The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, May 27, 2013

How is the new comp....

Hola familia,
So basically I dont have much time so this wont be very long. Its been a crazy long week..we are way late today cause president invited us all to go to the temple today so we went and it was freakin awesome like always! But yeah so I wont lie this week has been really hard and its been sadder.. me and my comp don't get a long that well and I'm not sure why. He just doesnt want to work with me I guess ... so its pretty rough. Trying to stay focused and work though but its a lot harder now.. but anyway. Last week maira and manuel didnt come to church so we gotta change their baptism dates and um besides that I dont really remember a whole lot from the week. This wednesday we are having a special meeting with Elder Cook (the apostle) he did a fireside for the young single adults on sunday and then on wednesday he is going to meet with us and the south and west mission. Should be sweet. I will tell you guys about it next week. Oh on saturday we had a ward activity and ate locro which is a tradition here cause the 25th was a holiday and it was way way fun cause we played volleyball and then ate and then volleyball and then soccer and then basketball. It was sweet. Us 4 missionaries wrecked everyone haha it was awesome. But yeah so thats about it since I dont have time. Oh and I also got sick this week so that isnt helping at all. Well les amo a todos! chau chau

Elder Buxton

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


hola familia,
So basically elder jarpa got transfered haha. We were all kinda surprised since he doesnt have much time here but yeah. My new companion is elder ullua from cordoba argentina. He has almost a year on the mission. Should be a pretty good transfer but we will see. Elder walker got transferred which is sad but I'm just glad that he didnt go down south cause those that go south today arent coming back cause it will be a different mission next month.. Elder mcnab is going south haha.. Me and elder harrison, walker, brown, and alder are really glad that none of us went south.. I would have been way sad if they did. I'm sad elder mcnab is but oh well. So from our original mtc district only the utahns are here now :) haha the 3 others that werent from utah are in different places now so yeah its pretty funny and crazy. Elder arosticas new companion in savio will be elder solum who was here in this ward when maschwitz and savio were one area and then split. He was here for 9 months. Lots of time.. and now hes coming back to finish his last 3 months here haha its going to be nuts. Everyone here loves him and misses him so it will be interesting but should be good. Elder whitzit is now in my zone too haha. And mom I have some bad news about your package you sent me.... elder walker had it in his hands to bring to me when they had a training meeting a week ago. And he accidentally left it in the church and I asked hermana lowry today and she said she hasnt seen it and doesnt know anything about it.. So either a member put it somewhere or someone stole it in the church... so hopefully it shows up.. but could you just send me a small package asap with the gel and I dunno a treat or something? Dont worry about the rings anymore.. I dont want you to buy new ones. If you want to buy a new one thats the same as austins and jacobs I'm fine with that but dont worry about the others.. So besides that it was a good week. So me and elder walker did divisions the other day for the last time which was really good and fun. On saturday there was a ward baptism of the daughter of an hermano that works for the mission and helped us move into our pention an everything. And it was her birthday too so in the cultural hall afterwards they had a bunch of party stuff and food. The dad works in the offices a lot so he knows the lowry couple that are in the offices and do all the financial stuff and so they came with elder jorquera and his companion from the offices so it was cool to chill with them. Also an ex missionary that served here in savio was there that had come back 8 months after his mission and married a girl from savio and they live in the states now and his parents live in provo. It was cool to talk to them and the wife speaks english pretty well. They have a cool story cause they met his second to last day on his mission haha pretty nuts! On saturday night we made tacos with familia diosque our investigators cause I had told them about tacos cause they dont really have those here much and so they wanted me to make them for them so me and elder walker made tacos as you can see in the pic and they were really really good! We taught something and it was a really fun night. Sunday they didnt come to church like they were supposed to... :( but maira and juan came with us to the despedida sunday night. Sandy and yamila came with us too. It was way fun! I got to talk to flia gutierrez from tortuguitas and my friend franco from tortuguitas was there too! It was so good to see and talk to him! And also I saw flia vallejos from palermo. And all my mtc district was there except elder walker so it was way good to see all them and say goodbye to elder daniel who just finished his mish in maschwitz. But yeah it was fun. Now we just gotta get new investigators. Maira has a date on the 2nd and we are going to put one for the same day with manuel so that will be sweet. The parents still need to get married... so yeah that was a very brief description of the same. It was a crazy week. Also tomorrow night we are gonna have another missionary activity so hopefully we have a good turn out this time.

