The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Friday, May 11, 2012

April 16, 2012

hola familia

so this week has been pretty good i guess haha. my neck is better so thats good but my sickness is only worse and i havent been sleeping all that good so thats not good but i guess we will just see. it rained again on saturday but not nearly as bad though so thats good. we did baptise the counselors mom which went great she has an awesome testimony and everything. it was along with 2 other 8 year olds that got baptised but those are just the wards and not ours but its good they got baptised. and on sunday we confirmed 2 of our baptisms over the past couple weeks that hadnt been confirmed yet and wow what a crazy fight with the bishop and everything. we had to involve the stake president and our mission president. it was so crazy. cause he didnt want them confirmed cause well i dont know why. he doesnt have the same vision as the rest of us and he doesnt want to work with us at all. but he doesnt have the keys to say that they cant be confirmed so yeah. we called him with our zone leaders and he didnt answer but then later that night he called our zone leaders back and said a bunch of stuff to them that isnt okay so then our president got involved from the zone leaders and he called us and we explained the situation and then he called the stake president to tell the bishop he doesnt have the keys to say they cant be confirmed so the stake president called the bishop and i guess just laid down the law haha so we were worried about facing him on sunday so we prayed a ton and it went fine. we talked to him for a sec before sacrament. we said they are here to be confirmed cause they finally came to church and we said is everything good? and he said no everythings not good but if you guys want to go ahead and do what you want then go ahead and then he just walked off. but yeah wow pretty stupid and crazy. its all good though. aparently he didnt know that he didnt have the keys to say they cant be confirmed but yeah its all good now. besides that its been kind of a normal week i guess haha well i guess no week on the mission is really a normal one but still. we played soccer again today and then ate at a way nice restaurant which was pretty sick. the ice cream here is way good! and they have the real dulce de leche down here and its amazing!! i always get a factura with it in it. but yeah.

fuah sounds like everything is going pretty good. glad austin got some stuff done. it really feels good when you get things done but yeah good luck with all the wedding planning and all that. things are probably going to get pretty crazy with the wedding and school ending and everything haha. dont worry im praying for you guys. i guess thats all for now. les amo mucho!

Elder Buxton

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