The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Friday, May 11, 2012

April 2, 2012

Hola Familia,

So this past week has been pretty crazy getting people ready for baptisms and transfers being today and conference and everything. we had 6 baptims on saturday as a district so we did that all together and it was just so freakin crazy getting everything ready and for the little girl we baptised we had to get the permission from her parents and conference where we watched it at was like an hour away and it was just all crazy. so we fasted all saturday and we definitely got blessed. we got the baptism on saturday. everything worked out perfect and so we broke the district, zone, and mission record for most baptisms in a month for one zone. oh man it was freakin sick! but yeah if you fast and pray and have faith youll be blessed every time! so crazy. and yeah so we got the calls last night and elder barnwell left this morning so that was kinda sad but now i get all his stuff like a real bed and a good bike and more space and now ill be trained for real so that will be good. it is a lot of fun with 3 though so ill defnintely miss that. oh yeah and its been way hard cause our bishop wont work with us at all. he even told us a couple weeks ago that he doesnt really want to work with us. he thinks we are baptising just for numbers which isnt true at all. but yeah so he isnt helping us with anything and he is making things more complicated and wow its so dumb. but yeah um i think thats pretty much it about the weekend. me and like 10 other greengos all got to watch conference in a little room in a church haha it was great. i was with elder walker most the time which was good and elder mcnabb was there too haha but im glad we got to watch conference in english. conference was great!! sad we missed the priesthood session though.. but oh well. conference talked a lot about the family so i hope you all listened! haha. mom the talk by david s baxter on saturday was all about single parents and families. im sure you listened to it but if not then you need to. i really liked it and it reminded me of a scripture i love that i want you to read. alma 34:41 its a great one! oh and also along with uchtdorfs talk on i think sunday theres a talk i read taht morning by bednar called and nothing shall offend them, nov 2006 ensign. go read  taht one too. such great talks! so yeah we played soccer again today which was a little different with a couple new people. oh yeah and so our district leader finished his mission and leaves today so last night elder curbela got called as district leader. ive literally been with a district leader everytime in the field. haha pretty funny. but that propbably means i will go on exchanges quite a bit with zone leaders and just others in the district but we will see how that goes. and ive showed a lot of families our family pictures and they all love them haha they all said that we all look the same and one family said that we look celestial haha. another asked why we are wearing the same clothes cause the standard of living and standard for everything down here is way lower. they dont do family pictures or anything like that here. and then another family all said that you look way young mom haha they all ask me are these your brothers and sisters and i have to say yeah and my mom in the middle everytime hahaha its funny. so yeah i think thats pretty much it for this last week. ive been hearing that serving in the capitol is freakin awesome cause thats where barnwell is going so he is lucky. i cant wait til i get to serve there! man i cant figure out the camera on the computer. and it doesnt help that everything is in spanish so i guess no pictures this week either dangit. i finally got my last pictures from in the mtc that were on elder walkers camera of me in elder harrisons thuggie (youd have to see it, pretty sick, its basically a tall tee hoodie, freakin dope) with my tight black pants and elder walkers white nike high tops. dang they are all sick haha. we never go tracting its all appointments and such but yeah just depends on the day. we have like 6 of us in our district but our zone leaders are technically in our district too so i guess 8 and in our zone theres like maybe 30 or so? not sure how many zones in the mission like 5 or 6 im guessing. and i dont know about the blog. oh wow sounds like the games were close. thats awesome they won one of them at least though. yeah austin just needs to pray about it and not be afraid to try new things. he will definitely learn that on the mission so i think he will be alright no matter what he does. thats why im excited to get farther in and learn how to be way more outgoing and comfortable with change but yeah. dang thats a bummer about conference for them but good though. man i wanna see hunger games so bad!! gol! oh well youll have it on dvd for sure though ready for me. yeah shayla has been writing me a bit and said jacob is coming like tomorrow i think? so shes excited to get to see him and show him around and hang out with him. thats awesome. when did he leave and when does he get home? but yeah we have like i think 15 new missionaries coming in tomorrow which will be cool. we have one that will be in our district. but yeah everything else sounds great and im glad you loved conference! wow germany? and connor? those are both way awesome!! tell tim congrats and i love him! or tell austin too. and also that address you gave me is the address that you guys can mail me throughout my whole mission so give that to people and tell them they can mail me whenever and ill try to email or figure a way to respond back. tell austin to text that address to kiona and kirsten. tell ashlee HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and to have an awesome day!! i guess thats it for now. ill email next week and tellyou how the first week with just 2 of us goes. i think thats all. im never really too sure haha. if i was there there is a ton ton more i would tell you. about all the little things and stuff and i wish i had time on here but ill tell you everything in 21 months ;) haha. les amo mucho!!!

Love Elder Buxton

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