The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, July 15, 2013

Love You!

Hola Familia,
So this last week was a long/short week.. that feeling is kinda weird. haha but so yeah basically last week familia peñaloza was going last week to the church in san fernando (our mission offices) and I told them to just maybe look or something to see if they could find my lost package. And then on like tuesday they said that they had it and they gave it to me but when I opened it and stuff I realized that it wasnt the old one that got lost. It was the new one that you sent me mom. So the old one is still lost.. but at least I got my new package sooner :) The dvd with the new mormon messages is sick! but it doesnt have the stay between the lines one from elder holland... could matt easily reburn it with that one on it? If he can tell him to add that one and the video from the sattelite broadcast that shows the family that do missionary work with the song I'll go where you want me to go. That would be awesome! So basically me and elder whitsitt did diviones again last week which was great. You'll be happy to know mom that me and him are pretty much almost best friends now :) haha. So remember maria who I told you guys we found last sunday? yeah well we were suppossed to have an appointment with her on tuesday but we got a message from hermana alomo (her sister in law) saying that marias husband died on monday night so we couldnt hae the cita.. :( he hung himself. way way sad. She really needs the gospel now more than ever and I know it was not a coincidence that she met us the day before that happened. We are going to pass by on turesday this week and see what we can do. We also found a man thats a member named diego who has been inactive for like all his life. He's about 33 now and he has a lot of doubts and has gotten into a lot of antimormon stuff. He has showed us a lot of it and I talked with him the other day for a good bit but its just sad that people dont understand the apostacy and the priesthood and then they get hooked on a lot of other stuff than arent true. But we have an appointment with him on tuesday so we will try to help him and really try not to drop the cane on him. Or if we have to we will just do it with love :) besides that we had a good day yesterday. After church we had ward counsel which was long kinda but really good. Then us and elder solum and elder arostica cooked lunch in their pention. We made arroz chaufa :) one of the greatest peruvian dishes :) I love peruvian food!!! And then in the night sandy got back from peru on saturday so we went to her house and watched her open her mission call. We got there kinda late but thats okay. She is going to mendoza! Thats where I tell everyone im from :) she leaves on august 29th, way way soon. And I'll still be here so thats good! Then we stayed and talked with yamila and some of the members for a bit and had some peruvian desserts. it was great! :) sandy brought us some candy from peru too and she brought me the d&c videos too :) look for some new pics mom that surely yamila will put on. Thats about it for my week.

Yeah this last week its rained a ton the past like 4 or 5 days. pretty crazy. Wow I'm glad that they all got home from youth conference alright. seriously cassidee lost her job? thats so stupid... well my advice for you mom right now would be watch the mormon messages haha I just love them and they always help me. I'm so greatful I have them :) things with my comp are going alright. I wont lie its hard and has been hard with my past 2 companions too. But I'm greatful that my heavenly father has helped me to expand my heart and love more and to have lots and lots more patience. Thats something that is different this time about this long trial I'm going through that I've never experienced before in my life. Is to just really always find the good things even when things seem to be going very wrong. Prayer has been a HUGE part of that and I've been recognizing my blessings a lot more also. These trials have been the hardest blessings I've ever recieved :)  yes we do email our president and we should have zone conference like next week or something. And yes I keep in touch with all of them. Even occasionally carson too. So he told me about his visa waiter. And today I think we are gonna play some basketball with elder whitsitt and elder solum and stuff. Should be good. les amo! :) This church is so true!

Elder Buxton

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