The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, May 27, 2013

How is the new comp....

Hola familia,
So basically I dont have much time so this wont be very long. Its been a crazy long week..we are way late today cause president invited us all to go to the temple today so we went and it was freakin awesome like always! But yeah so I wont lie this week has been really hard and its been sadder.. me and my comp don't get a long that well and I'm not sure why. He just doesnt want to work with me I guess ... so its pretty rough. Trying to stay focused and work though but its a lot harder now.. but anyway. Last week maira and manuel didnt come to church so we gotta change their baptism dates and um besides that I dont really remember a whole lot from the week. This wednesday we are having a special meeting with Elder Cook (the apostle) he did a fireside for the young single adults on sunday and then on wednesday he is going to meet with us and the south and west mission. Should be sweet. I will tell you guys about it next week. Oh on saturday we had a ward activity and ate locro which is a tradition here cause the 25th was a holiday and it was way way fun cause we played volleyball and then ate and then volleyball and then soccer and then basketball. It was sweet. Us 4 missionaries wrecked everyone haha it was awesome. But yeah so thats about it since I dont have time. Oh and I also got sick this week so that isnt helping at all. Well les amo a todos! chau chau

Elder Buxton

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