The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, June 17, 2013

How are you?

Hola familia,
So I'm writing earlier today and you all are probably asleep still haha but I'm writing early because we got permission from president to go to a campsite in pilar thats owned by the church that has like a grass soccer field and basketball courts and grills to cook stuff. So we are going there as a zone and we got permission to leave in the morning so we have time to do stuff. So yeah pretty much its gonna be super sick! :) I havent played on a grass field in over a year and a half.. demasiado tiempo! Okay so second thing. Happy fathers day!!! :) I hope it was a great day for all of you especially you dad! your the best!! :) Well besides that it was a rough start last week but then the end was better. My comp was mad at me about some stuff in the beginning but never said anything, just decided not to help me with anything. So on thursday after weekly planning (which I did by myself) we had a companionship inventory and it took a while but I finally got him to open up a little bit and we had a good like 45 minute talk. It was really good and now things are a lot better and we are working way better together and we are happier and everything so I'm very grateful for that. It was definitely the lords blessings. So because of all that stuff we havent been able to find any new investigatores.. we found one last week who is athiest (dont know how to spell that anymore...) but we had an interesting conversation with him. I love that whenever we have talks like that we cant ever lose cause we have the truth :) and I dont mean lose in a bible bash kind of way. But every 5 seconds he would say "there is no God and there is no jesus christ. They dont exist!" It was actually pretty funny haha. I love the gospel! :) manuel got confirmed yesterday which was good and his uncle whos a member is like shy and doesnt know much so when the bishop told him to do it (he confirmed juan and didnt know how to do it at all) he said to have me do it so the bishop told me to just do it so I was like "okay :)" so that was basically the first time I confirmed someone haha it was sweet. I baptised him and confirmed him :) besides that we had dinner at cubillas again on saturday which was the 5th birthday I've celebrated in that house haha and we played charades and mafia. It was a lot of fun! so this week I officially hit my 1 yeah and 6 months mark which means that I start 6 months to sexy :) haha thatll be fun. Many missionaries do things like diets and stuff but Im just gonna have the goal to do really good excersices everyday and eat less junk food and galletitas. Its gonna be great! and um next sunday we have the meeting Im sure youve heard about. President monson is doing a conference with all the new mission presidents in the mtc and it will be broadcasted to all the missionaries in the world and all the presidents of the organizations and their spouses in all the wards or something like that. And does that mean trent gets to see president monson? so yeah besides that we have been passing by a lot of members house and looking for old investigators and less actives in the area book to ask for referrals cause the weeks before we were basically just doing the same things over and over again. We havent had much luck at all and we had less lessons last week because of it but we are gonna get down on that cause I know that there are people prepared in our area. i love the promise we have in alma 13:24.

Yeah dont worry mom I will answer all those questions about my comp and stuff when I get home. I'd rather not write those stuff and not focus on them. But I have definitley been blessed by the lord with more love and charity and patience towards not only my comp but also the people and members in my area. Oh good mom I'm so glad that everything went well with the surgery. I was very worried.. so so very grateful that it wasnt cancer or anything like that! :) you have no idea. But thank you for your words mom. I love reading you thoughts and what you think about things especially since you probably understand me the most out of everyone on earth haha. hahaha erin is getting married? weird.. yeah tell me who it is if he went to timp. Your just mailing my package tomorrow? I thought you mailed it last week? I probably wont get it for over month then.. if you sent it last week I would probably have got it at transfers but oh well. Thanks mom! les amo! chau chau! :)

Elder Buxton

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