The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Hola familia,
So I cant believe its December already!! But this week was pretty good. Last Monday we played soccer and then went to another church and played basketball with like the whole ward young men and young women watching haha it was a lot of fun. We played for like 4 hours though so we were hurting pretty bad the rest of the week haha. Okay so on Thursday I went on divisions with elder franco who is from argentina and is companion of elder kaimikaua who is from hawaii/utah/nevada haha but yeah that went good and then on Friday I went on divisions with elder o handley which went good too. We had like a 2 hour lesson with 3 investigators that went way good. We taught the restoration and elder o handley really struggles with spanish so the investigators most of the time don't understand. So basically I taught for almost 2 hours but it was good. There was an older man named ruben and a mom named eli and her son cesar. We put baptismal dates with them for this month and when we did that they kinda freaked out and said that that is too soon and thats impossible and stuff. It was awesome to see ruben completely change when I bore testimony to him that we are representatives of jesus christ and that we didnt pick the date, his heavenly father did. After that he said "you guys are his angels or whatever so if thats what he wants me to do then thats what I should do." He also said that he felt weird, he felt a different feeling inside. The spirit really touched him and I hope he progresses. Our investigator jazmin is doing really good. She came to church yesterday with her little sister and shes reading and praying everyday and shes way excited for her baptism this sunday. Oh and also last monday we passed by diego and he told us that he wouldnt be able to come anymore because he was moving the next day.. :( so he moved but I hope he still gets baptised! Also last tuesday we had a capacitaciĆ³n and then on thursday a zone meeting. They both were way good and we learned a lot about how the Lord isnt here to help us. We are here in his vineyard helping him. He has already been working here when we got here. This really isnt our work, its His. And how the Lord really is hastening his work especially since missionaries are going to be doubled this next year. You can really tell the second coming is getting close. The gathering of israel is happening now. Yeah those were what I really liked.
Also I read in georgias email that he picked his missionary plaque scripture. How come I didnt get to do that? Did I not get one? If not its okay I'm just curious cause you never asked me about a scripture haha. Also I had been thinking about when I'm calling you guys for christmas or whatever and we havent gotten instructions on all that yet but I want to skype you guys if thats cool. Also I'm sending you pictures of the 2 white shirts I got from missionary mall that are stained and hopefully you can get new ones for me for free. And then one last thing. Just to see if you can get me the exact dates of when the following enter the mtc to put on my calendar, if you cant its okay. kyle, steve, jake, jantzen, and cameron mcginn you told me jan 6 but thats a sunday. And I didnt get your package last week mom. It wasnt in the offices not sure why but we will see this week. This week I think we have to go to the mission office for my comp to take his english test and then on wednesday me and another kid are doing divisions while our comps go have their final interviews with president and on friday we get to go to the temple! :) For all the missionaries and their companions. And then on sunday we will for sure go to the despedida cause my comp has to be there so yeah busy busy week. Oh and also today we got permission to go to the boca stadium and to capital and buy souveniers and see more of buenos aires. Its gonna be sick! And also we are going to go visit familia gonzalez :) which is funny cause I just got on email from her saying that I forgot about them haha I'm so excited to see luz though! And ayelen of course but yeah should be a good day. I'll take lots of pictures no worries.

Yeah I cant wait to find out where austins going! Thats awesome he got to go to the hospital branch and do a little service though. Sounds like fun! You got released mom?? Wow thats so crazy! Dont worry though you and cassidee will be okay. The lord knows your situations perfectly and he knows what hes doing. Whos the new presidency then? haha this is the last week of the transfer mom so my next email will be to you from here in tonelero still but with a new companion. I might even be senior companion but I guess we will see. I'm kinda nervous. Mom dont worry just keep reading jesus the christ haha I will read that at some point in my mission. I'm reading too many things right now haha. Wow thats really sad about the girls you met. It reminds me of a chat we had last night with a guy that stopped us cause he got robbed a couple times and he was begging for a place to live or just a bed to sleep on and money and stuff. We arent allowed to give any of that obviously but I tried to tell him how he can have happiness in his life even with his trials but when I started to talk about that he didnt want to listen and told us to leave. It was kinda sad but its really what the world is coming to. Thats cool about that melalucawacha thingy hahaha I'm too lazy to scroll down and type it out. What can I say I'm a missionary ;) How does it work to sell that stuff though? Well I guess that is it for this week. Its going to be a crazy week. I have a lot of thoughts and emotions going through my mind with all of this stuff and it now being christmas and its hot here which I didnt ever want to experience during christmas time but oh well haha I'm going to go show everyone the real reason for the seasons :) les amo mucho! gracias por todo que hacen! esta iglesia es la verdad!

Con Amor Elder Buxton

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