The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Friday, May 11, 2012

April 9, 2012

hey family!

okay so this week was really kind of a struggle actually. something was wrong with my neck earlier this week and i was in lots of pain for 2 or 3 days and still had to ride my bike and everything everywhere. it was horrible. it wasnt just a kink though something inside my neck was really like pulled or strained or something but yeah that really was horrible and then i got sick so it sucks that im sick now and have a bad cough.. but yeah we had a baptism on saturday which went great. i sent you the picture of that one too. but yeah and then i think it was on like wednesday or something there was a bad rain storm and the streets were no joke flooded about a foot or 2 on all the rodes and we had to ride our bikes home a few miles in that. oh man it was freakin so awesome!! ive never been so drenched in my life! haha but yeah that was great. randomly the other day we got a call from the 2nd counselor in the bishopric saying that his mom wants to get baptised. weve been praying really hard for more investigators and people to baptise so that was definitely a blessing and we will baptise her this sunday and we will try to baptise her daughter who is like 22 or something this week too. itll be sick!! on i think thursday or maybe friday we had a meeting with everyone in the mission at the mission office. a meeting for easter and i got to see elder brown and talk to him for a sec and see elder harrison but couldnt talk much cause we came and went spiritually and not talking much but FUAH!!! (thats how they say wow here, its pretty much just fuh hahaha so awesome! totally getting in the habit of saying that ;) ) but yeah holy it was such an amazing spiritual meeting. our mission president and his wife both spoke. fuh they are amazing!! i thought that at efy everyone singing the efy medley together was spiritual.. yeah doesnt even compare to a whole chapel of missionaries just before thanksgiving right after our mission president speaks. i wish i could explain what he talked about and stuff but i guess ill have to do that in about 20 months. it was great though! some other random stuff i guess is that my companion knows quite a bit of english words but he cant really speak in english so we hardly ever talk in english so thats a challenge but good. from seeing the others from my district in the meeting i think im the only one that has a native companion and that was the one thing i was really scared about for argentina but now im glad that i have him cause then im always speaking spanish and improving a lot faster. here you pretty much have to choose 1 of 2 soccer teams. boca or rever. i think i have finally decided on boca though haha. i saw rever play a bit last night since it was on at an less actives house that we were at. i havent seen boca play yet but i like their jerseys and stuff better so i guess i choose them haha. oh oh and the other day one morning our water shut off so we couldnt shower or use water for  2  days so that kinda sucked but we are alive haha but yeah. and it really is true that if a car puts on their emergency lights they can do whatever they want. theres no rules on the streets here. its freakin crazy! but yeah so i think thats pretty much it for this week and for now. everything that i can think of. it really is hard to love people and love the work and stuff when its hard to understand people and speak and cant comunicate with people very good. and then throw in being homesick too and that really sucks... but yeah this is definitely the hardest thing ive ever done.. but yeah ill talk to you guys next week. chow! les amo mucho!!

Elder Buxton

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