yeah definitely just keep praying about it and have faith and youll know what is right. fuah thats awesome you got a bunch of help! Im really glad cause you could really use a break from all of that. thats way cool though! oh Im definitely getting an ipad for school when I get home. that will be so nice. san diego?! fuah! thats sick!! they are way lucky! in my study I am just finishing alma and Im caught up with the reading it in 60 days now so were good haha so we will be finishing it pretty soon which will be sweet. and my companion knows the stories really good so he helps explain them to me when I get confused so thats good. okay thanks mom your the best!! always remember that! your the greatest mom that anyone could ever ask for!!! I love you tons!! :) I cant wait to give you a huge hug again! so yeah I think thats all for now. les amo a todos!! siempre confien en el SeƱor y El estara aca para nosotros siempre!   Con Amor, Elder Buxton  

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