The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, August 19, 2013

How are you?

Hola Familia,

So this last week has been very interesting. The first half was really good and then the last few days has been pretty rough but I keep moving forward :) so things with my comp are going pretty good. He was kinda sick last week but he is feeling a lot better. And its so much more fun and happy with 5 of us in a pench instead of 2 so I'm not really looking forward to moving back when we do. And being leader is going pretty good too. It's pretty crazy since I don't get much time to do stuff at night when we get home cause I have to plan and then I have to call my district and then the zone leaders and all that fun stuff. But yeah so they split the zone so now its a little bit smaller but there is only 2 district leaders in our zone now so pretty much I have half the zone in my district. I am over (including my comp) 8 missionaries. 2 hermanas and 6 elders. Normally when someone goes up to DL they get 2 missionaries in their district. I guess I just got lucky or something haha. Well we had zone meeting last week which was good to get to know the zone and my district a little bit and we learned a bit and put some goals as a district and as a zone. We struggled this week with finding new investigators so we are kinda short on those and really trying to find through the members and stuff. Something really sad that happened this week was that now sandy isnt going on a mission... :( I still havent talked to her in detail since we didnt have time in church but I told her we need to talk so we will see the reasons why. Pretty much besides that hopefully we can find those people that are prepared to find the gospel this week cause I have no doubt that they are there.

yeah as DL I have to talk to my district everyday and I have to do the baptismal interviews and divisions and I do district meetings (which my first one will be tomorrow so that should be interesting). And yeah my toe was pretty bruised and stuff last week but I'm still alive and I'm still going to play soccer today no matter what :) elder solum was supposed to go home last week but is staying for the sealing of flia cubilla cause he helped baptised them. Thats on sep 7th. What projects did you want to get done before I got home? My comp is from utah and he likes sports. He can at least speak a little bit but he still struggles especially with the people that talk fast so I help him out quite a bit. Its going much much better with him than with my last companions :) oh austin... tell him to get his butt to church!! And you never update me on ward things. I always have to read them from georgias dads email to him haha. But I'm very glad mom that you learned from all your experiences and that you are a better person because of them. Thats what heavenly father wants :) real quick some scrips that I love that I will probably talk about in district meeting tomorrow. jacob 5:70-75. les amo a todos! :)
Elder Buxton

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