Wow sounds like lots of stuff at home happened this last week so thats good! Thats crazy that austin moved out already! Where does he live? Thats good its getting warmer there. Here it is now reallly really cold.. the mornings and nights are way cold but during noon its usually warm and sunny. Its kinda weird. But we already broke out coats and scarfs for the evenings.Thanks for all your words mom and your love and support. You really are the best! your my hero!! :) Sorry I cant respond to everything but I love hearing about everything either way. les amo mucho!! :)

Elder Buxton

p.s. normally on pdays we have to stay in our districts but on transfer days we dont know the districts yet so after internet we are gonna go hang out with elder whizit in escobar. Should be fun :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

I love you!

Hola familia!
So it was so great to hear from you guys and see you guys yesterday. It really made my day and of course I'm always nervous leading up to talking to you guys but it was really good. I miss all of you but I know I'm supposed to be here. Thank you for all the prayers and love and support. les amo a todos ustedes! :) So I pretty much explained my week to you guys yesterday on skype so I dont have much else to say haha. This morning we got up at like 4:30 and did our tramites and stuff so I can be legal again haha and now we are just chillin in capital together. We were with elder brown and harrison and alder and all them when we ate at burger king but then we were waiting for my companion and they left and now we lost them and so yeah.. so I'm with elder walker and elder tomas whos the other companionship in our district. But yeah we are gonna go walk around and maybe buy some stuff here in capital since they have a ton of cheap stuff and everything so yeah should be fun. I think we are doing divisions on friday so I'll be with elder walker for the last time this transfer. Sunday we are going to try to go to the despedida if we can get an investigator or juan to go with us. Besides that we are gonna work hard this week to find new investigators for the next transfer. I will have p day next week on tuesday so dont forget! and I will let you know if I get a new companion or if I get transfered or anything. I wont lie I will be kinda sad if I leave.. I have a lot of good friends here in this area and the members are really great. But yeah so I guess thats about it for this week haha. I'm very glad that trent, steggell, and brinnly each came over for at least a little bit and that I was able to talk to toni and logan and them too. I love all you guys! And mom and toni HAPPY MOTHERS DAY YESTERDAY!!!! You guys are the best!! :) I love you both with all my heart and am so thankful for your guys help. I dont know where I would be without you two. Especially you mom. son maravillosas! una re bendicion en mi vida! :) I hope you all have a good week this week and keep up the hard work and just never give up. Giving up is never worth it in the end. Its so so worth it when we push through to the end. If we give up then we will never feel the happiness at the end. les amo con todo corazon! chau chauuu :)

Elder Buxton

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Mothers Day...Next Sunday!

