The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

hola familia,

Wow okay so pretty much last week was the busiest week of my mission so far. So my companion and another companion had their last interviews with president so we did divisions so they could do that on wednesday. So we started divisions on tuesday and then they were going to take their english tests in san fernando too but the computers didnt work so they were going to do it thrusday. The trains werent working when they got their thursday so they couldnt and they told them to stay on divisions to go to the temple on friday (so I didnt get to go :( ). So they did that and then they went to go take their english tests and they got home at like 9 at night and then we did divisions again and I went with elder o handley all day saturday. It was so nuts!! It was crazy cause that whole time I was in my area with elder braun who has 8 months in the mission but just recently got his visa to come here and has been waiting for it in colorado for 6 months. So I was senior comp and did almost everything for 4 days straight. It was really good and elder braun and I are good friends now but it definiltey was stressfull haha I guess I didnt realize until those 4 days that as senior comp you literally have to do everything haha but it was still really good. So obviously my comp went home and my new companion is elder mathingley. Its the first comp I've gotten that I actually know before we get put together. Elder mcnab was with him when we were in palermo and juncal and elder alder was just barely with him in juncal. So he is my senior companion and it will be an interesting transfer. He is a little different haha but the Lord wants me to learn something so here we go. Its funny cause he is from lindon, utah haha but he lived in like england for like 4 years. But he went to PG and I guess he kinda has some dyslexia so his spanish is alright. Elder mcnab and alder both told me I will basically be senior comp and will be doing almost everything. I'm okay with that cause I wanted to be senior comp anyway. Kinda surprised I'm not but oh well. So yeah jazmin got baptised yesterday and it went pretty good. It was kinda a disaster for a while cause the fount overflowed and my comp and her didn't bring towels and it was just crazy but it all worked out. Also with elder o handley he locked the keys in the apartment and it was a huge process to get in that I dont have time to explain. It just was not our week but thats okay! haha. We had the despedida last night and it was way good. I saw a ton of friends and everything and last monday I visited ayelen and her mom and talked with them for a bit and they were way happy to see me but luz was at school so I told them to come to the despedida and bring luz and they did and brought me cake and pictures and letters and it was so great to see them again! Especially luz :) She really wants to come to the united states with me haha ayelen does too. But yeah so I guess thats about it for this week. Things are really going to change this transfer. Elder martinez (my last comp) got made zone leader in my zone haha so hes my zone leader now and we have a whole different district now. It will definitely be weird but we will see. Also I see that andy steggell goes into the mtc this week. Thats awesome! Tell him I wish him luck!! And if your reading this happy birthday brad!! Hope its a good one! Oh and mom I got your big package that I think is my christmas package but you said you sent another one weeks ago but it never came. I love getting random packages though. I got one from sister nielsen in our ward. Like not georgias mom but the other one. Really really random but thanks! And thank youuuuuu kirsten!!! :) I havent decided if I'm going to open yours now or on christmas though kirst.

Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good and moving forward with faith haha thats always good but man I was hoping aust and jacob would get there calls this week. Well next week for sure hopefully! Yes they are both from missionary mall. On one of the pictures you can see the brand. One got stained from mud and just wont come out. I've washed it like 4 times. The other has a big yellow stain on it thats really hard to see in the pictures but I have no idea where it came from. Wow I'm excited to find out your new calling. Let me know! I really really hope we don't lose our house too.. I want to come back to it just the way it was. Well almost the way it was. And thats awesome your gonna start excersising more. Thats something thats hard to do in the mission is do our excersices at 6:30 in the morning. But yeah do it mom! And then start playing all the sports again that you love to play and then we can play when I get back :) Wow thats crazy about the snow. Yeah just never stop paying tithing and doing everything we can to obey the Lord and no matter what happens everything will be okay. That can be so hard sometimes when the Lord wants us to do things that we dont want to do. But He knows us better than we know Him and so we need to trust Him always. Yeah so christmas is really really different down here but I'm okay with that so I'm not too homesick haha but yeah so I guess thats it for this week. I guess something small to put in the box would be peanut butter or I dunno. twizzlers!!! :) haha okay bueno les amo mucho!!

Elder Buxton

(This picture is for Kirsten....hahahah)Thanks for taking such good care of him!

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