The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Pioneer Day!

Hola familia, 
So basically its freakin freezing here!! Me and elder whitsitt last week when we did divisions we did some service painting and we were in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. It was so warm! And now ever since then its been super super cold and will be til about wednesday then its supposed to warm up a little bit more but it is really just an unbearable cold because of the humidity and stuff.. but we are still alive! :) So besides that this last week felt really fast.. we went to hermana alomos house to see if we could see how maria is doing and stuff since we hadnt talked to her since the first time over a week before and we got there when maria was finishing moving in haha so she lives with the flia alomo now which is great! So we had a couple lessons with her last week and she now has a baptismal date for the 4th of august and she came to church with her 8 year old daughter so we can baptise her that day too and she is super super excited!! Looks like ill have a white birthday :) her only problem is she needs to stop smoking and we are gonna help her with that so she is gonna overcome it!! It was cool how we found out how she got the interest to talk to us (not sure if that sentence made sense..) so I guess like hermana alomo had talked to maria a little bit about the church'various times in the past but she didnt want anything. And one day a couple months ago I guess we went and had a lesson with hermana alomo cause shes a recent convert and I gave her a ummm I cant think of the word in english.. oh pamphlet! haha yeah I gave her a pamphlet about the gospel and committed her to give it to someone and she gave it to maria and maria read the whole thing and then 2 sundays ago when hermana alomo invited her to come to the lesson she was willing cause she liked what she read in the pamphlet. I thought that was pretty cool! The small and simple things confuse the wise :) hmm besides that we had ward conference yesterday which was really good and we had a ward counsel meeting but with the stake leaders and that was really good too. I learned a lot and felt the spirit there. Our stake president is awesome! The other day I also passed on the street gabi nieve who is a returned missionary that lives in tortuguitas that is marrying a girl from here in maschwitz and I was good friends with. It was so great to see him! Hes gonna invite me to his legal wedding when they sign the papers and stuff here haha and its kinda funny cause the girl just recently got called as a ward missionary so we will be working with her hopefully quite a bit now. Besides that I'm pretty sure we set a record for most times calling the police in the past 10 days... haha but everythings all good. The police here in argentina are really lazy.. but anyway! We have our first zone conference with president ayre on wednesday in palermo so that should be good! Oh and also I'm pretty sure my companion is leaving soon.. either this week or next week he leaves cause he has to do some tramites at home and stuff. Hopefully I will get to be a trio with elder solum and elder arostica! :) and last thing HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN ON WEDNESDAY!!!! :) :) 19 years old!! how fast time goes... your a capo bro!! I love you!!! Keep up all the good work!!

Brents already home???? wow that was so fast!!! Yeah mom I think that a lot of times people do feel appreciative and grateful inside but they just have a hard way of showing it. I'm excited to show you how much I appreciate you not just in words but in action too. Because faith without works is dead! That works in loving and being grateful towards people too. hahaha yeah mom that quote was pretty cool huh? :) I came up with it on the spot! Actually thats not true. The spirit gave it to me on the spot :) haha bueno les amo a todos ustedes! que sigan adelante firmes en la fe de cristo! amo esta iglesia! :)

Elder Buxton

(The quote that he is referring to is from his email last week that I loved that said ""these trials have been the hardest blessings I've ever received". I thought it was very profound and inspired and I love it!)
(I also asked him if him and Elder Whitsitt, who is from here, speak English or Spanish and if English will be hard when he gets home and this was his reply:)

Yes english will be difficult haha.. We speak in spanglish. All of us greegos here we just like speak in spanglish cause we cant remember all of english. IF you guys heard us talk to each other it would probably sound super wrong and funny haha but it makes sense to us! I know right!? :) thanks mom!

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