The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, August 5, 2013

One more week in this transfer....

Hola Familia!
Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes and everything. I wont lie it was a very good birthday :) I really cant complain. So basically on wednesday we ate at familia peñalozas house which is always fun and great! Then on thursday we ate dinner at familia huertas house and I seriously had the best dinner I've ever had on my whole mission. It was arroz chaufa with like this chicken in a chines sauce. It was basically like real chinese food. .like better than panda express. Amazing!!! And then arroz con leche for dessert. But real made by a real peruvian. Then on friday we did divisions with elder whitsitt so he came over with me and elder solum and we made barbecue chicken and it was so good. You cant find american stuff like that here so it was amazing. We had a good time and good day and then on my birthday we made pancakes with whip cream and maple syrup and stuff. Super good!! And the bishop came over to get his key back and found out it was my birthday so he gave me 50 pesos to go buy ice cream :) so we are gonna do that later today I think since we didnt have time on saturday. Then we went and ate at yamilas house (as you can see in the pics on facebook from yamila) and the empanadas and pizza were super super good! Oh and thanks so much for the video guys :) you guys are so great I love you guys!! Then that night we ate at diosques house more empandas and stuff and cake number 2. Then yesterday we ate lunch at familia peñalozas with another cake and then we went to familia acuñas house to eat another cake :) haha so much food and cake! I feel so fat! So yeah that was the jist of it. Its been so great to be in a trio with elder solum and elder arostica :) oh and saturday afternoon elder whitsitt called me and told me I had to call president and so I was pretty scared.. haha but he just wished me a happy birthday and told me to do something fun. Such a great mission president! So besides that maria couldnt make it to church yesterday and she didnt get baptised cause she hasnt stopped smoking yet.. so we are gonna work with her more but florencia her daughter came and I put a date with her for next sunday so we will see how that goes. We also had the most asistencia that we or any other ward in our stake has ever had or in a really long time. We had 145. Thats so much for wards here in argentina! Me and savio together had 10 investigators which was awesome! It was a good weekend :) So yeah this is the last week of transfers so I will for sure get a new companion next week and next week I will email on tuesday as you all know. And also we got the news that since we have been getting in so many new missionaries, in a week 2 new zones will open and 14 new areas. Thats nuts!! 

yeah elder whitsitt was with us until we switched back after lunch on saturday. Our friend that hurt his ankle is doing alright. Hes bedridden for weeks. But he is coming over here today to watch us play soccer. Oh yeah we made some new friends in the supermarket the other day and they are like white and they wanted to play soccer so they are gonna come play today :) It'll be sick! haha mom I try not to think about that day but obviously no elder can help not thinking about it at least a little bit. Thats good that uvu soccer camp went good. Is austin gonna go full time in the fall? And what do you guys do about cars and getting to school? Wait so logan came up just to hang out for the weekend? how did he get there? well les amo a todos! otra vez gracias todos por todo lo hacen por mi! :)

Elder Buxton

oh we also have a missionary work activity in our ward this saturday so it should be good!

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