The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Last Transfer!

Hola Familia!
So I bet your anxious to know whats going to be happening with this new transfer. So a few days ago I was pretty sure that we would just stay together me and elder cutipa. And then on saturday we got a text inviting us to a meeting on monday morning for people that can possibly be trainers. And so then we had no idea what to think.. so whats happening is elder cutipa left.. he went up to district leader which he was pretty happy about. He went far away though so that was kinda sad. And I am now going to be a dad :) haha for my last transfer I am training a newbie. So went came to san fernando this morning for transfers and I just stay here all day with the other trainers and then we go to the mission house at 6:30 tonight to pick up our new missionaries. Elder brown stayed in his area here in san fernando so he is with some of us right now writing home and then we are going to go play some soccer in church clothes since us trainers didnt bring clothes to play in. haha should be a lot of fun. I honestly didnt think I would train so I was very surprised. But when I heard elder cutipa was leaving I was pretty scared and nervous cause I didnt just want some other companion. So yeah next week I will let you know who it is and if hes a latin or gringo. So last week was a pretty good week. On friday we had zone meeting which went really good and then it literally literally rained all day. We were pretty wet and it was hard to have lessons with members present but thats okay it all worked out in the end. halloween on thursday was just a normal day haha but a bunch of little kids did dress up and did some stuff with candy and stuff in the villa so that was kinda cool to see. It didnt make me homesick at all so it was okay ;) on sunday gabriel and valentina who are getting baptised came to church with us! The parents didnt but thats okay. Also benjamin and his mom came again also. And all weekend we were looking for someone to take to the despedida and it wasnt looking to good.. but in the end benjamin and his mom came and it was great! There were so many people there and I got to see so many friends and I saw karina and them from flia cubilla in savio and I got to see yamila. Also jared and antonela came and yeah I will send pics next week. It was so weird to be at my last despedida not being up on the stand.. cause next time it will be us up there speaking. So weird! So yeah I'm starting my last transfer. Weirdest feeling ever! But I'm not very homesick or anything. I just have the desire to work hard and finish my mission strong :) so I'm greatful that heavenly father has blessed me with that desire. Elder cruz and elder garrett are staying so thats really good. There are alot of changes in the zone and the district will be completely different so we will see what happens. This morning before we went to san fernando we went and ate breakfast with eduardo moron, an 18 year old kid waiting his mission call whos just a straight up capo and his little bro enzo whos I think 16 whos also a capo so that was fun. fuah so much has happened I dont know how to tell all of it. This sunday we have stake conference :) so I will see elder arostica and some other friends and right after will be gabi and valentinas baptism :) also from now on the missionaries are supposed to go to the adult session on saturday so we will go to that too. Oh and I dont know if you guys remember that a long time ago I told you about a kid that wrote me cause he found my blog before the mish and wrote me and told me that it like inspired him or whatever. yeah well I met him today! He's with me right now he talked to me and told me he was the one that wrote me. And a couple weeks ago an hermana missionary came and told me she found my blog and everything. They are all very impressed with how up to date you keep it mom ;) good work and thank you! Well I guess thats it for now. I'm excited to find out who my son will be :) It wont be easy being a trainer but it will be good and I'll learn alot. So yeah and tomorrow is the last day that we will go to seminary at 6 in the morning to help the kids learn (not sure if i mentioned that we do that..) And there will now be hermanas in the boca so we will be 10 missionaries in seminary tomorrow. Should be fun! Even more fun cause tomorrow will be the 4th day in a row that I have got up early. oh and like last night I went to bed at like 12:30 cause my comp was packing and sunday night we got home from the despedida at 11 haha. It was a lot of fun! definitely the best despedida by far! :)

This last transfer about like 8 or 10 left I think. Not very many. So yes many new areas opened up today and a new zone too. osmerh lives with us now?? what the thing... haha. thats cool! Why is that though exactly? Wheres daniel living now? Well I guess thats it for this week. So much work to do, things to buy, things to see, people to save, and not enough time! This is going to be a crazy 6 weeks!! les amo mucho! :)

Elder Buxton

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