The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

hola familia, wow so its been a really crazy week. so things really were a struggle and things with the new comp the first few days but then I got sick of some things so we talked a couple times and fixed some things but we are still learning and this transfer will still be difficult because me and my comp or complete opposites. he likes classical music and doesnt play sports whatsoever and sports are my life. the best way I can think to describe him is neville from icarly haha that really kind of is like him. but yeah. so on wednesday we went to capitol with the others from my mtc districts to do all of our visa stuff. capitol is so freakin sick!!!!!! I cant wait to serve there! I got to see the 20 something lane street which is awesome! but yeah that took a lot time which i was way happy for cause i love hanging out with elder isley and elder walker and elder alder. It was great to actually laugh and smile for real for a little bit. I really love them. I really hate that I feel like I've just been struggling on my mission and still am. I guess I just dont know where to find that joy and desire to serve and want that more than anything else. thats why I get homesick a lot I guess. I haven't found that yet so when I get homesick which is a lot I just want to be back at home more. I hate it.. it makes things so hard and I really struggle with that every day... but anyway. before we came back to tortuguitas our area we ate at the mcdonalds there and it was crazy cause some big lady was running away from a big cop and they came into the mcdonalds and they calmed down a bit and were talking and then she freaked out again and tried to get away and she got hold of a couple glass containers on the counter of the mccafe and shattered those and everything and then the other cops got there and took her outside and talked to her and stuff and then we left. It was pretty crazy though. I love capitol already and I was only there for half a day. everything is so sick there! then on thursday morning hermano alegre (counselor in the bishopric that was sick) he passed away. they had a service friday morning that we went to and that was my first funeral service I have ever been to. it was the saddest thing I have ever seen. every single person was crying so much and the spirit was so strong in there. and I actually knew him too and he was an awesome guy. I started to cry too. it was so sad. going to that really opened up my eyes to things. but yeah after the service everyone just really broke out in tears especially members of the family and like the daughter had to be taken out into the hall to sit on a chair cause she like couldnt breath and just yeah it was awful and so spiritual at the same time. of course it rained that day. It always rains for funerals. the past like 3 or 4 days have been way rainy and muddy and cold so its been hard to ride bikes especially when they suck and they break.. but yeah and then weve been trying to teach our investigators but they are never home or never can and none of them came to church on sunday and just ugh.. its been such a struggle this week. hopefully it will be better this week but I guess we will see. but yeah I think thats all the main things that happened this week. that I can think of right now anyway. wow thats crazy cole is leaving already! and jason and chase leave when? dangit! that really sucks you guys lost but at least you guys made it to the next round. I dont think timpanogos has ever done that so thats good. yeah being done with high school and club soccer really is so hard cause its so much fun. thats one thing I struggle with here is just wishing I could go back to club and high school soccer. I miss all that. but yeah make sure austin gets those packets done! I'm not really sure what assignment your talking about. but thats awesome they graduated seminary finally. and I'm going to look at the bridal pictures after this. I'm sure they are great though. sounds like everything else is going great though. whats hollywood connection? but yeah I just hate how I feel like I'm just struggling my whole mission and I hate that I feel like I would rather be at home and stuff. I don't know how find the love and desire to serve. no matter what I try to do. I have awesome experiences and study the book of mormon way hard. I pray all the time! I dont get it.. I pray for help so hard but i still just keep wishing my mission was over or that I was at home. obviously you know me and I would never come home for myself like that but I still just wish I knew how to love the work more than anything thats at home. I'm just really confused and I still a lot of the time feel like heavenly father isnt talking to me. i dont know what more to do though cause I feel like I'm doing all that I can. yeah I just dont know... feel free to send me talks and things that might help or that you just love cause I can always print them out and read them in my personal study. I love doing that. so yeah I guess thats it for now. I love you guys!! keep up the good work! Love Elder Buxton ps I will see what i can do about a picture of me in my suit. and dont worry I definitely plan on playing soccer when I get back so you will still be able to watch I guess to add a little bit more. my companion is from montana and has 8 months in the mission but speaks pretty good castellano (spanish). and yeah hes just the opposite of me with almost everything though. and my camera wouldnt work when I went to capitol so I didnt get any pictures of that which was dumb but I will probably get to serve there and we have to go back to finish our visa stuff I guess in another 6 months or something like that so dont worry I will get pictures of capitol sometime or another

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