The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hola Familia,
So this last week felt really long and so so much happened so hopefully I can sum it up.  So first of all with transfers. elder ullua really wanted to leave and me and him didnt get along that well. We actually had a 2 hour companionship inventory last week cuase he doesnt like me much but in the end he left.  I am now with a elder behotas whos from here in buenos aires but he is also dying (going home) this transfer so I'm technically killing him. And hes still junior companion.. but he goes home with elder solum (him and elder arostica stayed together in savio which im happy about :) ) and so I guess that means that I will be here for at least 2 more transfers which will make it 7 and a half months in total in maschwitz so crazy.. So I guess we will see how this transfer goes.. So on tuesday we had a meeting for trainers and people who can possibly be a trainer which was really good. And then on wednesday we had our last meeting with pres and hermana gulbrandsen. It was such a good meeting and I learned a ton about love and charity and how important it is in this work. Then at the end for like an hour or more we got to just ask them any questions we wanted haha it was pretty funny. They told us the story of how they met and how he proposed and everything and then he showed us pics and told us a little bit about our new president. Then on friday me and elder thomas did divisions which is so fun haha hes so funny. He's actually gonna be in the offices now with elder jorquera and another elder. But yeah and president went home on friday. um then on sunday we ate pizzas with yamila for dinner which was really good and me and elder ullua, solum, and arostica wore our white ties that hermana gulbrandsen gave to us on wednesday. They are white ties for the temple and have the buenos aires temple on them and they are so sick. So we all rocked them to church on sunday. Oh and after we got those we got our last hug from president and then it was so weird cause we got a hug from hermana gulbrandsen too. Normally its just a handshake obviously but she just loves us so much haha my first hug from a girl in a year and a half hahaha so weird. Sorry mom I know you wanted that to be you. Then yesterday we had a meeting where we got to meet president ayre and his fam. They are way way cool and chill! They have two kids that are 14 and 10 that will be living with them here and they have a daughter in the mission in the US and another thats going to byu. They talked for a while and he showed us a video of him bungee jumping out of a hot air balloon. So sick! And then one about michael jordan haha but it had to do with his talk so dont worry. So yeah that was pretty much a short sum. We ate at familia cubillas house last night which is always way good and we worked a lot with maira this last week but in the end she didnt end up getting baptised.. We are gonna work on that! So this week we really need to find cause we dont have much.. and this month we are going to struggle with lunch too. Should be an interesting transfer... and this transfer is my birhtday. So anyone that wants to send me something for my bday I will happily accept it :)

And when are you guys going to vegas? and with who? and what are you guys gonna do? and why do you want to have the dentist on the 19th so bad? will it cost less? wait austin moved back because of a guy? hmm what do you mean? austin get a job you lazy butt!! ;) love you dude!! well I guess that is it for now. les amo mucho!

Elder Buxton

From Traci: I would greatly appreciate it if you could remember Cody in your fast this next Sunday. This transfer could be tough for him and he could use some extra prayers and strength. Also, if you would like to send him anything for his birthday or Christmas, it would be great if we could put some money on his debit card so that he has some spending money for souvenirs before he comes home in December.  I am also sending a birthday package on July 9th. If you would like to add a card or something small to it, please get it to my house by then. Thanks for your love and support!

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