The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29, 2012

hola familia!

Fist of all I will say sorry for writing today and not yesterday. Yesterday we had our "Gira de la mision" (mission tour, I think haha) and so we had basically a multi zone conference in the morning with president obviously but also with a 70. It was elder wilham and his wife. It only last til 12 but it was awesome to be able to hear and learn from the words of the Lord for 4 hours. We learned a lot of stuff and there really was a strong spirit. But yeah so since we had that we went to work after and they put our pday today. So sorry about that. Hope you didnt worry too much mom haha. Dont worry I'm still alive! ;) So that was in a church in capital which was cool cause in that area is where the only wendys in like all of buenos aires or something is so we went there and ate after a bunch of us friends. Like elder middaugh came back up from the south so it was realy good to be with him and stuff. And elder khutell who went to timpanogos. Me and him talked a bit and that was pretty cool cause a transfer ago he was in tortuguitas, my first area. And he was like best friends with laura browne (the girl I took to my senior prom) and yeah we just talked for a bit. Also yesterday night we had a noche de hogar with antonela and jared and we got dania and her friend who we actually started teaching a little also named katy and a kid that got baptized on saturday in jareds ward and his brother who has doubts about the church right now. So yeah we were actually there pretty late and got home late but it was really really awesome to see how the spirit worked in each of them and at the end I asked them all what they learned. Its so cool when the spirit works how it does cause they all learn such different things but they are all things that God was testifying more to them and its maybe what they need to change in their lives. Thats how it was for antonela. But its so good to see things starting to change. We are definitely teaching more and better and thats helping the investigators to really learn from the spirit and not from us. Thats how the new teaching program of the church works. Danias family is all in bolivia for vacacions for a little bit and she wasnt able to make it to church so we pushed her baptismal date to the 10th of february. She still doubts cause she wants her family to be there but we know that God wants her baptized now! So we are still with her on that but we just taught her about Joseph Smith and she really liked it. Also a couple weeks ago we had a lesson with her and she told us yesterday actually that after the lesson she went inside and she just felt really happy for some reason and didnt know why. We testified to her that that was the spirit. And we asked her what she thinks God is telling her and she said that the book is true and I asked her if she really believed that and she said yes! She already knows its true! So thats awesome. She wasnt able to come to church but we are definitely getting her there this sunday so she can be baptized the following week. Last week me and my companion actually got pretty sick. I got really sick one night and was just pretty much rolling around in pain for hours and wasnt doing so good the next day but I'm okay now so its all good :) We finally actually got to meet with the bishop on sunday and that went really good and we should be getting ward missionaries soon and so that should really help us out so we have people to accompany us to citas. I mean appointments haha wow castellano... :) besides that I'll spare you of all the details that arent as important haha. It was a pretty good week. We pretty much right now only are working with dania and katy.. We gotta find new investigators. We have some others but they arent really progressing and its hard to find them.. oh and celso came back from bolivia yesterday! We saw him on the street and set up an appointment to pass by tonight so we will see with that. I am really gaining a strong testimony of revelation. Me and my companion are always talking about things in the street and at lunch and at night and as we do that and then think of a scripture we always receive like revelations. Its so interesting how the spirit works but I had a cool revelation about something I've been thinking a lot about recently but this is already long so I will share it next week. But its been so cool to just talk about things and then cause we are doing something and actually looking and pondering we receive knowledge. Its so sick!! :) haha well anyway I think thats it for this past week. Oh and mom the 70 told us yesterday that we should definitely have a copy of our mission call. I'm not sure why I didnt bring one but could you please send me one? thanks!

hahah yep mom transfers are on your birthday. Pretty cool huh? Wow that sounds like a crazy start of the week especially for aust. I wish I could hear him bear his testimony.. I dont think I've heard him cry in his testimony before.. but I'm so glad that everything went good with him going in to the MTC and stuff. All the pictures look great and some very sad with him like hugging jacob and stuff. But I know he has so much faith and he is going to be great. He wont like it at first. nobody does. They say if you make it to the first sunday then you will be just fine. So I'm glad he survived! :) It slowly gets better and better with the more effort we put in. Your obviously going to be really sad and homesick at first but the happiness and focusing does come. He just needs to be patient. I'm SO glad to hear he likes his companion. You guys have no idea how much of an affect a companion can have on your happiness, homesickness, and just everything. And you guys have no idea how many bad companions there are on the mission and how many problems missionaries have with companions. Its way crazy.. but I know he is going to be just fine. Don't worry too much about him mom. The Lord will always be with him as long as he tries and does his part.
Okay about the package. i hope you havent bought the 2 pants yet. I'm good with just 1. if you bought 2 already send me them but if not just buy one pair. I dont really care which ones. just not too tight and not too baggy and 34x34 haha. Also I was wondering mom if you could send me a couple other things. Safety pins, some big zip lock bags, and maybe you can find my chelsea essien jersey and send that? And also one last thing. do you think you can find pictures of like my senior and junior prom and like sadies with ali and just basically a bunch of pictures from dances. And other pictures you can find and send as hard copies that you havent already sent to me. Only if you find some though. I for sure want some of some of the dances over the past years like prom and when me and ali went to payson sadies and stuff. And also just been think I dont have pictures of like when I had my mustache or pictures of clothes I used to wear during high school. Like my sophmore and junior year and like the one on facebook of me and trent at trafalga where you can see our whole bodies. just whatever you can find would be great. Not nearly as many as last time though haha you dont have to some me very many. But yeah thanks mom! and did austin leave boxes at home of like his clothes and stuff or what did he do?
It was funny that you sent me that talk last week by pres eyring called the voice of the lord and then its the main message in the january liahona. I started reading it and was like umm I swear I've read this before haha. Well I guess thats about it for this week. Today and yesterday are extremeley hot... its crazy. Gut we´ll survive! les amo mucho! y se que tan importante que es la obra misional y que no es nuestra obra. es la obra de el. nosotros estamos aca para ayudar a el. chao!

