The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Hola Familia,

So this past week has been an interesting week. So first of all apparently we got to our record of 1500 baptisms in 2012. So yeah that was pretty sweet!! :) Also I went to the doctor last week and he numbed my toe with shots and then took off like 1/4 of my nail haha that was a lot of fun. That day and the next it was sore and I was kinda dizzy from the medicine but now my toe is getting better so thats good! Then we went on friday to do my companions tramites again and we went with elder abaroa who is the office elder and who was actually companions with elder isley and so it was really fun to hang out with him all day. We ended up getting home at like 6 again.. haha so we ate lunch at 9 at night again but yeah now we only have to go one more time this wednesday!... haha but yeah so besides that this week we found a new investigator named celso. Which was interesting cause we went to visit a recent convert and he lives in the same like building thing and we were sitting there talking to the recent convert and his mom and then celso came and grabbed my companion and told him he needed to talk to him. So they walked over 5 steps and he basically confessed some sins to my companion and we have now taught him lessons 1 and 2 and a little more. He was going to come to church yesterday but didnt but we have an appointment with him tonight and with his cousin too so we will see how that goes. Also it was sad we went and visited a member thats from ukraine who doesnt speak much spanish at all and he literally has no food to eat or anything unless the members give him food. The church pays for his little apartment thing and if he has no food he drinks water and sugar for dinner. Its way way sad.. I dont have time to explain his whole story but it was good to talk to him and we are going to do all we can to help him. He talked to us a little bit about killing himself too but we just need to help him. He has no family or anyone here to help but yeah. Also a crazy story real quick on saturday we had our meeting with the other 2 missionaries from liniers and our ward mision leader. Then we finished and the leader left and us four elders stayed to talk for a bit. They actually had an appointment but they decided they would show up a little late so they stayed and talked to us for a while. Then they called us that night and told us that when they went to their appointment with their investigator that there was a bunch of police and stuff around and that apparently he had been murdered. He was killed right when the elders from liniers would have been there. So that was pretty crazy and definitely a blessing of the lord since we normally have those meetings on fridays. pretty crazy! Besides that I got to pick up some mail. so thank you grandma buxton for the package! I love you! :) and thank you brinnly also!! and kiona thanks for the letter! haha. so yeah I guess that was pretty much our week last week. This week I think we have interviews with president tomorrow and then on wednesday we go finish my companions tramites in capitol and yeah I guess thats about it.

Oh yeah on new years eve we ate with the toƱanez family again haha which was funny cause we ate with them saturday sunday and monday. It was really good! Then me and my comp went on the roof to watch the fireworks which was even better than christmas! I took a video this time so you guys will get to see that when I get home. Okay yeah send me those zit pills if you can in that package and I actually forgot to look to see if i have my credit card. I will do that this week. Oh yeah and also this morning I went to get that package at the airport and I did the whole process and the guy actually opened it and we looked thorough it to make sure there wasnt a bomb or anything haha and its just like candy and some letters and stuff. I guess its really from john sanders. The city says vineyard. zip code 84057. And the address I told you last time. dont know who it is but they told me it was like 250 pesos to pick up and I didnt have that much so I couldnt get it. So I'm just gonna let it get sent back to the states and hopefully john sanders will send it back not by fed ex. Thats awesome austin went to the temple! I'm way way pround of him! Hope you guys are getting everything done that you need to. I'm sure the temple was such a weird and awesome experience for him! Is his farewell this week or what? haha yeah I'm excited to see cade and lyle. hmm thats interested about my heritage but that does technically make us 1/8 mexican. and you 1/4 mexican. I think thats sick!! haha. Wow thats all pretty crazy stuff. I wish you all luck with all that stuff this week. Especially austin with his farewell talk this sunday! good luck austin! Let me know how it goes next week. And trust me you dont want this heat... haha well I guess thats it for this week. les amo mucho!

Love, Elder Buxton

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