The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012

hola familia
so this week was pretty good. we have been doing a lot to try to get our investigators to church cause thats whats really important cause they cant be baptised if they dont come to church but yeah its been a struggle since all our members work and so its hard to get lessons with a member present and our investigators work a lot too so its hard to even get lessons with them. I guess we will see though. so we had this kid named jairo who is 21 years old and he showed up to church one day a few weeks ago but we havent taught him yet or anything its been reallty hard since he works and never answers his phone. but on friday night we went to visit someone but they werent home and I had to go to the bathroom so we went to a members house (whos house I talked to you guys at on the phone) and jairo was just sitting there on the ground in front of their house so we talked to him for a bit and familia ceron let us in so we talked in their house and had a short lesson and gave him a book of mormon and then towards the end he told us that before he was at familia cerons house he got home from work (he works with hermano ceron) and then went home and then after a bit he had the feeling he should go to cerons house. so he started to and his front door wouldnt open so after a minute he had to force it open and then he was walking down the stairs and something like grabbed his shirt and pulled him back but there was nothing there so he kept going and his front gate wouldnt open either so he had to force that open too and then he walked to familia cerons house. and then he just sat there on the ground cause he didnt know why he was there and then sure enough a little bit after that we showed up and talked to him and had a lesson with him. It was awesome! the spirit was way strong when we talked to him and everything. obviously satan is working very hard on our investigators but we just gotta work even harder. pretty crazy though! hmm lets see what else happened. on saturday argentina played ecuador and killed them 4-0 which was sweet I guess. And then on sunday yesterday boca played in the semifinals of a tournament and they won in a pk shootout which we got to watch cause they were watching it at an investigators house. It was sick! and then river played after them in the other semifinals. I'm not sure who won that one but if river won that means river and boca play in the finals like next Sunday I think. which means all of argentina is going to be going crazy!! like the boca and river staduim are in our mission and my friend told me that when they play that the missionaries that are in that area like can't go out that day. thats how crazy it is. I wish I could be there!! soccer is life here. It's pretty insane and awesome! oh yeah I guess we also had our zone conference and stuff earlier last week which was good too but yeah. things are just going a long. but yeah I think thats all for last week. dont worry when I get home I will tell you everything in great detail haha. oh yeah and today just barely well we are in pilar with elder jorqera and elder black from delviso (elder black reminds me a lot of matt) and yeah we are shopping and chillin here in pilar which is a bigger city and where our stake center is but yeah just barely I bought a skinny tie and its 4 ties in one. each half and each side is a different color so 4 colors. It's so sick!!! :)

yeah things have gotten better with my companion but still they arent as fun or good as they could be but oh well for now. maybe I will get transfered in 3 weeks. this transfer is already halfway over. pretty crazy! but we never know until we get the call that sunday night. but yeah I finished my training a week ago which is really nice and feels good to be done haha. yeah the pictures from graduation look awesome. looks like it was a lot of fun! where did you go eat? and now that graduation is over whats going to happen with everyone now? could you tell austin and cade and jacob and trent to email maybe too and just tell me whats happenin and how they are and stuff? but yeah it really is so crazy how things change so much as you grow up. its so weird! but its just a part of life even if a lot of them time its sad. wow your lucky on the weather. It's been cold here the past while and will be during the winter too. haha if you couldnt tell by my boca scarf in the picture. when is the wedding exactly? and where? parker brown is home? haha not sure if I knew that. definitely tell me whos dating who haha I'm curious. jamie is dating parker brown????????? what?!?! no way! hahahaha thats really funny and cool I guess. haha its really funny cause my friend elder jorquera cut out a page from one of the liahonas (which is like the ensign if you didnt know) and gave it to me haha cause theres a girl on it thats good looking haha and I told him it looked like my friend (jamie) so its funny that I was just telling him about jamie like 2 hours ago and then read your email haha. but yeah I think thats it for now. talk to you next week. ¡¡¡les amo muchisimo!!!

Love Elder Buxton
p.s. tell logan happy birthday on wednesday and that I love him to death!!! and also do you remember that missionary picture I sent you in the mtc? the one of the 2 getting ready and in the mirrors hes putting the armor of god on. do you think you could scan that and email it to me and have it be about 7 1/2 cm wide and 11 1/4 cm long? that would be great! :)

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