The Guys!

The Guys!
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Monday, August 26, 2013

How was this week?

hola familia! 
como estan todos? espero que esten bien! So this week was pretty good. I did divisions last week with elder peacock who is in my group (meaning he came and goes home with me) and we went to a less active members house and we found out that their recently turned 9 cousin lives with them and that the less active parents are his legal guardians now and so basically he can get baptised easily. He already has 2 asistencia and so he has a fecha for this sunday. He wasnt able to come to church yesterday since the less active moms brother takes him for the weekends so we will arrange that so he can come and get baptised this sunday. On friday I was gonna do divisions with the zone leaders but my companion was pretty sick and then elder solum wasnt feeling to great either so they stayed inside and I went out with elder caballero and arostica. Also yesterday my comp wasnt feeling too great so we didnt get a whole lot of work done yesterday either. He is still hangin in there but we will see how he does this week. Right now we are still living in savio. We were going to leave last week and go back to the other pench but my comp got sick so we didnt. Then on saturday I did a baptismal interview for savio who got baptised on sunday. Its a 13 year old kid who on sunday paid his tithing! what a capo!! I had a good interview with him and I could see and feel his desires to be better and get baptised. Also yesterday in church there was an area 70 who came and he gave a talk which I really loved. He talked about how a lot of us as members we have done pretty much all the ordinances like baptism and recieve the holy ghost and the things in the temple and everything and so we just kinda think we are done and thats it. So he kinda asked us what ordinance we have left besides doing family history. He said "the next ordinance is what we just partook of and do partake of every sunday." I liked that a lot and it helped strengethen my testimony of the importance of the sacrament and how badly we need it. We cant afford to not go to church and not partake of it.. besides that its been pretty cold this week and with lots of wind which is pretty killer but were still alive! Well most of us.. I think I might be getting a tiny bit sick too. thats not good. This week I think we have our first interviews with president so that will be fun! Also this wednesday is yamilas birthday and she invited the 5 of us over for lunch and she is making a ton of food and treats and stuff. It will be great :)

When we play soccer here we usually play with the young men cause they are cool and like to come play. But we play with missioanries too obvisously. We are gonna play again today and I think the hermanas and the other elders in my district are goona come so that will be fun :) like when someone goes up to DL they are usually just in charge of their own area and another area (2 other elders) just to start out so they arent in charge of a lot of areas and have to do more. But they put me in charge of my area (obvisouly) and 3 other areas. So yeah. Sandy I guess isnt going cause she likes a return missionary. I know there are other reasons too but I wont explain on here. haha sounds like a fun week with the tiring walk to the temple and everything ;) mom now you can comprehend a little bit more of just one day here in the mish when all our appointments fail us and we are just walking around all day long.. those arent the funnest days. But we find ways to stay happy and have encouragement (man its so hard to think of these words in english!) wow thats awesome for brother dickson! He was definitely one of my favorite leaders and I do miss him a lot. And thats awesome about caitlin. So weird that shes going on a mish. Where is she going again? mom sounds like your missing me and my ability to fix things without having any idea what I'm doing ;) dont worry I will fix it all for ya soon. les amo mucho! todos vayan a la capilla! necesitamos la santa cena en nuestras vidas!! :)
Elder Buxton

Monday, August 19, 2013

How are you?

Hola Familia,

So this last week has been very interesting. The first half was really good and then the last few days has been pretty rough but I keep moving forward :) so things with my comp are going pretty good. He was kinda sick last week but he is feeling a lot better. And its so much more fun and happy with 5 of us in a pench instead of 2 so I'm not really looking forward to moving back when we do. And being leader is going pretty good too. It's pretty crazy since I don't get much time to do stuff at night when we get home cause I have to plan and then I have to call my district and then the zone leaders and all that fun stuff. But yeah so they split the zone so now its a little bit smaller but there is only 2 district leaders in our zone now so pretty much I have half the zone in my district. I am over (including my comp) 8 missionaries. 2 hermanas and 6 elders. Normally when someone goes up to DL they get 2 missionaries in their district. I guess I just got lucky or something haha. Well we had zone meeting last week which was good to get to know the zone and my district a little bit and we learned a bit and put some goals as a district and as a zone. We struggled this week with finding new investigators so we are kinda short on those and really trying to find through the members and stuff. Something really sad that happened this week was that now sandy isnt going on a mission... :( I still havent talked to her in detail since we didnt have time in church but I told her we need to talk so we will see the reasons why. Pretty much besides that hopefully we can find those people that are prepared to find the gospel this week cause I have no doubt that they are there.

yeah as DL I have to talk to my district everyday and I have to do the baptismal interviews and divisions and I do district meetings (which my first one will be tomorrow so that should be interesting). And yeah my toe was pretty bruised and stuff last week but I'm still alive and I'm still going to play soccer today no matter what :) elder solum was supposed to go home last week but is staying for the sealing of flia cubilla cause he helped baptised them. Thats on sep 7th. What projects did you want to get done before I got home? My comp is from utah and he likes sports. He can at least speak a little bit but he still struggles especially with the people that talk fast so I help him out quite a bit. Its going much much better with him than with my last companions :) oh austin... tell him to get his butt to church!! And you never update me on ward things. I always have to read them from georgias dads email to him haha. But I'm very glad mom that you learned from all your experiences and that you are a better person because of them. Thats what heavenly father wants :) real quick some scrips that I love that I will probably talk about in district meeting tomorrow. jacob 5:70-75. les amo a todos! :)
Elder Buxton