Hola Familia!
wow this week went by so fast! I swear I just wrote you guys like 2 days ago.. like really. Okay so this week was a pretty good week. Because.... we finally had a baptism!! :) little juan disoque got baptised! We had an appointment with them on tuesday and we explained to the parents that they had to get married to be baptised but juan had 2 attendances already so we invited him to be baptised and at first he said he didnt know and then in the end he said yes! It was awesome! Hes a capo! I'll explain the baptism in a sec. We also had a cita with micaela earlier in the week with a girl thats 19 I think thats a recent convert and will get sealed in the temple in like september. She was the perfect member cause she had to get separated to do it and her dad and boyfriend didnt want anything to do with the church. Maybe I already told you guys this story? anyway.. we had a really good lesson about faith and putting your trust in the lord. We invited micaela at the end to do what it takes to get baptised this sunday. She said she will think about it. So we tried to pass by everyday to help her but she wasnt there everyday. We finally had a lesson with her on friday and we taught her how to repent. We went through the steps (president taught us this and showed us this practice the day before in zone conference). It was really good but in the end she said she wasnt ready to get baptised. Basically that she didnt want to get separated. So we had to drop her... cause we have done all we can but its her now that has to take the steps. It was sad but she is a capa and came to church and stuff anyway. So yeah thursday we had zone conference (our last with president :( ) and it was really really good. I learned a ton of stuff and took good notes. And the thing that really helped this time was our preparation before the conference. We went in with questions and we prepared good before so that we had the spirit with us so president could really receive revelation for us. Many times we dont learn as much in meetings not because the person teaching doesnt have the spirit but because we didnt prepare ourselves good enough to receive the spirit and therefore allow him to teach our hearts as well as our minds. It was really good we learned about how every night when we plan that the lord really is with us and that he set up the appointment every night at 9 to plan with us because he has a plan for all our investigators for the next day. We have to receive what that plan is from him. We also learned a lot about revelation and that helped me a ton. And yeah lots of stuff. I learned a lot of things that I need to change to be a better missionary and thats exactly what I wanted to learn. It was great! This might sound kinda weird but the night before I had a dream about brinnly. And it was a pretty sad dream.. I woke like kinda sad and depressed haha especially cause of something she told me in the dream at the end. But then in the conference what she told me kept coming back to me and I applied it to my life and what I was learning in a different way and it helped me to be more humble to learn more about what I needed change. haha sounds kinda weird but god works in mysterious ways :) also on wednesday we had a ward activity where we cleaned the church really really good inside and out and then had choripan and they all played soccer and volleyball. It was a lot of fun cause tons of people came! It would have been more fun if we were allowed to play soccer and volleyball with them.. but it was still pretty fun. On sunday we had the baptism but it was pretty crazy cause whats called the bomb (the thing that sucks the water out of the ground and puts it into a tank to then be used in the church and in each house, every house has its own,) broke.. we were able to fill the water up about a foot and a half before it broke which was just enough to baptise juan since he is little anyway haha. Earlier in the week we asked him if he wanted his dads cousin to baptise him but he said no cause they never really helped up with this family and didnt really support them at all.. so he said no and that he wanted me to do it. So I gladly baptised juan in like a foot and a half of water :) haha it all worked out in the end. Blessings of the lord everyday :) Also this last week sandy had a couple days off of work so she was with us for a good 4 hours or so a few days last week which was really good. Her papers are gonna get sent to salt lake pretty soon. But she has been really thinking about why her papers are taking so long and that maybe its a sign that she shouldnt go. haha I'm not really sure if she will end up going now.. but she has a great testimony and loves talking to people. That was pretty much a summary of our week. This week we have an activity on wednesday night like we did over a week ago to watch a movie and share some food so we will see how that goes.

haha you talked to yamila? Thats funny! haha yeah pizza on wednesday!! :) Thats awesome that stake conference was so good. I'm very glad that you guys were able to be taught by the lord through a 70. Very cool! Its very true that being a missionary is not easy. We all learn that in our youth that the mission is hard. We just dont learn to what extent it is hard. We think it will be hard but not way way hard. But I cant lie and say its not really hard. It is. But if it wasnt then we wouldnt learn the things we need to learn and understand in this time. Its hard every day. but "when we are on the lords errand, we are entitled to his help." -pres gulbrandsen. its definiltey worth it though :) haha thats funny cass is taking david to morp. Kinda weird at the same time but oh well. Here its finally getting cold. It rains some days really really hard and we get drenched but other days its cold in the morning, warm during the day, and cold at night. We already broke out the sweaters so its officially starting to get cold here. Thats cool you saw parker! shayla wrote me last week cause I asked her about parker and she told me that his dad was in a serious accident. I'm guessing he didnt mention anything to you. He was in the hospital for a while and stuff but she said they are just grateful he is alive. Broke like I wanna say 15 bones or something? pretty crazy.. shes gonna get me his email to maybe write him one of these days. What color are you painting the living room? When do play offs start for soccer? boca and river played here last night so it was pretty crazy. Some kids in the street started talking to us which a lot of times means they want to rob us but we just kinda ignored them except for the fact that I told them I'm from mendoza (which is a provincia (which is a state in argentina)) when they started say hello how are you in english and they believed me :) I tell everyone I'm from mendoza and they believe me hahaha :) oh and your package didnt come fast enough in time for the zone conference like I wanted it to... oh well I guess. thanks though! gracias a todos!! les amo mucho! :)

Elder Buxton