The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

Hola familia,
Well first of all HAPPY NEW YEARS TOMORROW!!! and it was so good to see and talk to you guys! Even though I had to get off and some of you left and then was able to get back on for a little bit but that's okay it was still so great to see and hear all of you. Sounds like everyone had a good christmas so that's good! So this week was a pretty weird week with christmas and all that. Question mom. The ball you sent me is it new? Did you go and buy it or was it just one from home? So on thursday I think it was we had to go do my companions papers for his visa to be legal here. But it was a process a little bit different since he got his passport stolen in the south so this was his new one we had to get a new visa stamp on it and stuff. So we went to capital and then there were a bunch of problems so then had to go to the united states embassy here and then back to the immigration place and in the end it didn't work so we have to go back this coming friday.. We got up at 4:30 that day and got back to our area at like 5:30 just in time for our meeting with our ward mission leader. We ate lunch at 9 at night that day haha. Yesterday rosendo got confirmed and in the picture I'm sending from his baptism he doesn't look so good.. But he is doing a lot better now. He said he started to read the book of mormon a little bit and his leg doesn't hurt as much now. So that was pretty awesome. Also there is a 70 that lives in our ward and last week he told us he wanted to talk to us sunday so we talked with him and we were all pretty nervous cause we heard he likes to drop the cane on people but it went well and we talked a little bit about what we want to achieve here in the ward with this new year coming up. Those were kinda the highlights of last week. Last night me and elder mattingley slept on the roof cause it was so hot and that was good. Our district leader elder mcbride called us last night and told us he isn't our district leader anymore and that he is getting flashed today. Flashed means a missionary gets transferred or moved randomly in the middle of a transfer. Usually happens if there is problems, a disobedient missionary, or inspiration from the lord. So he is going to be a zone leader in my last zone and we found out today like elder alder is getting flashed somewhere too and so there are quite a bit of flashes today and we aren't really sure why but I guess we will see. So this week should be interesting. The familia toƱanez are just so awesome that we ate with them saturday and then yesterday they invited us to eat over tonight for a new years eve dinner and then they found out we didn't have lunch yesterday so we ate over there yesterday too haha it was fun and I'm excited for tonight! Then on wednesday I go to the doctor. What fun!... I forgot to tell you that like 3 weeks ago I got another ingrown toenail but on my other big toe and I've done what I can and it hasn't been that bad until more recently so I decided it wasn't getting any better and need the area doctors help. So I have that and I'm not way excited haha you know how I am with doctor and hospital stuff mom. But yeah its cool that the doctors office happens to be in my last area (palermo) cause he is the doctor of pretty much almost all the missions in argentina haha but yeah. Then thursday we will have a little zone meeting and then friday tramites for my comp. Also on friday I am picking up my passport because hermana lowry (a senior couple that works with the mail and finances of the mission) called me the other day and told me I have a package that was sent by fedex and so its stuck in the airport. So with my passport I can go get it if I want to pay for it. So next monday I will be doing that. But she said its from "john senders" address is 526 e 1750 n and the city just says PBU. So I have no idea who its from... if you do please email me back and fill me in real quick haha. Also one last thing. So mom you know the book you made me about my ancestors that you sent with me on the mission and made like 8 years ago or more and I have never even opened it? haha yeah well I decided to open it last night. WHY DIDNT YOU TELL US THAT WE ARE 1/8 MEXICAN???? hahahah I thought it was really really funny and interesting. So yeah I'm curious to know why i never knew this haha. So yeah that about it for now I think.

Don't worry mom I was glad I got to talk to my friends and stuff cause I wont get to talk to them in a while. But me and you will have lots of one on one time when I get back so don't worry haha. And yes I am very excited for the fireworks tonight :) Its supposed to rain but we will see what happens. Where did you guys stay up at grandpas funeral? I'm glad everything went good with that and I'm sure it was very sad and spiritual. I wish me and shawn could have gone but that's okay. Hey you need to send me his emails. I wanna know his thoughts from last week about grandpa and then christmas. wow thats crazy about the car!! I'm glad austin is okay! But we definitely have bad luck with our cars.. haha but its okay because everything happens for a reason so we just cant get mad or frustrated about it. Did you send it to get fixed then or what? I'm glad your getting on the mission clothes buying. Its good to get on that early. I'm glad steggell is even more of a stud than he was before haha hopefully he will write me one of these weeks and let me know how hes doing and everything. Wait when do robbie and jantzen leave? Yeah I thought austin would be in the intermediate class. I could have moved up when I was in the MTC but by the point I didnt want to leave my friends so I just stayed. But yeah I guess that's it for this week. les amo muchisimo! se que esta iglesia es verdadera!

Love Elder Buxton

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