The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


hola familia,
Okay where to start.. this has been such a long crazy week. So I first of all last wednesday I went on divisions with elder whitsitt in his area and while we were eating lunch we got a call from the assitants saying that I was gonna get a new companion that night. I wasnt very happy about it at all cause we loved being in a trio and everything. So that night they brought me elder atencio who has been here in this mission for like 3 months and had a year in brazil before. It was very interesting and not the most fun with him but it was ok cause we stayed in the pench in savio with my best friends. Then we had transfer calls last night... so basically elder atencio got transfered and now I am with elder goodwinn who has now 2 weeks in argentina and was waiting for his visa for 3 months. I'm excited to get a greengo again cause its been a while and he is normal! :) So I'm very happy about that. Oh yeah and also now I'm district leader.. weird huh? haha guess we will see how this goes. I'm excited for the opportunity to serve others and help others. Elder arostica and elder solum stayed together again and have a new companion cause elder solum dies in 4 weeks. And for about another week we are gonna be living with them still since its easier for right now so thats good. And also elder walker came back! :) He is now zone leader and so since I'm DL we will get to go on divisions :) Its gonna be great! Should be an interesting transfer. Also our zone was pretty big so it got split in half so now its a little smaller. There are also a lot of trios cause we have so many missionaries now like elder walker and the other zone leader have a trio and there are a lot of areas opening in the whole mission. Its pretty exciting and crazy. Besides that last week was good. Elder whitsitt came and did divisions with us so it was us 4 best friends on his birthday. Then on sunday we went to the despedida with like sandy and yamila and tons of the savio and maschwitz kids since it was elder solums despedida. That was tons of fun! I dont have time to explain everything or send pics this time but I will next time. We just played soccer and I scraped up my toe pretty bad cause my shoe ripped which was fun haha but yeah and we had like 2 asados last week with familia cubilla and acuña :) Besides that we havent been able to work with maria since she got a job and always works and her daughter doesnt want much unless the mom is in it so we are kinda in a hole right now.. but that is okay cause heavenly father is gonna throw us down a ladder as we are obedient and work hard :)

Wow thats awesome that theres a new temple video and that austin is going to school and everything! Good luck everyone with school! Is landon gonna get a new calling and stuff or how is that gonna work? I guess thats about it for this week! les amo mucho! :)

Elder Buxton

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