Love, Elder Buxton

haha funny there was a lady right behind us that doesnt speak spanish and she was trying to ask something but couldnt and then we were right there to help her haha just goes to show that missionaries are in the right place at the right time when they are doing what theyre supposed to. That just hapeened 10 senconds ago haha

Monday, January 28, 2013

No email yet...

I did not receive an email from Cody today. In emailing with some other missionary moms, they did not receive emails from their children in Cody's same mission either, except for one who said that her son emailed her early and a short email stating that the internet cafe was closing early. So, we are thinking that maybe they all closed early today for some reason and most missionaries didn't get there in time not knowing this. It is only a guess but we are hoping that he may get a chance to email tomorrow for whatever reason they didn't get to email today. At least that is what I am praying for since there was nothing in the news about anything happening in Buenos Aires today. Thanks for your continued prayers and support for my missionaries. They really need and feel your prayers on their behalf.

Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hola familia,

Well I guess I will start off by telling you about transfers. So I basically said goodbye to everyone yesterday and took pictures with people and had everyone write in my journal just in case I leave. We were really nervous to get the call last night. And we finally got it and got the news that me and elder mattingley are staying together here in tonelero/liniers 2! That is actually what we both wanted. I just didn't feel ready to leave yet. I just felt like that I still have work to do here so we are both pretty excited about that. This transfer though I'm pretty sure is just the 5 week transfer though so I guess we will see. But yeah so I'm grateful to stay with a companion that I can have fun with and that really loves to serve me in anyway he can. That's one thing that I'm really learning from him. Oh and he got called as district leader again. Hes been it before so its just whatever but yeah even though I do most stuff in leading the work here I still have so much to learn and am grateful for a companion that I can learn charity and love from. But yeah so last week we had a pretty good week. We actually found another family through jazmin again! jazmin is just a freakin capa!! Shes a little missionary. She introduces us to all her friends and everything. Those 2 families that we found aren't really progressing and its difficult to get a lesson with them and didn't make it to church but we are just gonna keep buggin them this week. Cause if we aren't bugging the people, we are bugging God haha. So yeah and also our investigator dania came to church! :) Me and elder skeen from liniers went on divisions the other day and we taught her and it went really good. She already knows the book of mormon is true. And so then sunday we went and got antonela (jareds girlfriend, recent convert in the ward) and her brother who's been an investigator for a while but we are just way way tight with all of them and then we went over to the liniers station and picked up jared and dania and went to church and it went great! We also had 2 ladies show up in church that are investigating who live in our area so we will talk with them this week. Besides that it was really good to spend some time with familia toñanez last night and hermana toñanez just got called to the position you got released from recently mom in the young women's. She had the new manuals and we got to look through it a bit and we saw the new for the strength of youth that I had never seen in person before and all of it looks so much better than before. And its interesting how the new teaching program will work. She explained it to us and its cool that we as missionaries already started teaching that way months ago. It really does make a difference though. But yeah besides that um celso moved back to bolivia for a couple weeks so we will see him soon and yeah. This transfer will be interesting since elder skeen is getting a new companion and my comps the district leader. Should be good though.