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


hola familia,
Okay where to start.. this has been such a long crazy week. So I first of all last wednesday I went on divisions with elder whitsitt in his area and while we were eating lunch we got a call from the assitants saying that I was gonna get a new companion that night. I wasnt very happy about it at all cause we loved being in a trio and everything. So that night they brought me elder atencio who has been here in this mission for like 3 months and had a year in brazil before. It was very interesting and not the most fun with him but it was ok cause we stayed in the pench in savio with my best friends. Then we had transfer calls last night... so basically elder atencio got transfered and now I am with elder goodwinn who has now 2 weeks in argentina and was waiting for his visa for 3 months. I'm excited to get a greengo again cause its been a while and he is normal! :) So I'm very happy about that. Oh yeah and also now I'm district leader.. weird huh? haha guess we will see how this goes. I'm excited for the opportunity to serve others and help others. Elder arostica and elder solum stayed together again and have a new companion cause elder solum dies in 4 weeks. And for about another week we are gonna be living with them still since its easier for right now so thats good. And also elder walker came back! :) He is now zone leader and so since I'm DL we will get to go on divisions :) Its gonna be great! Should be an interesting transfer. Also our zone was pretty big so it got split in half so now its a little smaller. There are also a lot of trios cause we have so many missionaries now like elder walker and the other zone leader have a trio and there are a lot of areas opening in the whole mission. Its pretty exciting and crazy. Besides that last week was good. Elder whitsitt came and did divisions with us so it was us 4 best friends on his birthday. Then on sunday we went to the despedida with like sandy and yamila and tons of the savio and maschwitz kids since it was elder solums despedida. That was tons of fun! I dont have time to explain everything or send pics this time but I will next time. We just played soccer and I scraped up my toe pretty bad cause my shoe ripped which was fun haha but yeah and we had like 2 asados last week with familia cubilla and acuña :) Besides that we havent been able to work with maria since she got a job and always works and her daughter doesnt want much unless the mom is in it so we are kinda in a hole right now.. but that is okay cause heavenly father is gonna throw us down a ladder as we are obedient and work hard :)

Wow thats awesome that theres a new temple video and that austin is going to school and everything! Good luck everyone with school! Is landon gonna get a new calling and stuff or how is that gonna work? I guess thats about it for this week! les amo mucho! :)

Elder Buxton

Monday, August 5, 2013

One more week in this transfer....

Hola Familia!
Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes and everything. I wont lie it was a very good birthday :) I really cant complain. So basically on wednesday we ate at familia peñalozas house which is always fun and great! Then on thursday we ate dinner at familia huertas house and I seriously had the best dinner I've ever had on my whole mission. It was arroz chaufa with like this chicken in a chines sauce. It was basically like real chinese food. .like better than panda express. Amazing!!! And then arroz con leche for dessert. But real made by a real peruvian. Then on friday we did divisions with elder whitsitt so he came over with me and elder solum and we made barbecue chicken and it was so good. You cant find american stuff like that here so it was amazing. We had a good time and good day and then on my birthday we made pancakes with whip cream and maple syrup and stuff. Super good!! And the bishop came over to get his key back and found out it was my birthday so he gave me 50 pesos to go buy ice cream :) so we are gonna do that later today I think since we didnt have time on saturday. Then we went and ate at yamilas house (as you can see in the pics on facebook from yamila) and the empanadas and pizza were super super good! Oh and thanks so much for the video guys :) you guys are so great I love you guys!! Then that night we ate at diosques house more empandas and stuff and cake number 2. Then yesterday we ate lunch at familia peñalozas with another cake and then we went to familia acuñas house to eat another cake :) haha so much food and cake! I feel so fat! So yeah that was the jist of it. Its been so great to be in a trio with elder solum and elder arostica :) oh and saturday afternoon elder whitsitt called me and told me I had to call president and so I was pretty scared.. haha but he just wished me a happy birthday and told me to do something fun. Such a great mission president! So besides that maria couldnt make it to church yesterday and she didnt get baptised cause she hasnt stopped smoking yet.. so we are gonna work with her more but florencia her daughter came and I put a date with her for next sunday so we will see how that goes. We also had the most asistencia that we or any other ward in our stake has ever had or in a really long time. We had 145. Thats so much for wards here in argentina! Me and savio together had 10 investigators which was awesome! It was a good weekend :) So yeah this is the last week of transfers so I will for sure get a new companion next week and next week I will email on tuesday as you all know. And also we got the news that since we have been getting in so many new missionaries, in a week 2 new zones will open and 14 new areas. Thats nuts!! 

yeah elder whitsitt was with us until we switched back after lunch on saturday. Our friend that hurt his ankle is doing alright. Hes bedridden for weeks. But he is coming over here today to watch us play soccer. Oh yeah we made some new friends in the supermarket the other day and they are like white and they wanted to play soccer so they are gonna come play today :) It'll be sick! haha mom I try not to think about that day but obviously no elder can help not thinking about it at least a little bit. Thats good that uvu soccer camp went good. Is austin gonna go full time in the fall? And what do you guys do about cars and getting to school? Wait so logan came up just to hang out for the weekend? how did he get there? well les amo a todos! otra vez gracias todos por todo lo hacen por mi! :)

Elder Buxton

oh we also have a missionary work activity in our ward this saturday so it should be good!