The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5 weeks left....

Hola Familia,
haha okay first of all mom your not supposed to put the subject of your email how little time I have left.. hahaha. So this week was a pretty crazy! So basically as you all know I'm a dad :) my hijito is elder johnson which is really funny cause hes from provo and went to provo high haha. So monday was super fun we played soccer and just chilled and everything and then we went to the mission home and we just waited in the backyard on the tramp and stuff until the newbies were done inside doing whatever they were doing. We were like 25 trainers. It was kinda crazy. But then we all walked into the house in the living room in a line singing called to serve super loud cause they didnt even know we were there. And then president read off one by one each new missionaries name and then their trainer and everyone like cheered and everything haha and it was just super fun and funny. I was chillin with my friend elder kaimicaua. Don't know how to spell his name. Hes from hawaii. But yeah so the wait wasnt that bad. But then we ate some pizza and stuff and went back to our areas in a remis which is like a taxi. So yeah its been super weird to have a comp that doesnt just automatically know how to do things here in argentina and in the field. But yeah so me and elder johnson get along pretty good so I am greatful for that :) He struggles with spanish but he is improving every day so thats good. So besides that we had gabriel and valentinas baptism! :) It went super good! I totally spaced everything during the week.. not sure if its from being a trainer or what but I had forgotten to get the signature and when we went to get gabi y vale the mom was super sick so she couldnt come and the paper to sign was in the church. So finally we convinced the step dad to just come at 12 for a sec to sign and so he did and then he left. Then after stake conference I forgot completely about baptismal clothing so we were scramblin around looking for that and yeah it was just nuts. But it turned out good in the end :) Today is valentinas birthday so we are going to go see her today also. What a birthday present :) And their friend nestor came with us too. But he left before the baptism.. dont know why. So yeah stake conference was super good! The saturday session was good and then sunday was super super packed! So many people there! We barely found seats. And the whole stake conference was just completely about missionary work and the work of salvation. It was super cool! The last song was called to serve and we as missionaries all walked up in a line during the song and sang the rest of it in a line in front of everyone. It was super cool! So yeah um friday night we had our talent show again which turned out pretty good this time. umm besides that we are still working on not just finding new investigator but finding the escogidos. umm yeah I will explain all the details and everything when I get home so dont worry. Sorry if I'm being brief and not explaining much. I gotta take advantage of my last p days to make sure I get everything done that I need to. Oh and justin bieber was here the last weekend. He was staying at a hotel maybe like 10 min in bus from our area. We heard that he had parties and his fans were so loud that he got kicked out and had to go to tigre which is close to the mission offices. haha super funny. Tomorrow we get to go to a capacitaciĆ³n de lideres so that should be fun. Oh and so elder holland and elder christoferson are coming down here this week. So.... saturday we are having a special meeting with them! :) So sick!!! So yeah thats pretty much all for now. I'm leaving so much out but I can explain better later.

At stake conference the temple president and his wife were there. And obviously pres ayre. Its been like cold hot. Its super weird weather. When its cloudy its super humid and then cools off sometimes at night or with rain. But yeah its weird. Yeah so my zone is now us and elder cruz and elder garrett and the zone leaders. Everyone in the zone got a new companion except elder cruz and elder garrett but yeah. Oh and last friday we went at 6 in the morrning to play soccer us 8 missionaries and then we listened in to the last 10 min of seminary and then ate cake and breakfast with them since it was the last seminary for the year. that was fun! Wow thats terrible about osmerh! :( his mom that lives in mexico? I'll for sure be praying for them! Wait how do you know what day is elder whitsitts homecoming? and what day is kirstens farewell? and what day is mine?? haha. and landons? yeah thanks for the pics mom! :) les amo mucho! hasta la semana que viene!

Elder Buxton

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