The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, December 9, 2013

Last email...

Hola Familia!!
Finally I got logged in after 40 minutes.... but wow. So I feel very humble to be writing you guys my very last email of my mission. That seems so very strange to me.. I really dont know where all the time went. I feel.... I cant describe it. Its the most bitter sweet strange crazy feeling ever. So this last week we had interviews with president which went good but they were very short. We talked just for a sec and then he said "well elder buxton I dont have anything else so I'll see you in 2 weeks and we will talk about lots of stuff." hahaha referring to my final end of mission interview of course. I'm excited for it :) So I wont lie this last week was very very hard. For lots of reasons.. We really struggled with finding this week. We didnt find any solid investigators. We worked with melisa and jessica a bunch and yesterday melisa couldnt come.. But jessica finally did! Which was great! We will talk with her tomorrow to see how it all went and everything. Besides that on wednesday I did divisions with elder garrett in his area since I hadnt ever done that before. That also went pretty good. We ate ice cream after saving souls :) yesterday church was just super good. Not sure why but I just really felt peace and it didnt leave. In the second hour the bishop pulled us out of class and told us the font overflowed into the primary room and in the hall so we hurried and did what we could to clean that up fast. But nobody had a baptism so we dont know who turned it on.. it was weird. Then sunday after church was just not the best.. At lunch a girl was playing with my camera and she was trying to delete some pics of her that I blocked so she couldnt and she accdientally erased all the rest of the pics on that memory card.... which included all the pics from the boca stadium and making tacos with flia moron and all that stuff. About 100 pics or a little more. So I'm sorry you guys wont get to see those.. :( hopefully I'll be able to get some from my comp and stuff. We will see. but yeah.. also all week my arm was not doing the best. Its still bruised half way up my arm. Hermana moron whos a nurse said that she didnt just stick me wrong but she like ruptured or broke the vain or something also. So thats not fun... but anyway. We still try to stay happy and focused and the lord helps us so thats always good. This week is going to much better! I hope! I think thursday we might have a lider capacitacion for trainers or something. And then friday we get to go to the temple!! :) stoked to see the new movie!! Then on saturday we get to do a little bit of last packing. Then on sunday I have a talk in church and then my despedida in san fernando that evening :) Then on monday we go to the mission home by ourselves and have our last interviews with president and eat and chill with president and then we go to the airport and fly out that night. So it sounds like its gonna be a good and crazy week! This last week has also been really hot and sunny and the past couple days just super super humid. Today we are in once and I'm with elder walker and I think elder alder is coming and we are gonna buy stuff and take pics and everything. Should be fun! Its just going to be so hard to say bye to these people and this country... :( not looking forward to that at all. I'm so very grateful for all these members and the love and support they have given and shown to me these past 2 years. Obviously I'll tell you guys all about my mission and my testimony and everything when I get back in a week but just everyone know that coming on the mission was the best decision I have ever made and I will never regret it. I dont know who I would be today if I didnt come out here. I know that I would not be even close to the person my heavenly father wants me to be. We gotta have faith and trust in god. Its something I learn so much every single day and hope to keep learning. Thanks so much to all of you for your emails and love and support. You guys are the ones that helped so much to keep me happy and with the desire to keep going and never give up. I love you all so much and I'll see you all next week :)

the despedida is just the testimonies of the missionaries that are going home. And some other stuff but yeah just our testimony. Then we get like an hour to say bye and talk to all the members and missionaries that come :) I'm excited to see some old members and friends! Well thats about it. I'm excited to see and spend time with all of you next week. It will definitley be hard to adjust so just know everyone that I probably wont be all that "normal" when I get home haha and yes mom the time change will definiltey affect me. les amo todos con todo mi corazon! gracias por todo! nos vemos la semana que viene!! :)

Elder Buxton

p.s. its going to be so hard to take the plack (name tag) off... :(

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