The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday!

hola familia,
hmm where to begin. So much has happened this week. Okay from the beginning. So we found out on monday that my comp was leaving on friday and then on wednesday we had zone conference which was really cool and really good. And after it we went over to a park thats in palermo (my old area in capitol) and we read a story about how in that very park was where they dedicated the prediction of the gospel in latin america. That was pretty cool. such a sick park! So then my comp had his end of mission interview and since he was going home early and wouldnt get to participate in the despedida and all the normal end of mission things president took me and my comp and the assistents and his son to get mccdonalds and ice cream :) It was awesome! We ate ice cream at a place where they put it on a cone and then stretch it out and then dip it in chocolate and freeze it and then its seriously a long sword. So sweet! Sounds like a great day right? Yeah then it got worse.. it was a very rough day and crazy week. Some stuff happened and then we went home on the colectivo and then had to go get my stuff in the pention in elder whitsitts area from divions the day before and we missed dinner and just lots of stuff. We got home at like 9:40. So nuts.. but yeah and then elder behotas last few days were alright. I'm glad I was blessed with lots and lots of patience when I was with him. But he left on friday and I was afraid I would get a new companion or train which I didnt want to do cause I wanted to be in a trio with elder arostica and elder solum. And now in the end... we are a trio! :) Its awesome!! We have kinda been back and forth in maschwitz and savio but we sleep and stuff in savio but its so sweet! I feel happier and a bit more relaxed. But yeah so we are still working with maria. She is still struggling stopping smoking but we are on that. She and her daughter have a baptism date next sunday so we hope they make it! They both came to church yesterday and liked it again. So we are gonna work a lot with her. Besides that it was sad that yesterday there was a ward baptism of a girl that was almost 9 years old (the daughter of our ward mission leader) and this was her second try to get baptised.. the last time she got to the water and everything but got too scared and wouldnt go under the water so yeah and.. the same thing happened this time.. it was really sad :( and then today just barely we were playing basketball and elder garcia may have broke his ankle. We will find out. My comps with him and his comp to the hospital and I'm with 2 other elders and we are going to go play soccer in a bit. should be fun :) But yeah a lot happened this week.. but anyway. Should be a good week this week with maria and florencia getting baptised and I have dinner like 4 days this week and an asado on my birthday and like at least 2 or 3 or maybe 4 cakes coming my way :) I guess thats about it for now sorry this is kinda brief details wise. And 2 last things. President is so cool! haha hes just like another one of us almost. It was cool to get to know him a little better. And last monday we found out that elder whitsitt is supposed to go home in october but someone in the church offices decided that since he was in his house for 2 months it would be better for  him to stay longer. So he is now coming home with me and elder walker in december! :) haha he has mixed feelings about it but hes excited to go with me and elder walker.

So here its still pretty cold but the last few days have actually been really warm in the afternoon. Today is pretty hot! It feels good though! The pention in savio is really warm cause they have a good heater so we are fine there. The one in my area not so much.. that would be super cool if austin could get playing soccer again. Do they not play much anymore? and it sounds like it would be a fun birthday! He didnt write me much at all... :( well thats it for this week. les amo a todos!
Elder Buxton

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