The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Friday, May 11, 2012

February 9, 2012

hola familia!

alright well a lot has happened in one week... so got some stuff to tell you guys. so one of our old zone leaders in the district older than us got hurt in basketball on i think monday or tuesday. he was driving into the basket i think and he somehow tripped and went head first into the wall of bleachers. like they werent out they were like a big wall when they are folded up ya know? but they arent like the ones at timp where its flat. the top of each individual chair sticks out so it was pretty bad. he went to the hospital and had to get 5 staples on the top of his head and like 10 stitches in 2 places around his ear. he is doing good now though. so all of the older district left except for 3. a few went to boise and a few went to LA. they are all mexico bound but mexicos visas are messed up right now. some of them will just sign their visas and then go straight to mexico. a few others will be in that mission for a few weeks. so one of the ones still here leaves tomorrow and the other 2 are still waiting for their reassignment or where they have to go to get their visas signed so yeah. so i hosted one kid on wednesday and it was really funny cause he is going to the marshall islands and after talking he played soccer for bountiful and we found out that he played for the forza team we beat in state cup last year in the quarters when i scored 2 goals and the game winner in the last 30 seconds. haha it was kinda funny. hosting can be pretty fun. its good to get me talking to people. okay ahora es tiempo por el parte mas importante. tenemos una problema..... so we went to our visa meeting yesterday and did like finger prints and stuff and we found out that we wont be getting our visas... so we are all getting reassigned for a month. so basically we get our travel plans next week of the state side mission we are each going to and then we will still leave the week of the 20th but we will be in that state side mission for about a month until our visas come and then we sign them and go straight to argentina... so yeah pretty crazy. we are all kinda bummed but were are okay with it. state side first will be a good transition into the field but we were so excited to just get to argentina. oh well i guess. we just cant wait to find out where we go. and we are sad that we probably wont all be going to the same place and together on the same flight. so yeah thats the bad news. the good news is that we at least leave here in less than 2 weeks which is the main thing i wanted haha so its not a huge deal. besides that its been pretty much a normal week. we keep getting our 3 investigators ready for baptism which is really good and we did really good on our TRC lesson this week. it was a girl that got back from the vegas mission a month ago and she spoke freakin fast! my companion didnt know what was going on most the time. it was a lot harder to understand her cause i had to translate faster but somehow i understood almost all of it which was cool. so yeah and elder harrison and elder walker got made zone leaders for a week and a half so basically me and elder mcnab never got to do any assignments. but oh well. i knew the terrys were moving cause  kyler dear eldered me and told me. thats pretty crazy though. but sad we cant go down to st george for the weekend anymore.. and thats dumb that austin and them dont want to do the trek. keep prayin about it and let me know what you decide to do. if you think you should go then the lord will be there with you to make sure your knee does just fine. haha yeah i thought you would like elder browns mom emailing you haha i just know my mom too well. yeah elder isley talks to both his parents. not so much his real dad but his real mom for sure. im not very familiar with calling cards but i saw elder harrisons taht his parents sent his which was just like a $20 verizon one. so maybe you could just buy me a $20 or something one and put it in the box? thatd be great. um im trying to remember what you said in your other email. a big bottle from cosco would be nice. thats way crazy about taylors mom. hope he is doing okay. hopefully he knows shes in a better place and that he will see her again. oh could you please dear elder me 2 of brian regans jokes? just like copy and paste them off the internet. the butterfly one and the airplane one. jacob should know what im talking about if you dont. thanks! tambien por favor yo quiero las canciones que usted dice austin y jacob would envian a mi. so por favor have them send me those songs haha. so i think thats everything hopefully. next week will be cool cause itll be a little different. next friday we go to infield orientation literally all day long instead of p day and then we will have p day on saturday and probably start packing. so we will see how that goes. so yeah. gracias por todas las cosas que ustedes hacen para mi! :) les amo mucho!!!! adios!
Love, Elder Buxton

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