The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, November 18, 2013

How was this week?

Hola Familia,
So this last week was a good week :) so on tuesday we had a liders meeting in san fernando which went pretty good and it was cool to see all my friends and stuff. Then on wednesday we had to get up at like 5 and be in san fernando at 8 to do tramites (visa stuff) for my companion. We had to do some stuff and then we had an appointment to do another part a couple train stations away so we went and we were like 2 hours early... so us and the 4 other elders with us decided to go contact in a park haha It was kinda cool. We didnt talk to a ton of people but me and my comp talked to a group of americans that were there for a conference later that night. They are from boston. So that was pretty cool. And then we talked to a group of high school kids. But yeah so that was that. umm I feel like so much happened this last week.. on saturday we had to get up at 4:30 in the morning to go to a different church and take a big 2 story bus to the church in the west mission for the conference with elder holland. So about the conference.. I dont even know where to start! elder gonzalez who is the area president and his wife spoke. Then elder soares from the seventy, who spoke in the last general conference, and his wife spoke. And then elder hollands wife and elder holland spoke. We were the 3 buenos aires missions and the MTC here also. It was super fun cause I was sitting with elder walker and elder whitsitt the whole time and hanging out with elder whitsitt and arostica on our bus :) and all the talks were so freakin good!! elder hollands talk was amazing!! He talked about so many different things so I dont even know how to explain what he talked about. Those are literally the most notes I've ever taken on one talk in my whole life! literally!! It was just so awesome to be there and feel the spirit that was there as he spoke to us. At some points he was actually like yelling like he does in most of his talks but its sooo much different when your actually there. So so powerful. A couple points real quick (but remember this was less than half his talk) was he talked about how much he loves us and how us as missionaries are the most prayed for people in the world. literally. and how we for 2 years are apostolic. He explained to us how what he does and what we do are the same thing. Us and him each day from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep is spent acting and thinking about how we can save souls. And he also talked a quite a bit about how who we are is much much more important than what we say in a lesson. and also about why they chose the words "preach my gospel" for the manual preach my gospel and what each of the 3 words mean. tI was crazy good! I'll explain a lot more in a few weeks dont worry! but yeah then yesterday we didnt end up getting people to church.. :( well any investigators I mean. They all fodged.. but we took like 6 recent converts haha. and gabi got confirmed! I ended up confirming him. valentina was super sick so she couldnt come.. and we also have started teaching another girl named melisa whos 13 and lives in the same house but different room as gabi and valentina. Besides that it was hard to find escogidos last week. We found some investigators but they arent escogidos. Yesterday after church we had a kid named enzo whos just a capo (his brother edu who is waiting for his papers is also a straight up capo) come with us and in one of our visits we were teaching a recent convert and her mom whos not a member but we dont focus on her cause she doesnt want to be baptised or anything. But before the lesson we saw the recent converts, isabel, grandson named emmanuel. so we asked them if they wanted to invite him and isabels mom said no emmanuel wont want anything. So we invited him and we taught him for a while and he in the beginning didnt really believe in much and stuff but in the end accepted a book of mormon and a baptismal date for the 8th of dec :) it was awesome to see the change in him as we explained why we focus so much on jesus christ cause he doesnt really believe much in jesus christ. So we taught that and led it into joseph smith and the book of mormon and we really saw a change in him and it was perfect to have a really good kid like enzo with us :) so we will see what happens with that this week. that was kinda some of the stuff that happened. It's impossible to explain everything that happens.. oh and the other day we went to go contact a referal who was enzos old friend and he gave us the referal. So we went and talked to him and his dad and they are athiest.. but we asked for another referal and showed us a door and told us a name so we went and knocked, first door no one. second door no one. third door no one. I decided to go one more just to ask where this kid lived and have an excuse to contact the person that answers and to show elder johnson what its like to contact and the guy answer and in the middle of the sentence we got the door slammed in our face. It was awesome! ;) haha sorry if you were all waiting for a cool miracle happy ending with that story. Just thought I would tell you cause we dont get the door slammed in our face very much at all here cause we dont ever knock doors. But I guess it had to happen sooner or later :) it wasnt the first time but one of the first times haha.

Oh and elder christofferson wasnt there cause he was in mar del plata. Different part of buenos aires. wow snow already? thats so weird to me.. last week most of the days it was super super hot and humid. I like it though! I'm sick of cold and winter. I want summer! :) even if that means its a billion degrees here haha. Thats crazy with all the farewells and everything! and thats crazy about grandma! :( I hope everything is okay and she can still have a good birthday. Tell her happy birthday for me! cause I dont know if she reads my emails home.. well thats it for this week. les amo mucho! :)

Elder Buxton

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