The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hola Familia,
First of all Happy Halloween everyone!! Hope its a good one! Cause they don't do anything here... haha. So this last week was pretty good and crazy like always. FINALLY isabel got baptised!! :) We had her baptism on thursday and it went really good. We talked a lot with her dad mario and in the end we put his baptism on sunday but then we went and had a lesson with him on saturday and found out that he smokes. So we put his goal for his baptism on the 10th. We also gave him a blessing to be able to quit also. I know he can do it! So we found some new investigators this last week which were good but in the end the only one that came was paulina who has 2 kids and she lives with her.. marido... man? (don't know how to say that in english. They aren't married) and they don't get a long very good but are together for the kids so we are gonna try to help them get separated to get baptised. Her man smokes and is into drugs and drinking and stuff but paulina listens and likes what we teach so that's good. On sunday in sacrament meeting it was kinda a disaster cause her kids are kinda terrible and we kinda gotta talk to paulina also about being reverent and stuff. But it was good that she came! She has a baptismal date for the 10th also. valentina and gabriel and their parents (the family from paraguay) didnt come.. so we had to reput their dates for the 10th. So we have 4 baptisms set up for the 10th right now. So the other day I did divisions and went over to la boca to do a few baptismal interviews. I was with elder moran from ecuador. It went pretty good and I did 2 interviews on friday and then 1 on saturday morning. So real quick the one on saturday morning was with a girl named yamila who is 19 and lives alone. They already told me that she had a couple problems with question 4 so I already knew I'd have to call president and stuff. And I knew that if it was okay with president that he would basically put the decision of her repentance and baptism on me. So I prayed a lot before the interview to have the spirit with me to know if she was ready. So it was hard cause there wasnt service in her house so I went outside on the other side of a different house (this is nothing like I'm explaining it cause its a villa. you guys cant even imagine how these villas are) but yeah so I was standing on wooden boards which were basically the porch and pathway of a house that was suspended about 10 off the ground above a river. haha it was the most dangerous looking thing ever. It was sweet though! Then president wanted to talk to her so I had her come out and she talked and we went back in and finished the interview. After talking to president though when I was talking to and teaching her I could really feel the love that heavenly father has for her. It was awesome to be able to feel that and I hope that she could feel that love from God through me. In the end she got baptised yesterday which was great. So yesterday morning we had a meeting with the bishops, stake president, mission president, and all the missionaries in the stake (apparently we have this meeting every 4th sunday of the month). It was really good and I got to see elder arostica so it was great! :) then we went to the villa to look for investigators before church. The meeting was at 7 in the morning. After church we had lunch with an awesome family. familia shaffauser. The dad looks a lot like pres eyring haha but yeah they invited us 4 and the missionary couple. So I was the translator for lunch haha it was fun though. Also each week we eat with familia chavez and the dad is temporarily the ward mission leader (hes really the ward secretary) because ours is inactive.. but yeah they have a kid thats 18 a girl thats 17 that are active and way chill and then 2 other girls that are like 20 and another boy thats like 20 whos not active. They are really fun to be with too. They are a family of many talents. Also the sweetest thing happened yesterday! After church me and my comp did divisions with a member so he could go give a blessing and teach a lesson and I could be with paulina a bit while we ate refreshments (there was some food cause an hermana is moving from the ward this week). So I was with the elder cruz and garrett and we ran downstairs and I ran into jared from my area in liniers!! antonela and his sister were out in the car and they went to church in a different ward to see an elder and then came here to see elder ferreiros in la boca and he didnt know I was here. We then went outside and talked with all them for a while. It was so great!! :) but yeah today I think we are gonna go eat at a buffet and then go play soccer cause jared and some friends are gonna come back up and play. Should be sick! oh and yesterday we had a really good lesson with a girl named jessica that we found last week. We taught her the restoration and she understood really well and wants to know if the book of mormon is true. Then at the end some drunk guy came up and started to mess with us and was talking about who knows what a ton. He was basically talking to me the whole time cause I'm from the united states but it was alright in the end. He got a little too close to jessica at one point and I was ready to do whatever but anyway. Stuff like that happens all the time. Its what makes being a missionary fun! ;) I guess thats it for this week. Wow this is long. It was pretty cold here all week long. kinda wierd. Very strange temperature changes. oh oh and also we had 2 miracle investigators show up at church yesterday. A lady and her son. And they live in our area :) we are gonna visit them tonight. and today is jessicas birthday. She turns 17. We asked if we could come on tuesday and then she told us its her birthday today and said she wants us to come. Pretty cool! oh this is so nuts cause this is already the last week of the transfer! We cant believe it... it went by so fast. I really really hope that us 4 stay together here in the ward. I want to stay with elder cutipa so he can kill me. We will see what happens and I will email you guys again next tuesday.

Austins gonna play kickball against the girls volleyball team at UVU? haha what the... okay yeah just let me know what UVU says. Did I meet with an advisor last time? and what classes and times are you signing me up for? and yes in this mission we focus a lot alot on lessons with member present lessons. We are supposed to get, with a lot of work and diligence, 20 lessons with member present a week. In lots of areas its hard to get. 2 weeks ago we had 20 and last week we had 24. very awesome cause this ward hasnt had that in a while. We are really seeing real growth here in the ward and some members are getting more excited about the work. It's great to see :) we try to never have other lessons. Which is lessons with just us and an investigator. haha thats cool you talked to elder garretts mom. haha yep I'm just so nice huh? ;) and yes I plan on leaving lots of stuff. yeah we are getting like 26 misisonaries tomorrow and like 28 next week. so crazy!! The work of salvations is hastening!! :) does that make sense in english? hmm who knows.. you guys understand me! You put money in my account for elder whitsitt? I dont ever see him though... so I dunno how that is gonna work... austin is a primary teacher?? haha thats awesome!! :) bueno les amo a todos!

Elder Buxton

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