The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hola familia,

Well I guess I will start off by telling you about transfers. So I basically said goodbye to everyone yesterday and took pictures with people and had everyone write in my journal just in case I leave. We were really nervous to get the call last night. And we finally got it and got the news that me and elder mattingley are staying together here in tonelero/liniers 2! That is actually what we both wanted. I just didn't feel ready to leave yet. I just felt like that I still have work to do here so we are both pretty excited about that. This transfer though I'm pretty sure is just the 5 week transfer though so I guess we will see. But yeah so I'm grateful to stay with a companion that I can have fun with and that really loves to serve me in anyway he can. That's one thing that I'm really learning from him. Oh and he got called as district leader again. Hes been it before so its just whatever but yeah even though I do most stuff in leading the work here I still have so much to learn and am grateful for a companion that I can learn charity and love from. But yeah so last week we had a pretty good week. We actually found another family through jazmin again! jazmin is just a freakin capa!! Shes a little missionary. She introduces us to all her friends and everything. Those 2 families that we found aren't really progressing and its difficult to get a lesson with them and didn't make it to church but we are just gonna keep buggin them this week. Cause if we aren't bugging the people, we are bugging God haha. So yeah and also our investigator dania came to church! :) Me and elder skeen from liniers went on divisions the other day and we taught her and it went really good. She already knows the book of mormon is true. And so then sunday we went and got antonela (jareds girlfriend, recent convert in the ward) and her brother who's been an investigator for a while but we are just way way tight with all of them and then we went over to the liniers station and picked up jared and dania and went to church and it went great! We also had 2 ladies show up in church that are investigating who live in our area so we will talk with them this week. Besides that it was really good to spend some time with familia toñanez last night and hermana toñanez just got called to the position you got released from recently mom in the young women's. She had the new manuals and we got to look through it a bit and we saw the new for the strength of youth that I had never seen in person before and all of it looks so much better than before. And its interesting how the new teaching program will work. She explained it to us and its cool that we as missionaries already started teaching that way months ago. It really does make a difference though. But yeah besides that um celso moved back to bolivia for a couple weeks so we will see him soon and yeah. This transfer will be interesting since elder skeen is getting a new companion and my comps the district leader. Should be good though.

That's interesting you say that mom cause that's something I learned last week in our sunday school class. It was necessary that we left our heavenly father to come here and get a body so we can learn and progress and as missionaries its also necessary that we leave our earthly parents to come here on the mission and learn and progress. Thats just how it works. We cant always be dependent on our parents even when thats usually the easiest thing to do. We have to have a reason to need God and do things on our own even if its harder that way.
Thats so weird to me that ben is home. I didnt think he left so long before me but I guess so. Thats cool though. haha yeah mom it was funny to me cause my comps mom said in her email that she didnt know I played soccer and then she said that from talking to those girls that she knows that her son (my comp) is in good hands and cause she knows that I'm a good kid haha. So I'm glad that they only had good things to say about me. Wow I hope that ashlees doing alright and doesn't have to get surgery! Here it has actually been kinda cooler and cold in the night the past couple days. Really weird but with the humidity it makes the weather perfect. I'm glad you guys are getting the car back since that is such a necessity in our family. Thats awesome you all went to the temple and talked to alexs parents. I remember seeing and talking to him in the mtc. I miss that kid haha. But yeah mom I know it will be a really hard week for you but I strongly feel that with all the things you go through and our family goes through that you definitely could use the blessings of 2 missionaries. I know it will be a help for you and I know its an opportunity for you to receive blessings by supporting us so much cause I know there's so many parents that like don't even write their kids on the missions. And don't worry I wont be away too much longer. Time over here is seriously flying!! But yeah I guess that's it for this week! I cant believe austin is really leaving this week! Where are the pictures at? I will email him in a sec. Him and jacob didn't email me. Oh and I sent you a picture of my new love. My cinderella :) haha thats what familia toñanez has been telling me cause whenever she sees me she smiles so big and sticks her tongue out. haha its so funny. les amo a todos muchisimo!

love, Elder Buxton

Other picture from when antonela made us tacos last week :) and the other one is in jareds shop. It was such a mess but we helped them to organize some of it. it looks so good now!

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