The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Hola familia!
So this last week was all pretty good until the weekend.. it definitely was not my weekend or day today. But anyway. So first of all Happy Thanksgiving this week everyone! I hope its a good one! :) cause it doesnt exist here... so last week me and elder cruz did divisions on tuesday which went really good. He is definitely my favorite mexican on this planet :) besides that we worked really hard to teach jessica and melisa along with valentina and gabi to help them progress and come to church and to get valentina confirmed on sunday. We did everything. We made plans with them and everything but then after the cita on saturday with them everything was good and then they went and talked to their parents and they came back and told us they couldnt go cause they were leaving sunday morning as a family and friends.. I wont lie I was very very frustrated and stressed.. We spent a lot of time there doing everything to get them to come and in they end they didnt.. :( so yesterday we didnt bring anyone to church except anabela. Oh if you didnt know we go to the villa every sunday morning to look for everyone. All our investigators and a bunch of recent converts and stuff. Most of them know each other and stuff but every sunday its a different result of who comes with us. Only anabela whos 17 and her baby pilar came with us this time.. :( and in the morning on sunday we had a meeting with the stake. The stake president and pres ayre and the bishops and everything like last time. That was really good like always. Then after church we had ward councel. Thats something that like I would have hated to go to before the mission, like meetings like that. But I have learned in the mish to love meetings and stuff like that. Its super weird. But I love being there and listening in and throwing in comments and its always funny and we laugh quite a bit. The whole time they were just planning the end of the year dinner which I wont be here for :( but it was fun to laugh and help out. Then we went with enzo and edu and javier (the bishops son) to go visit the kid I told you guys about who is an investigator but cant get baptised named benjamin. He is in the hostpital so we went to go visit him but we got there too late.. the visiting hours finished so we couldnt go.. so with enzo and edu we went and tried to work. We went to the villa and just everywhere we went everything failed us... and the past few days its been super super hot and humid. We just live and work in sweat all the time pretty much. But I like the heat right now cause I'm sick of the winter and the cold.. and of course today it started out raining. Its not raining much right now but its cloudy and ugly and super super humid.. so yeah this last weekend and today was just not the best. But we still keep the good attitude and the faith that this week will be better :) so yeah um so so much happened but I cant think of it all.. today we are gonna play some soccer (like always) but with some elders from another zone. I'm hoping one is elder arostica :) I got to see him yesterday so that was good! Last week we went and played soccer and some basketball in the church at 6 in the morning which was fun. Its hard to sleep and study and then stay awake with this heat.. our air conditioning isnt working right so I didnt sleep much last night. But the bishop is coming to fix it tomorrow so that will be good! umm I think thats it. My mind always goes blank on mondays.. jaja and as a missionary thats training, DL, and finishing his mission I have way way way too much stuff on my mind. Its pretty ridiculous.. haha I always thought the end of my mission would be so much easier! Boy was I wrong... this week will be better though. I know it! :) this week we have lunch with the lady that lives in a mental hospital (just like we do every week) and she is obsessed with gringos! haha its funny but we are eating with her in a restaurant the day before her birthday. So that will be interesting.

Wow thats super sick that kyler won state! Tell him congradulations!! I am so glad that grandmas biopsy went good and that she is okay :) I guess thats pretty much it for this week. I dunno why I cant remember or think of anything today.. weird. bueno les amo!! hasta la semana que viene! :)

Elder Buxton

Monday, November 18, 2013

How was this week?

