The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December!

Hola Familia,
Fuah! I cant believe its already december!! It doesnt feel like christmas time at all here because of the heat... but anyway so this last week was a pretty difficult week but as missionaries somehow we always make it good! We really struggled to find new investigators this week which made it hard.. but wednesday we had zone meeting which is always good and we put new goals and learned about loving your mission or just like getting through your mission. Its a very key this as missionaries. If we dont love the mission then we arent going to do gods will. But if we do, thats when we become instruments and help gods children come to him. So we found out that valentina and gabriel were moving... :( they moved on saturday but were going to come to church cause valentina hasnt received the holy ghost but we dont know what happened but they didnt show up.. it was sad to see them go and know that I might not ever see them again. I'll miss them alot :( we continued teaching melisa the 13 year old girl that lives in the same house as they did whose mom doesnt like us a whole ton but she is a freakin capa and always reads and prays and the last couple days she really had some good questions so that was really good. We finally talked to her mom on saturday and she said she couldnt come to church but we asked if melisa could come with us and she was doubting until I said that we would come get her with other girls like her age and stuff. Then she accepted. So on saturday night we called a way cool girl named wanda that just turned 14 and it took like 20 min on the phone to convince her but we finally did and so we went and picked her up early sundry morning and then went and got anabela and gabi (diferent gabi) and then went and got melisa and then some other people. So she was finally able to come to church :) It was great and she was with the young women the whole time so she really liked it. We just gotta work on her mom now. She has yet to come sit down and listen to our message.. so yeah we worked a little with jessica last week too but she didnt come to church.. and she is now living in melisas house but a different room with her boyfriend.. so yeah she isnt really reading either so we are basically dropping her. We had to drop quite a few investigators this last week so that has left us with very little.. on thursday it was hermana luisas (the lady that lives in the insane hospital) birthday so she took us to a restaurant for lunch and stuff and we ate ice cream and all that good stuff. So on saturday we donated blood!! It was a mormon helping hands activity and this time they wanted all the missionaries that wanted to in capital to donate. I wanted to but was not very excited.. never donated before. And lets just say it wasnt the best experience haha. I got super light headed and en cima the lady stuck me wrong! So it hurt in the beginning and then got a little bit better but still hurt when I would clench my fist but I didnt want to say anything cause I didnt want her to stick me again.. so yeah that wasnt the funnest.. and because of her sticking me wrong my whole arm killed to move the whole day and today it is still bruised pretty bad and I cant extend it completely.. but I'm alive! Yesterday was my last fast and testimony meeting in argentina.. so I bore my testimony. I was the last one haha it was funny. But it was good. Then we had ward counsel again and kept planning the ward end of year dinner. It was fun and funny again like last time haha and it was fun to just put random input in since I wont be there anyway :) haha. I had fun. After the meeting the bishop asked me what day I'm leaving and I told him and so now I have a talk on the 15th haha that should be fun. A talk on the 15th, my despedida later that evening and then another talk on the 22nd.. weird! 2 in spanish and 1 in english. oh man my one in english is going to be a disaster.. haha. Also after that they called about 6 new ward missionaries. They called basically most of the priests and a couple laurels. So now we have a missionary team/army here in constitucion :) It's sick! um besides that tomorrow we finally have interviews with president which will be good. Even though mine will be 5 seconds long cause he'll just tell me that we will talk in my last interview before I leave haha. So yeah thats pretty much it for now that I can think of. Today we are going to play soccer and basketball and stuff as a zone at the church and then we are going to the boca stadium :) should be way fun!

Next week is my last p day and pretty sure last day to email. So weird this is my 2nd to last email! I talked to elder harrison at the blood thing and he knew some stuff I didnt so he said that we might be going to the temple not this week but the next week. I hope so cause I wanna see the new temple video. And then he said the monday that we leave is when we will have our last interviews and then the rest of the afternoon I have no idea what we are going to be doing before the airport. but I highly doubt we will email. So nobody send me emails after the 9th!! When do you all finish school? Well I guess thats it for this week. I feel very weird and different that I will only email you guys one last time.. kinda sad and crazy. These last couple weeks will definitely very very crazy and stressful haha but I've got the lord on my side :) les amo mucho!!

Elder Buxton

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