The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Friday, May 11, 2012

May 7, 2012

hola familia

so its been a pretty crazy week. well i guess everyweek usually is but so we had a mission conference on wednesday and we all recieved a new book of mormon that we are all going to read in 60 days together and we got 3 colored pencils too to mark 3 things in the whole book of mormon. the first is everytime it says christ or refers to chirst, a different color is for every time it mentions the doctrine of christ( faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, enduring to the end) and the 3rd color is for anything that makes our faith grow. we have to read 9 pages a day and its going pretty good so far and im glad i have this opportunity to read it all. its great! it only takes like 30-45 min a day which isnt bad at all but yeah. and then a couple weeks ago a senior couple from utah came to our church and presented an activity that we are going to do which we did on saturday. it was a church open house. it was 4 hours long and we set up a bunch of stuff and the sister missionaries came and they gave a tour every 20 minutes and it was for members and anyone who wants to come. we got people off the street and everything. it went pretty good and we got like 25 non members and we got referalls from all the memebers and everything. so this week we are going to contact them all and do all we can with them. also something else thats cool is there is a black guy in del viso (right next to our area, the 2 missionaries in the area are in our district and we are always with them and everything on p days and stuff) and he speaks english and hes from ghana and he is kinda interested in the church so our companions did they best the could in their little english to talk to him haha but soon we are going to do divisions and im going to teach him. itll be awesome! our district consists of us del viso and garin (zone leaders are in garin). me and one of the zone leaders are the only greengos in our district but he is leaving next monday to go home cause hes done. so we went to an expensive all you can eat meat buffet today which was amazing and stuff since its his last p day and yeah. transfers are next week but we are expecting and hoping that us and del viso will be the same since i am still in training and the senior companion in del viso is training the new elder from chile still. but i guess anything can happen so we will see. okay um so with the mothers day call it will be on sunday so this coming sunday and we will just do phone and maybe next time do skype since we are doing it at a members house and i dont know if they have a webcam and stuff. so i guess your supposed to call that number? hopefully you still have it but i decided that you could call at like 4:30 right after church since that is 7:30 here and before church we will be eating lunch and everything so yeah 4:30 on sunday. and we can talk for about an hour or so. also i cant email friends anymore so tell jacob and all them they can email me and tell me stories or whatever but i cant email them back. i will try and write them when i can but yeah.  and tell landon happy birthday today and jacob happy birthday on thursday too!! okay um i think thats it for now. i cant even think right now. so many things happened this week. talking on the phone will be good so i can answer any questions you guys have or anything so yeah plan on all that. okay well i love you guys!

Love Elder Buxton

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