Hola Familia,
So this last week was a good week :) so on tuesday we had a liders meeting in san fernando which went pretty good and it was cool to see all my friends and stuff. Then on wednesday we had to get up at like 5 and be in san fernando at 8 to do tramites (visa stuff) for my companion. We had to do some stuff and then we had an appointment to do another part a couple train stations away so we went and we were like 2 hours early... so us and the 4 other elders with us decided to go contact in a park haha It was kinda cool. We didnt talk to a ton of people but me and my comp talked to a group of americans that were there for a conference later that night. They are from boston. So that was pretty cool. And then we talked to a group of high school kids. But yeah so that was that. umm I feel like so much happened this last week.. on saturday we had to get up at 4:30 in the morning to go to a different church and take a big 2 story bus to the church in the west mission for the conference with elder holland. So about the conference.. I dont even know where to start! elder gonzalez who is the area president and his wife spoke. Then elder soares from the seventy, who spoke in the last general conference, and his wife spoke. And then elder hollands wife and elder holland spoke. We were the 3 buenos aires missions and the MTC here also. It was super fun cause I was sitting with elder walker and elder whitsitt the whole time and hanging out with elder whitsitt and arostica on our bus :) and all the talks were so freakin good!! elder hollands talk was amazing!! He talked about so many different things so I dont even know how to explain what he talked about. Those are literally the most notes I've ever taken on one talk in my whole life! literally!! It was just so awesome to be there and feel the spirit that was there as he spoke to us. At some points he was actually like yelling like he does in most of his talks but its sooo much different when your actually there. So so powerful. A couple points real quick (but remember this was less than half his talk) was he talked about how much he loves us and how us as missionaries are the most prayed for people in the world. literally. and how we for 2 years are apostolic. He explained to us how what he does and what we do are the same thing. Us and him each day from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep is spent acting and thinking about how we can save souls. And he also talked a quite a bit about how who we are is much much more important than what we say in a lesson. and also about why they chose the words "preach my gospel" for the manual preach my gospel and what each of the 3 words mean. tI was crazy good! I'll explain a lot more in a few weeks dont worry! but yeah then yesterday we didnt end up getting people to church.. :( well any investigators I mean. They all fodged.. but we took like 6 recent converts haha. and gabi got confirmed! I ended up confirming him. valentina was super sick so she couldnt come.. and we also have started teaching another girl named melisa whos 13 and lives in the same house but different room as gabi and valentina. Besides that it was hard to find escogidos last week. We found some investigators but they arent escogidos. Yesterday after church we had a kid named enzo whos just a capo (his brother edu who is waiting for his papers is also a straight up capo) come with us and in one of our visits we were teaching a recent convert and her mom whos not a member but we dont focus on her cause she doesnt want to be baptised or anything. But before the lesson we saw the recent converts, isabel, grandson named emmanuel. so we asked them if they wanted to invite him and isabels mom said no emmanuel wont want anything. So we invited him and we taught him for a while and he in the beginning didnt really believe in much and stuff but in the end accepted a book of mormon and a baptismal date for the 8th of dec :) it was awesome to see the change in him as we explained why we focus so much on jesus christ cause he doesnt really believe much in jesus christ. So we taught that and led it into joseph smith and the book of mormon and we really saw a change in him and it was perfect to have a really good kid like enzo with us :) so we will see what happens with that this week. that was kinda some of the stuff that happened. It's impossible to explain everything that happens.. oh and the other day we went to go contact a referal who was enzos old friend and he gave us the referal. So we went and talked to him and his dad and they are athiest.. but we asked for another referal and showed us a door and told us a name so we went and knocked, first door no one. second door no one. third door no one. I decided to go one more just to ask where this kid lived and have an excuse to contact the person that answers and to show elder johnson what its like to contact and the guy answer and in the middle of the sentence we got the door slammed in our face. It was awesome! ;) haha sorry if you were all waiting for a cool miracle happy ending with that story. Just thought I would tell you cause we dont get the door slammed in our face very much at all here cause we dont ever knock doors. But I guess it had to happen sooner or later :) it wasnt the first time but one of the first times haha.

Oh and elder christofferson wasnt there cause he was in mar del plata. Different part of buenos aires. wow snow already? thats so weird to me.. last week most of the days it was super super hot and humid. I like it though! I'm sick of cold and winter. I want summer! :) even if that means its a billion degrees here haha. Thats crazy with all the farewells and everything! and thats crazy about grandma! :( I hope everything is okay and she can still have a good birthday. Tell her happy birthday for me! cause I dont know if she reads my emails home.. well thats it for this week. les amo mucho! :)

Elder Buxton

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5 weeks left....