That's interesting you say that mom cause that's something I learned last week in our sunday school class. It was necessary that we left our heavenly father to come here and get a body so we can learn and progress and as missionaries its also necessary that we leave our earthly parents to come here on the mission and learn and progress. Thats just how it works. We cant always be dependent on our parents even when thats usually the easiest thing to do. We have to have a reason to need God and do things on our own even if its harder that way.
Thats so weird to me that ben is home. I didnt think he left so long before me but I guess so. Thats cool though. haha yeah mom it was funny to me cause my comps mom said in her email that she didnt know I played soccer and then she said that from talking to those girls that she knows that her son (my comp) is in good hands and cause she knows that I'm a good kid haha. So I'm glad that they only had good things to say about me. Wow I hope that ashlees doing alright and doesn't have to get surgery! Here it has actually been kinda cooler and cold in the night the past couple days. Really weird but with the humidity it makes the weather perfect. I'm glad you guys are getting the car back since that is such a necessity in our family. Thats awesome you all went to the temple and talked to alexs parents. I remember seeing and talking to him in the mtc. I miss that kid haha. But yeah mom I know it will be a really hard week for you but I strongly feel that with all the things you go through and our family goes through that you definitely could use the blessings of 2 missionaries. I know it will be a help for you and I know its an opportunity for you to receive blessings by supporting us so much cause I know there's so many parents that like don't even write their kids on the missions. And don't worry I wont be away too much longer. Time over here is seriously flying!! But yeah I guess that's it for this week! I cant believe austin is really leaving this week! Where are the pictures at? I will email him in a sec. Him and jacob didn't email me. Oh and I sent you a picture of my new love. My cinderella :) haha thats what familia toñanez has been telling me cause whenever she sees me she smiles so big and sticks her tongue out. haha its so funny. les amo a todos muchisimo!

love, Elder Buxton

Other picture from when antonela made us tacos last week :) and the other one is in jareds shop. It was such a mess but we helped them to organize some of it. it looks so good now!

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Hola familia,
So this week was a pretty good and rough week. So a couple interesting things I thought were cool was that I talked to the companion of elder lemo (with me in the picture) and he was waiting for his visa in california somewhere and his mission president was Larry Gelwix. Ya know the coach from forever strong? Yeah I thought that was sick! Also last monday my comps mom said to my comp that she got her hair done or something last week and it was done by starlee hopkin from our stake. And apparently they talked about me for a while. haha I thought it was funny cause I didnt know she remembered who I was even though we've been in the same class since like 1st grade. And then I guess the same thing happened that week with marisa singson who is friends with my comps family and she was at the house one day and they were talking about me too. Just kinda funny. Mom ask austin who marisa is. I dont think you know her though. She used to be good friends with amy when I would hang out with her. But anyway. So this last week we had interviews that went pretty good. Its always good to see and feel of the love that president has for each one of us and he always helps out. Then we went to capital and finally finished my comps tramites! He is officially legal now haha its about time.. but yeah so when we were there there were like 5 missionaries from the west mission doing theirs too and so we talked to them for a while and a couple are good friends with shawn so I told them to say hi for me and we also learned about all the little rules they have. I feel really grateful to be in my mission with president gulbrandsen but its interesting how close our missions are and how different they are too. This last week we have been asking for a lot more refferals from everybody and we actually found some investigators. We are still working with celso but now we are starting to teach a 19 year old girl named dania. She is way cool and way nice and so we are for sure gonna baptize her! We also found a family through jazmin (my recent convert). She is such a capa!! She introduces us to all her friends and everything! We taught this family the restoration the other day which went good but they work a ton during the week so we will see how that goes. Sunday morning we went and passed by every single one of them but something went wrong with all of them and none came to church.. :( me and my comp were really frustrated but we are going to do everything this week to get them to church. Especially since its already the last week of the term so I could very well be leaving but we will see on sunday. Something that I have noticed about myself recently as we've been teaching, and I have no idea how or when it happened, but like the whole beginning of my mission when I would teach with my companion I would be like scared and just not looking forward to my turn to talk ya know? And now well I dont know when but now I just like cant shut up! haha its great but so weird! Now I'm not getting frustrated in lessons cause of my spanish or that I might screw up, I get frustrated if my investigators don't understand something or keep failing commitments haha. Its been a great change to see and I'm so glad that I'm becoming a lot more out going and bold. But yeah On saturday we ate with the familia toñanez and after they had like a world book so I looked through it and the pages of honduras and el salvador and guatemala and belize were all right next to each other. Its from about 10 years ago but I read a lot about all sorts of stuff like population and weather and religion and stuff like that and then compared it to argentina to see how your guys missions will be. Its interesting! You guys just might die of heat but it will be a sick mission haha. Yesterday we also had a really good lunch with our ex-bishop and heard a lot of his stories about his mission in texas which was cool too. But yeah besides that this last week I have started the book of mormon over again and I am studying it more in depth and so far I have learned and noticed like the smallest things that I never did before. Its interesting that we dont know so much about what happened in their lives. For example when nephi and his brothers went back to jerusalem to get the plates that was a 3 day journey. We have no idea about all the little experiences and frustrations and trials of faith and stuff that they went through between the verses. Kinda of interesting but I hope to be able to learn that stuff in the life after. Also our ex-bishop explained a lot of things about family history that I didnt know cause he works in the temple so that was all way cool.

