The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How was this week?

Hola familia,
So this week was a pretty good week. So we found out that elder cook 2 weeks ago had a meeting with the other 3 missions I think and then had a meeting with just our mission. Thought that was pretty cool! On wednesday we had our last interviews with president. So weird that he leaves in 3 weeks.. :( it was really good though. Mine was short and sweet but I really liked what he told me in the end. He stood up and said "I love you elder. We will forever be friends." I'm greatful that I will always have president gulbrandsen as a friend. I hope that you guys can one day meet him. They told us there too that that was the last time we will see him so we are doing something else with them in the next few weeks. Guess we will see. On saturday we did some service in savio with a family helping them build a different part of their house to make it bigger. And we ate with them and had cake too cause it was the kids birthday too. His names yanpierr. You gotta pronounce that really latin like or it doesnt make sense haha. But hes 17 and is way sick at soccer! Oh and on friday we did divisions and elder thomas came to my area so we could do maira and manuels interviews. So thats always fun! I dont know what happened to maira but in the end she didnt want to get baptised.. She will though so dont worry. Manuel is just a capo though and he asked me to baptise him so yesterday we had a baptism and savio had 3 so it was a sweet day! We had to look all over for baptismal clothes for everyone on saturday night and we ended up going to yanpierrs house again to eat birthday cake and stuff with all the young men and women waiting for the elder from savio to get back. It was really sweet cause we are way good friends with the youth in the ward. I'll send some pics now but we have been working with leila (the girl with the hat on in the pics I sent like a month ago) quite a bit cause she is a recent convert and shes just awesome! We are trying to find through her. We have a little bit but no one that was prepared. We are gonna contact some referrals from her tomorrow so we will see. I'll send some pics right now if it works. Hopefully it does. After church we ate a familia peƱalozas house us 4 and that was a lot of fun too. So yeah and after sacrament me and elder solum went all the way to pilar to get baptismal clothes for everyone but in the end everything worked out good and it was a spiritual ordinance :) Well those were pretty much the highlights of the weeks I guess. My mind is jumbled right now sorry haha. Tonight we are gonna eat at familia cubillas house and then again on thursday I think for another birthday. So that will officially be my 5th birthday celebration in that house hahaha I have 4 videos of each one. And if I stay here for the next transfer I will be there for my birthday and I think like 2 more of them are in august too haha so nuts! Oh and something that we learned in the interviews meeting that I liked it that president taught us the importance of and how to really confess our sins to god. Many times we just say please forgive me for the bad things I've done during the day or week. But thats not technically confessing our sins since we didnt mention a single one. Its kind of interesting but president told us that if we pray to remember what we need to confess it will be given to us. So we each went away from others and did that and then confessed them to god. It was really cool. It almost doesnt make sense: asking god to tell us what we did wrong so that we can remember that thing to tell it right back to him haha. But thats how repentance works. We have to do each part.

The waters of mormon month goal is for the mission mom. Matt and tanner are moving in there now too? uh oh.... they should all be on missions!! haha. Oh man you guys have no idea how much I miss carpet!! Are we ever gonna get carpet in the family room? Wow mom I hope that everything goes okay today! I know you will be alright! Your always in my prayers! cassidee going to cali? So lucky!! And no no news about the package.. have you heard anything about the ward package that that sanders person sent me? It might be stuck here.. he might have to send an email or something to get it sent back.. and yeah I've been thinking about taking a couple classes at UVU right when I get back. That would probably be a good idea. When would you need to sign me up and stuff? Thanks for the letter that cass wrote! I'll read it in the week. les amo at todos!

Elder Buxton

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