The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Friday, May 11, 2012

April 23, 2012

hey guys

so im attaching 3 pictures that were on my companions camera from the rainstorm and that was our district last transfer. its a bit different now but still mostly the same. so this week has been pretty alright i guess. my sickness got worse and i woke up thursday morning with a bad fever and then after i got up and showered at like 10 i felt fine until about 6 it started to come back so we went in early and i rested. its still not gone i still have a bad cough and stuffed up and my body kinda aches and stuff so that really sucks but yeah. we had a family home evening with a family on monday and they invited 9 non members and we taught the whole firt lesson to all of them and weve been trying to meet with all of them and teach them but yeah we are working on that. we had stake conference yesterday which was really good. our mission president and his wife both spoke at it which was way cool. president spoke about a lot of things that i needed to hear and it was in spanish but i understood all of it so thats good. it was all great. there were baptisms afterwards but this is our first weekend we didnt have a baptism haha weird. but yeah besides that its been a normal week of trying to find new investigators and being sick and everything but yeah i think thats about it. i know barcelona and real madrid played yesterday or the day before. dont know who won though. and barcelona and chelsea play each other on tuesday which will be freakin sick! wish i could watch it but oh well i guess. sounds like everything at home is going great which is awesome im glad! crazy about the car and hopefully it sells soon. and sounds like twolves are doing great im glad! keep up all the good work! les amo mucho!

Love Elder Buxton

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