Yeah I will have to go do tramites again like next transfer I think. And actually yesterday and today looking at my toe it isnt looking too good.. :( its not really healing and I think its getting worse now. Where it was cut I mean. The ingrown toenail is gone obviously but yeah.. I'm glad to hear that austins farewell went good. I really wish I could have been there! and I really wish I could see how he is changing but I guess I will see it in 2 years. I'm so so excited for him and cant wait til he starts learning what I'm learning! ben britt comes home already?? wow thats crazy how its still so cold. Yeah here its been really hot still. It hasnt rained in a while so I think the heat is finally here to stay for a while.. it really makes it so hard to sleep sometimes though. Be gratetful for snow! I would love to see some snow! haha. well I'm glad that you all had a pretty good week and looks like this one will be a busy one with school and with it being austins last full week! les amo mucho!

Love, Elder Buxton

Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Hola Familia,

So this past week has been an interesting week. So first of all apparently we got to our record of 1500 baptisms in 2012. So yeah that was pretty sweet!! :) Also I went to the doctor last week and he numbed my toe with shots and then took off like 1/4 of my nail haha that was a lot of fun. That day and the next it was sore and I was kinda dizzy from the medicine but now my toe is getting better so thats good! Then we went on friday to do my companions tramites again and we went with elder abaroa who is the office elder and who was actually companions with elder isley and so it was really fun to hang out with him all day. We ended up getting home at like 6 again.. haha so we ate lunch at 9 at night again but yeah now we only have to go one more time this wednesday!... haha but yeah so besides that this week we found a new investigator named celso. Which was interesting cause we went to visit a recent convert and he lives in the same like building thing and we were sitting there talking to the recent convert and his mom and then celso came and grabbed my companion and told him he needed to talk to him. So they walked over 5 steps and he basically confessed some sins to my companion and we have now taught him lessons 1 and 2 and a little more. He was going to come to church yesterday but didnt but we have an appointment with him tonight and with his cousin too so we will see how that goes. Also it was sad we went and visited a member thats from ukraine who doesnt speak much spanish at all and he literally has no food to eat or anything unless the members give him food. The church pays for his little apartment thing and if he has no food he drinks water and sugar for dinner. Its way way sad.. I dont have time to explain his whole story but it was good to talk to him and we are going to do all we can to help him. He talked to us a little bit about killing himself too but we just need to help him. He has no family or anyone here to help but yeah. Also a crazy story real quick on saturday we had our meeting with the other 2 missionaries from liniers and our ward mision leader. Then we finished and the leader left and us four elders stayed to talk for a bit. They actually had an appointment but they decided they would show up a little late so they stayed and talked to us for a while. Then they called us that night and told us that when they went to their appointment with their investigator that there was a bunch of police and stuff around and that apparently he had been murdered. He was killed right when the elders from liniers would have been there. So that was pretty crazy and definitely a blessing of the lord since we normally have those meetings on fridays. pretty crazy! Besides that I got to pick up some mail. so thank you grandma buxton for the package! I love you! :) and thank you brinnly also!! and kiona thanks for the letter! haha. so yeah I guess that was pretty much our week last week. This week I think we have interviews with president tomorrow and then on wednesday we go finish my companions tramites in capitol and yeah I guess thats about it.

Oh yeah on new years eve we ate with the toñanez family again haha which was funny cause we ate with them saturday sunday and monday. It was really good! Then me and my comp went on the roof to watch the fireworks which was even better than christmas! I took a video this time so you guys will get to see that when I get home. Okay yeah send me those zit pills if you can in that package and I actually forgot to look to see if i have my credit card. I will do that this week. Oh yeah and also this morning I went to get that package at the airport and I did the whole process and the guy actually opened it and we looked thorough it to make sure there wasnt a bomb or anything haha and its just like candy and some letters and stuff. I guess its really from john sanders. The city says vineyard. zip code 84057. And the address I told you last time. dont know who it is but they told me it was like 250 pesos to pick up and I didnt have that much so I couldnt get it. So I'm just gonna let it get sent back to the states and hopefully john sanders will send it back not by fed ex. Thats awesome austin went to the temple! I'm way way pround of him! Hope you guys are getting everything done that you need to. I'm sure the temple was such a weird and awesome experience for him! Is his farewell this week or what? haha yeah I'm excited to see cade and lyle. hmm thats interested about my heritage but that does technically make us 1/8 mexican. and you 1/4 mexican. I think thats sick!! haha. Wow thats all pretty crazy stuff. I wish you all luck with all that stuff this week. Especially austin with his farewell talk this sunday! good luck austin! Let me know how it goes next week. And trust me you dont want this heat... haha well I guess thats it for this week. les amo mucho!

Love, Elder Buxton