The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24, 2012

hola familia,

So I wont write much right now since I will talk to you all tomorrow. But this week has been one of the hardest and craziest of my mission with austins call and grandpa and rosendos baptism and the christmas skype and christmas in general and just everything! It was so nuts! I wont tell too many details since you guys can ask tomorrow. But the beginning of the week I wasnt doing too well with all of it. With austins call and grandpa being so fresh in my mind but I am doing better. We had a few noches de hogar with some families that were a lot of fun to watch some christmas videos we have and testify of the meaning of christmas and that we really will always have the best christmas if we make Christ the center of it. We had rosendos baptism which was very very complex since he is in a wheel chair and always in a lot of pain but I will explain that more tomorrow. Today we went to san fernando and had a meeting with the whole mission minus the people in the south. We did a little white elephant gift exchange and got to hang out and talk with all our friends and ate and then had a spiritual part where hermana gulbrandsen and president gulbrandsen spoke to us and we watched a couple videos and their son talked to us who just finished his mission in uruguay a week ago so that was cool too since hes still a missionary and all. Also today I talked to an elder from honduras and was asking him a couple questions cause now I'm really curious about honduras and stuff so yeah I'll explain that tomorrow too haha. And now tonight, well in like half an hour, we are gonna have an asado (argentine barbeque) with the familia toñanez and we can stay out til like 10 or a little later and then the other elders from liniers are gonna sleep over and we will probably sleep on the roof so we can watch the billions of fireworks and cause its sooooooo so so dang hot today.... hottest day in my whole life. I'm drenched in sweat... haha. I picked up my mail today which was interesting since I got like 4 big packages from like I dont even know who. 2 from you mom then the rest I dont know. So that was fun with them in the collectivo and train. and I got a letter from elder chapman too haha so thats sweet. so pretty much I guess thats all to say for now since ill talk to you guys tomorrow. I'm way stoked and hope that everyone can be there! I also have a scripture for austin. D&C 34. In verse one replace your the name with yours aust. And also did you guys get my thing with the letters in it to people? And did you get everyones letter to them? Well I think that is it for now. Les amo muchisimo! Feliz Navidad a todos! se que si realment nos enfocamos en cristo durante la navidad, siempre tendremos el espiritu de navidad. nos vemos mañana! :)

Con Amor, Elder Buxton

oh also, kirsten I havent opened the box that was inside the big envelope thing and I also wrapped it and am excited to open it tomorrow! :)

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