The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Friday, May 11, 2012

March 19, 2012


Wow! okay um where to even start.. haha so we landed in the airport. the flight was long but we got fed and stuff and i talked to theold man next to me and his wife for a bit. not really about church stuff but thats okay. then we landed and got picked up by sister gulbrandsen (mission presidents wife) and the AP´s (assistants to the president). and then got taken to our mission presidents home which is way nice and we had introductions and everything and ate empanadas i believe. so good!!! and we talked about everything and all that. our president and wife are so awesome!! then a bunch of other missionaries came in and we found out who are trainers are but we got put in trios because theywere expecting us in 2 weeks so theyall have companions till transfers in 2 weeks and then it will just be us and our trainer. after that we eachtook a car ot our areas and got to work. i am in a city called malvinas which is about aan hour and a half north of the capitol buenos aires. but its all buesos aires. just like theirs salk lake and theirs downtown salt lake. i am with elder barnwell who is from arizona and he has only been here for 2 months so technically he is still being trained is his first 12 week program too and was in the mtc at the same time as me in december and january. our trainer is elder curbela who is from santa fe, argentina so he is fluent but he speaks prettygood english. they are both way way cool and nice! so yeha hmm everything is weird here. the towns we serve in outside of the capitol are seriously ghetto. take the ghetto your thinking of and times it by 10. literally. if you saw our pention where we live youwould literally be disgusted haha. all the houses here pretty much are dirt and rock floors. we live above a car garage thing and we are actually a biking area so we have to carry our bikes upand down the stairs every day. everyhouse has some kind of fence or wall right outside it, wether big small or crappy. but thats whywe clap instead of knock cause you cant get to the doors even if they have one which they usually dont. they are crazyabout coke here. its called coka. so we drink a lot of that. it tastes a little different though. i introduced myself to the ward on sunday and that was good. the accent here is sick and im excited to be fluent in it. theydont like spicyhere at all so thats good cause i dont either. theythink ketchup is spicyso theydont have that here. the mayonaise and mustard and milk and stuff are in bag pounches things its so weird. there are literally wild dogs running around EVERWHERE. no joke! so ill probably get attacked a lot haha. sometimes for breakfast we go across the street and buy facturas but are just patries but we pick which ones we want and we always get the dulce de leche ones. so good!!! i havent tried the meat yet but will soon. here we eat at about 1 a giant lunchand then we dont eat until we get back at like 9or 9:30 cause you eat so much at lunch. for trash they just use like grocery sacks and they just burn it all right in front of the house by the street. so it always smells like fires and trash here haha. um what else. soccer is seriously so huge here you dont even know. soccer jerseys everywhere! im wearing my argentina one right now so i fit in pretty good haha. in atlanta people would always tell us house beautiful the city is and the girls haha. i thought it would be cool bu tnot as true as they sound. its so true though even out here not in the city i love it for some reason. i love the streets and the town and stuff and there really are pretty girls everywhere! haha. oh yeah and you know how in the us we have like traffic laws and what we call lanes on the road? yeah they dont have those here really. everyjust goes and stops and parks and turns when and wherever theywant. LITERALLY. cars are like never more than a few inches away and you can drive anywhere on the street you want and people fly by us like literally inches away and people are honking and stuff all the time. its so crazyand scary!! haha. you guyswould literally be scared for life. i dont ever want to drive here. here we are asked by our president to introduce the book of mormon a certain way so we do that and partof that is asking them to be baptised right after we introduce. kinda cool and interesting. hmm ill start responding to your email now cause i cant think what else right now. feel free to ask questions though too. haha yeah so i think that scale was off or something but i weigh about 170 right now so yeah haha. oh im glad you got the picture of me with the president. thats cool! im glad you like the pictures though. also it is so freakin humid here and its not even summer anymore! you get so dirty and gross every single day no matter what you do here. umm so they told me that me sending you guys mail is expensive so i dont know about that yet and i dont know how long i always have to email. cause if my companions are done then i cant take too long. but these letters will get a lot shorter as time goes so i can write everyone and cause they dont need to be long always but yeah. so im not sure with all that yet i guess. gah im so mad about hunger games!! im glad im not tortured with magazines and stuff now though. but i gotta go now! i love you guys!! keep up thegood work!

Love Elder Buxton

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