Hola Familia,
haha okay first of all mom your not supposed to put the subject of your email how little time I have left.. hahaha. So this week was a pretty crazy! So basically as you all know I'm a dad :) my hijito is elder johnson which is really funny cause hes from provo and went to provo high haha. So monday was super fun we played soccer and just chilled and everything and then we went to the mission home and we just waited in the backyard on the tramp and stuff until the newbies were done inside doing whatever they were doing. We were like 25 trainers. It was kinda crazy. But then we all walked into the house in the living room in a line singing called to serve super loud cause they didnt even know we were there. And then president read off one by one each new missionaries name and then their trainer and everyone like cheered and everything haha and it was just super fun and funny. I was chillin with my friend elder kaimicaua. Don't know how to spell his name. Hes from hawaii. But yeah so the wait wasnt that bad. But then we ate some pizza and stuff and went back to our areas in a remis which is like a taxi. So yeah its been super weird to have a comp that doesnt just automatically know how to do things here in argentina and in the field. But yeah so me and elder johnson get along pretty good so I am greatful for that :) He struggles with spanish but he is improving every day so thats good. So besides that we had gabriel and valentinas baptism! :) It went super good! I totally spaced everything during the week.. not sure if its from being a trainer or what but I had forgotten to get the signature and when we went to get gabi y vale the mom was super sick so she couldnt come and the paper to sign was in the church. So finally we convinced the step dad to just come at 12 for a sec to sign and so he did and then he left. Then after stake conference I forgot completely about baptismal clothing so we were scramblin around looking for that and yeah it was just nuts. But it turned out good in the end :) Today is valentinas birthday so we are going to go see her today also. What a birthday present :) And their friend nestor came with us too. But he left before the baptism.. dont know why. So yeah stake conference was super good! The saturday session was good and then sunday was super super packed! So many people there! We barely found seats. And the whole stake conference was just completely about missionary work and the work of salvation. It was super cool! The last song was called to serve and we as missionaries all walked up in a line during the song and sang the rest of it in a line in front of everyone. It was super cool! So yeah um friday night we had our talent show again which turned out pretty good this time. umm besides that we are still working on not just finding new investigator but finding the escogidos. umm yeah I will explain all the details and everything when I get home so dont worry. Sorry if I'm being brief and not explaining much. I gotta take advantage of my last p days to make sure I get everything done that I need to. Oh and justin bieber was here the last weekend. He was staying at a hotel maybe like 10 min in bus from our area. We heard that he had parties and his fans were so loud that he got kicked out and had to go to tigre which is close to the mission offices. haha super funny. Tomorrow we get to go to a capacitaciĆ³n de lideres so that should be fun. Oh and so elder holland and elder christoferson are coming down here this week. So.... saturday we are having a special meeting with them! :) So sick!!! So yeah thats pretty much all for now. I'm leaving so much out but I can explain better later.

At stake conference the temple president and his wife were there. And obviously pres ayre. Its been like cold hot. Its super weird weather. When its cloudy its super humid and then cools off sometimes at night or with rain. But yeah its weird. Yeah so my zone is now us and elder cruz and elder garrett and the zone leaders. Everyone in the zone got a new companion except elder cruz and elder garrett but yeah. Oh and last friday we went at 6 in the morrning to play soccer us 8 missionaries and then we listened in to the last 10 min of seminary and then ate cake and breakfast with them since it was the last seminary for the year. that was fun! Wow thats terrible about osmerh! :( his mom that lives in mexico? I'll for sure be praying for them! Wait how do you know what day is elder whitsitts homecoming? and what day is kirstens farewell? and what day is mine?? haha. and landons? yeah thanks for the pics mom! :) les amo mucho! hasta la semana que viene!

Elder Buxton

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Last Transfer!

