The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Hola familia!
So this last week was all pretty good until the weekend.. it definitely was not my weekend or day today. But anyway. So first of all Happy Thanksgiving this week everyone! I hope its a good one! :) cause it doesnt exist here... so last week me and elder cruz did divisions on tuesday which went really good. He is definitely my favorite mexican on this planet :) besides that we worked really hard to teach jessica and melisa along with valentina and gabi to help them progress and come to church and to get valentina confirmed on sunday. We did everything. We made plans with them and everything but then after the cita on saturday with them everything was good and then they went and talked to their parents and they came back and told us they couldnt go cause they were leaving sunday morning as a family and friends.. I wont lie I was very very frustrated and stressed.. We spent a lot of time there doing everything to get them to come and in they end they didnt.. :( so yesterday we didnt bring anyone to church except anabela. Oh if you didnt know we go to the villa every sunday morning to look for everyone. All our investigators and a bunch of recent converts and stuff. Most of them know each other and stuff but every sunday its a different result of who comes with us. Only anabela whos 17 and her baby pilar came with us this time.. :( and in the morning on sunday we had a meeting with the stake. The stake president and pres ayre and the bishops and everything like last time. That was really good like always. Then after church we had ward councel. Thats something that like I would have hated to go to before the mission, like meetings like that. But I have learned in the mish to love meetings and stuff like that. Its super weird. But I love being there and listening in and throwing in comments and its always funny and we laugh quite a bit. The whole time they were just planning the end of the year dinner which I wont be here for :( but it was fun to laugh and help out. Then we went with enzo and edu and javier (the bishops son) to go visit the kid I told you guys about who is an investigator but cant get baptised named benjamin. He is in the hostpital so we went to go visit him but we got there too late.. the visiting hours finished so we couldnt go.. so with enzo and edu we went and tried to work. We went to the villa and just everywhere we went everything failed us... and the past few days its been super super hot and humid. We just live and work in sweat all the time pretty much. But I like the heat right now cause I'm sick of the winter and the cold.. and of course today it started out raining. Its not raining much right now but its cloudy and ugly and super super humid.. so yeah this last weekend and today was just not the best. But we still keep the good attitude and the faith that this week will be better :) so yeah um so so much happened but I cant think of it all.. today we are gonna play some soccer (like always) but with some elders from another zone. I'm hoping one is elder arostica :) I got to see him yesterday so that was good! Last week we went and played soccer and some basketball in the church at 6 in the morning which was fun. Its hard to sleep and study and then stay awake with this heat.. our air conditioning isnt working right so I didnt sleep much last night. But the bishop is coming to fix it tomorrow so that will be good! umm I think thats it. My mind always goes blank on mondays.. jaja and as a missionary thats training, DL, and finishing his mission I have way way way too much stuff on my mind. Its pretty ridiculous.. haha I always thought the end of my mission would be so much easier! Boy was I wrong... this week will be better though. I know it! :) this week we have lunch with the lady that lives in a mental hospital (just like we do every week) and she is obsessed with gringos! haha its funny but we are eating with her in a restaurant the day before her birthday. So that will be interesting.

Wow thats super sick that kyler won state! Tell him congradulations!! I am so glad that grandmas biopsy went good and that she is okay :) I guess thats pretty much it for this week. I dunno why I cant remember or think of anything today.. weird. bueno les amo!! hasta la semana que viene! :)

Elder Buxton

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