The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, June 3, 2013

How are you?

Hola Familia,
Well this week was a week of ups and downs but I really have a testimony that if we find the good in things and in our situations that we can still be happy. So this last week was full of crazy stuff. First of all like I said last week the temple was way awesome obvisously! haha. And we stopped in liniers station (my old area) to eat and I got to see jared and antonela! So great to see them! And then on tuesday we had district meeting and then we did divisions and so I went to matheu with my DL who is elder tomas who has like a couple transfers less than me and is new as DL and struggles with spanish but he is so funny and we get along really well. So it started to rain and hale harder than I have ever seen in my life... every street was flooded up to our knees if it didnt have some type of hole or sewage system so it was interesting trying to get to district meeting by colectivos in that haha. Then the power was out at the church so we did it in the dark which was interesting haha but then divisions was really good cause to be honest I was excited to get away from my comp for a bit (ill explain about him in a sec). So then on wednesday we had a meeting with elder cook!! :) It was so awesome! It was just our mission but I think he had a meeting with the other missions in buenos aires before us. Not sure though. But it was so sick! The area president was there and a few other 70s and before it started elder cook wanted to shake our hand so we all got to go up and shake all there hands. yep still havent washed my hand after that ;) we heard many of them talk and then elder cook obviously talked in the end and it was such a great talk! He said many things that were personal to me and that I needed to hear so I'm greatful for that. And by the way he testified of some things I wouldnt doubt that he has literally at least heard the voice of the lord. Pretty crazy but who knows. Well I guess he does but still haha. Then on thursday we had zone meeting. (pretty much a week of spiritual meetings :) I love meetings now haha weird right mom? ;) ) And that went really good. We set goals and everything and based on the scripture in mosiah about the people that were baptised in the waters of mormon we decided (for president gulbrandsens last month on the mission) to follow the scripture and set that as our baptism goal for this last month. 204!!! our record is like 199 in one month I think so its gonna be sweet WHEN we break it. So yesterday we went and got maira and manuel this time to make sure they came to church which they did and juan too and they all went to their right classes finally!! And so maira and manuel will be baptised this next sunday! :) and the elders in savio have like 7 baptisms planned which I'm thinking will get narrowed down to about 4 or 5 at the most so we are gonna have a big baptism day next sunday to help us for this months record! The month is now called "the waters of mormon." Okay so besides that the other week a parrilla (grill, retaurant) opened up next to our pench so we went to go buy something when we didnt have lunch last week and the couple that owns it are members in a different stake! So they basically told us that whenever we dont have food or want something that we just go by them and they will give us what we want :) What a blessing and tender mercy of the lord!! So we took advantage of that a couple times last week haha. Besides that some hermanas were mad at us and me yesterday so we had to fix some of that so its all good now. And we are gonna try something new this week to find new investigators since we arent finding by what we are doing cause there arent many less actives in our area. So this week we are gonna pass by lots of active members and ask for referrals and what not and we are gonna find some news! I know it will work! Okay this is long. Last thing. Things in the beginning of the week still werent very good with my comp cause he was still doing things he shouldn't be so our district leader got involved with me a tiny bit and stuff and I wont lie that last week a couple times I prayed that my comp would get transferred.. but after the meeting with elder cook and the zone meeting I knew that was wrong. So I changed my prayers. I started to ask for ways to serve and love my companion and help him and to have something to talk about during the week and stuff and things are way way better now. Obviously he isn't perfect now (neither am I AT ALL) but we are talking and stuff so that's great! I love prayer! I know it works just like I know that this church is true! Oh and I'm in alma 54 I think. I'm behind. Here's my favorite scripture for the week. A great example for all of us! alma 48:11-13,17.

Oh and apparently sandy has to wait like a month more for her call cause of some stuff so that stinks.. haha wow cass finally got her license? I'm kinda scared not gonna lie... haha and yeah austin should get a job. How often is he at home? Thats good if he really is gonna finish the back porch. Yesterday at lunch we talked with hermana peƱaloza (sandys mom) for a while about family and stories and stuff and this might sound weird but it got me really excited to be able to have long talks with you mom. And it really made me appreciate the mom you have always been even more than I already appreciate it. Thank you for everything!! :) She (Cass) wrote a letter about me? smart little girl.. where does she come up with this stuff?? haha. I wanna read it! Well I guess thats it for now. Tonight we have dinner with a family in savio the 4 of us and tomorrow another birthday at familia cubilla in savio. It will be my 4th birthday eating in that house! haha were gonna eat an asado! :) Well ¡les amo mucho! ¡gracias por todo!

Con Amor, 
Elder Buxton

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