The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, July 8, 2013

How was this week?

Hola Familia,
Happy july 4th last week!! como estan todos? So this week was a really fast week I felt. So first of all things are going alright with my new companion. Things arent as bad as I thought they would be so far so thats good. Obviously its not way way fun but its alright for now. He kinda has an anger problem but I'll see what I can do with that. But the great news I got last monday night is that my district leader is elder whitsitt :) haha so sick! And elder solum and elder arostica are in my district too so thats good too! elder arostica is like one of my best friends in the mish. We are a lot alike and both love soccer and were just way tight and we will be here in savio for the next almost 3 months together too haha. I wish he was my comp so bad.. but anyway. So last week on friday we did divisions and I went to el cazador with elder whitsitt even though my comp only had 3 days in our area but he did good. Elder whitsitt is training but he doesnt get a long with his comp very well either so we are in the same boat together haha. But it was so so much fun on divisions. After this transfer me and him will be great great friends just so ya know mom ;) oh and we were talking about how you mom and his dad never introduced us before the mission but you should have.. but oh well. Elder whitsitt says hi mom and he says you need to find someone that needs to get baptise ;) so for july 4th all of us greengos in our zone did a conference call and sang the star spangled banner haha it was sweet. But anyway so basically me and elder behotas last week found more investigators than me and elder ullua did all last tranfers.. freakin nuts. We found a couple kids last week and gave them a book of mormon and then the next day we went and I wrecked them in soccer so we will see how they progress. We also found a lady yesterday who a recent convert invited to the lesson we set up yesterday and she accepted a date for the 28th and everything!We read a few paragraphs with her in the introduction of the book of mormon and then after it all we were talking to the recent convert and another member that was with us and the lady (maria) had already read the whole introduction! What a capa! :) we have a cita with her on tuesday so we will see how that goes. oh oh and shes married! :) Her husband supposedly doesnt want anything but she can at least get baptised! We will work on the husband and the 2 kids. So yeah its been really cold here the past few days and yeah.. so thats about it for now. 

Its interesting that you say that about spiritual gifts mom cause president ayre sent us the parable of the talents and wants us to answer on a piece of paper 4 questions that are what we want to have accomplished at the end of our mission and in 5, 10, and 20 years. He wants us to put those goals so that we can find and develop our talents. And something I thought was funny was in the sattelite broadcast a couple weeks ago when they almost got rid of tracting and they started to use facebook and more technology it was funny cause in this mission we hardly tract at all and with facebook and more technology that probably wont start down here for another year or so we heard so basically it didnt change much for us haha. President gulbrandsen told us he already had the vision of working with the members right when he got off the plane here in argentina to be president. such a capo! I'm glad you guys had fun in vegas! Thats awesome! Whatd you guys do and stuff? austin bought a car?? what kind? with what money? yeah austin doesnt write me anymore really.. thats dumb about the guy moving in to their apartment.. your gonna run a 5k? haha thats awesome! You can win money too? good luck! when is that? Today we are in pilar and gonna eat at a pizza libre (pizza buffet) and play some soccer :) Should be fun! And yes I've been lifting weights a quite a bit and stuff for exercises so I'm doing good with 6 months to sexy so far ;) les amo a todos!

Elder Buxton

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