The Guys!

The Guys!
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Monday, October 21, 2013

How are you?

Hola Familia,
This last week was definitely crazy and hard in many ways. But first of all yesterday was mothers day so Happy Mothers Day Mom!!! I love you!!!! your the best!!! :) so this week we had pretty good numbers again which was very good. We had the most lessons with a member present last week than we have the whole transfer so that was good. In this mission we focus a lot a lot on member present lessons. we try not to teach any "other lessons" which is just us and an investigator. we focus on teaching with members to investigators and to other member, mainly recent converts and less actives. So that is going pretty good so far. So isabel didnt get baptised this last weekend.. apparently she couldn't get wet.. for girl reasons.. but she finally finally came to church with us!! It was great! So her and hopefully her dad and little brother too will get baptised this thursday. Hopefully everything turns out good! mirian and alcides and their family didnt come to church.. they were all sleeping.. but we had a lesson with them last night and reput the fechas with valentina and gabriel for the 3rd of november. On friday we did divisions so I stayed in my area with elder cruz and that went pretty good. He is such a cacahuate! ;) We get a long really well so thats good. Hes such a good kid and elder. oh and on tuesday we had district meeting for half an hour and then the hermanas left and we were going to watch the priesthood session but it didnt work.. so we watched it as a zone at a members house on friday morning. It was very good I liked it a lot! I'm excited to listen to and read the talks again. Then on friday night we had our first ward family night/ talent show. We are going to do this every 2 weeks and each time we take turns as organizations. Friday was la obra misional. So it wasnt a very good turn out in the beginning so I shared a spiritual thought and then us 4 missionaries in the ward did a couple little skits that we didn't plan out hardly at all cause of loss of time during the week but it all turned out good and we had some really good laughs. And then a few kids in the ward break dance so they danced at the end and thats when like a bunch more people showed up.. thats kinda how it works her in argentina. We say that something starts at 7:30 and everyone shows up at 9:15... its really frustrating but its okay. Wo then on saturday morning me and elder cruz went to la boca to do some interviews and then we met up with the zone leaders and did divisons again. I went with elder ferreiros for the day and did their 3 interviews taht night and then we switched back. It went really good. elder ferreiros is a capo! hes from argentina and hes way cool so yeah. Those were basically some of the highlights of the week. Hopefully we can keep the numbers up this week and find more escogidos (chosen) ((people that are prepared)). We found a couple people last week but we will see how they progress first and then I'll tell you about them ;) so yeah I think thats it for the week. oh and next sunday we got invited the 6 of us for lunch. us 4 missionaries and the couple missionaries to have lunch with a member. It should be way good and I think the hermana missionary is gonna make a dessert from the states and bring it! :) I sure hope so!

elder whitsitt just told me that president gave him a break haha I'm not really sure why. It happens every once in a while. As district leaders we really don't get much free time haha always calling or texting people or verifying things and stuff like that. It can be crazy sometimes. I don't have my drivers license with me mom. I'm in argentina remember? ;) haha. you cant really carry things around with you that your afraid to lose haha.  Thats great to hear that ashlee is getting so much better so fast. I'm very glad! :) whos farewell did austin go to? wow thast crazy about cass! I'm glad that she is okay and that nothing serious happened. It is still very weird to me that she is old enough to drive.. that just blows my mind. I cant picture it. Well thats it for this week. keep praying everyone and dont stop keeping the commandments! God has so many blessings he just cant wait to give us! les amo a todos!

Elder Buxton

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