Hola Familia!
So I bet your anxious to know whats going to be happening with this new transfer. So a few days ago I was pretty sure that we would just stay together me and elder cutipa. And then on saturday we got a text inviting us to a meeting on monday morning for people that can possibly be trainers. And so then we had no idea what to think.. so whats happening is elder cutipa left.. he went up to district leader which he was pretty happy about. He went far away though so that was kinda sad. And I am now going to be a dad :) haha for my last transfer I am training a newbie. So went came to san fernando this morning for transfers and I just stay here all day with the other trainers and then we go to the mission house at 6:30 tonight to pick up our new missionaries. Elder brown stayed in his area here in san fernando so he is with some of us right now writing home and then we are going to go play some soccer in church clothes since us trainers didnt bring clothes to play in. haha should be a lot of fun. I honestly didnt think I would train so I was very surprised. But when I heard elder cutipa was leaving I was pretty scared and nervous cause I didnt just want some other companion. So yeah next week I will let you know who it is and if hes a latin or gringo. So last week was a pretty good week. On friday we had zone meeting which went really good and then it literally literally rained all day. We were pretty wet and it was hard to have lessons with members present but thats okay it all worked out in the end. halloween on thursday was just a normal day haha but a bunch of little kids did dress up and did some stuff with candy and stuff in the villa so that was kinda cool to see. It didnt make me homesick at all so it was okay ;) on sunday gabriel and valentina who are getting baptised came to church with us! The parents didnt but thats okay. Also benjamin and his mom came again also. And all weekend we were looking for someone to take to the despedida and it wasnt looking to good.. but in the end benjamin and his mom came and it was great! There were so many people there and I got to see so many friends and I saw karina and them from flia cubilla in savio and I got to see yamila. Also jared and antonela came and yeah I will send pics next week. It was so weird to be at my last despedida not being up on the stand.. cause next time it will be us up there speaking. So weird! So yeah I'm starting my last transfer. Weirdest feeling ever! But I'm not very homesick or anything. I just have the desire to work hard and finish my mission strong :) so I'm greatful that heavenly father has blessed me with that desire. Elder cruz and elder garrett are staying so thats really good. There are alot of changes in the zone and the district will be completely different so we will see what happens. This morning before we went to san fernando we went and ate breakfast with eduardo moron, an 18 year old kid waiting his mission call whos just a straight up capo and his little bro enzo whos I think 16 whos also a capo so that was fun. fuah so much has happened I dont know how to tell all of it. This sunday we have stake conference :) so I will see elder arostica and some other friends and right after will be gabi and valentinas baptism :) also from now on the missionaries are supposed to go to the adult session on saturday so we will go to that too. Oh and I dont know if you guys remember that a long time ago I told you about a kid that wrote me cause he found my blog before the mish and wrote me and told me that it like inspired him or whatever. yeah well I met him today! He's with me right now he talked to me and told me he was the one that wrote me. And a couple weeks ago an hermana missionary came and told me she found my blog and everything. They are all very impressed with how up to date you keep it mom ;) good work and thank you! Well I guess thats it for now. I'm excited to find out who my son will be :) It wont be easy being a trainer but it will be good and I'll learn alot. So yeah and tomorrow is the last day that we will go to seminary at 6 in the morning to help the kids learn (not sure if i mentioned that we do that..) And there will now be hermanas in the boca so we will be 10 missionaries in seminary tomorrow. Should be fun! Even more fun cause tomorrow will be the 4th day in a row that I have got up early. oh and like last night I went to bed at like 12:30 cause my comp was packing and sunday night we got home from the despedida at 11 haha. It was a lot of fun! definitely the best despedida by far! :)

This last transfer about like 8 or 10 left I think. Not very many. So yes many new areas opened up today and a new zone too. osmerh lives with us now?? what the thing... haha. thats cool! Why is that though exactly? Wheres daniel living now? Well I guess thats it for this week. So much work to do, things to buy, things to see, people to save, and not enough time! This is going to be a crazy 6 weeks!! les amo mucho! :)

Elder Buxton