The Guys!

The Guys!
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Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012

I LOVE Cody's email today. So positive and happy...thanks to everyone for your prayers. I truly believe in the power of prayer and see it working in his life.  He sent a few pictures today and I finally figured out how to change them to jpegs! This means I can also post some of his previous pictures that I hadn't been able to fix. So fun!

hola familia
hey so its been a kind of weird week I guess haha. It still has been a struggle with my companion and things cause we are so different and everything but things have gotten better and I hope they continue to get even better but we will see. we had a capacitacion on tuesday and wednesday. which is a training meeting for all the zone leaders and the people in training with their trainers. it was so good and we are there from like 9 or 10 in the morning til about 4 in the afternoon. its awesome cause I got to be with elder walker and elder isley. I seriously just love them. we are all so happy together haha. and elder jorquera in del viso which is my district. its like an hour or an hour and a half to the mission offices where we have those meetings but I like traveling cause its really more relaxing and I get to hang out with elder jorquera and some of my other friends. but during the capacitaciones we learn from president and do practices and we all eat lunch there together and they are just fun. we have another one tomorrow so I'm stoked for that. we did divisions on friday and elder jorquera came to my area and it was so great. we are such homies now and we just work hard and we tons of fun and stuff too so that was great. not goning to lie it was great to get a break from my companion haha and elder jorquera liked a break too but yeah it was a lot of fun. I'm glad we are with elder jorquera and his companion today too cause its more fun with them cause elder jorquera likes and plays soccer too and yeah we are just way good friends. but yeah then on wednesday this week we have zone conference so that will be good too. we have been really working hard with getting our investigators to church this last week but still only had 3 of them there. we are probably going to be dropping some cause we cant ever get lessons with them and they dont come to church and stuff. but yeah we finally got a kid named juan who is 20 years old to come to church. we did a tour of the chapel on Saturday and watched the restoration video with him and he really felt the spirit. he's different than other kids and doesnt drink and smoke and wants to learn more he is just afraid sometimes. but he listens to music I do and he lives for soccer too and so I relate to him good. my companion doesnt know him way good but I've known him since the beginning and I really hope we can continue to help him. I really love him. hes awesome! a long with our other investigators too obviously haha but I just wanted to tell you in more depth about him but yeah. we found another family from a recent convert that is really nice and likes what were teaching them but the dad has only been there for 1 lesson and he heard some things about mormons from other people so we need to talk to him about that but they arent married also so we gotta work on that cause the mom wants to get baptised and so do her 3 kids. I guess we will see though. I actually have noticed things that I am learning from having this companion. not really from him just the things I'm doing because of him. I'm really like coming out of my shell haha. I'm not shy to talk and stuff anymore. I just talk to people a lot now and its helping me to understand people way better and its really helping me accomplish my goal of becoming really outgoing so hopefully I can continue to do that haha. I think thats all the main stuff for the week.

wow thats freakin awesome and crazy about the packets! glad he got them done! its so sweet being able to just relax and have it be summer after all that work but yeah thats dumb that you had to waste that money. the school should have to pay for it. but oh well I guess. yeah the rededication is on september 9th. open house is all through august almost. but thats one thing our president stressed in our meetings last week is that we know where the lord is going to be on september 9th. so we need to prepare his people to be there when he comes. some of the stake centers here will be extentions to the temple during the rededication so I think we will get to go to that. I hope so. thatd be sick! thanks so much mom for your inspiring words and the quotes and talks. they really do help. I'm so greatful for you in my life. thanks so much!! I love you!! I'm glad everything else is going good for you guys and I hope you guys and more austin have an awesome graduation tomorrow. that will be awesome! send me some pics! I guess thats it for this week. I love you guys!!

Love Elder Buxton

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