The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Friday, May 11, 2012

MTC emails

I will post a few random emails from the MTC since it is too late to post all of them

January 20, 2012

querido familia,
things are going pretty good! josh has meals around the same time as me and i have talked with chapman a few times for a while so that was good. ive been learning lots of new stuff every week. we all struggle with spanish but we get better and better every day. we have a rule that in the mornings til breakfast you cant speak any english or you do push ups. the best way to learn spanish is just speaking it all the time. it helps so much! we are going to extend that to lunch this coming week. we continue to teach our "investigators" and this last week me and my companion committed one to baptism and he accepted. we have yet to teach him about the commandments and will next time cause we know he has a smoking problem. but yeah and every thursday we have to opportunity to teach some volunteer members that live close by or are going to byu and we just teach them for 20 mintues and we do that twice. and then we actually get feed back on that one. our investigators cant give us feed back. so yeah.this last week we had elder duncan of the seventy give a really good talk and i had a ton to say and talk about after during our district review. we all really really look forward to tuesday night devotionals cause they are always so freakin good! funny cauze at home i always kinda dreaded going to firesides and stuff haha. wait so does that mean austin cant go to aspen grove on the soccer retreat or what? thats way awesome about cassidee. tell her a job well done and to keep it up! what do you mean which high school? she might not go to timp? im workin harder to fill up the camera and send it to you guys. hahaha yeah what was the thing you sent me? not sure if i would call that a camera ;) haha kidding. i guess itll have to do. we have 2 main teachers but the main one we had left on tuesday cause he was doing law school and is going to join like the air force i think so now we have 2 main way cool teachers that we love. they are both way funny. thats way cool about church ball! tell him to freakin put those in! i love playing here cause like every just lines up and you shoot for teams so if you cant make a free throw you never get to play haha but for some reason i always make shots here. its weird! i never did at home and here in the gym im known as "slippers" cause i wore my black slip on shoes the first few weeks and played really good and so every knows me as that and as the kid that can drain 3's like nothing haha i dont get how. you play games to 7 by 1's and 2's and quite a bit of the time i end games fast cause for some reason i can shoot here and i just put up like 2 or 3 3's in a row. haha its so fun. oh and the kid that gave me the nickname, i was playing with him the other day and got headbutted in the lip. it was a complete accident but it bled alot and i had a fat all purple and black lip. its healing fast but yeah haha it looked a lot worse than it was. im fine now though. my other friend thats in my district tahts really good a basketball sprained his ankle pretty bad the other day so that really sucks. he will be okay though. thats awesome about iowa. i know they really like him so he could easily get offered something there. but it really just comes down to praying about it and heavenly will for sure tell him whats right. make sure he fasts about it too. helps a lot! yeah i got my haircut and everything. we signed up to get a humidifier so that will be great once we get it. thats awesome about the scriptures! keep it up! wish i could write more. we are going to the temple soon. we love it! :) both our teachers served in different missions in argentina which is cool so they can tell us kinda whats its like. buenos aires is a bigger city though so it will be different. the more i learn almost kinda the less i like haha. we know we are going to get robbed quite a bit and maybe even have people steal from our apartment and stuff. we have heard stories. but we have all read our patriarchle blessings a lot here and i am already expecting things to happen because my blessing says that if i follow the mission rules and follow the promptings of the spirit, angles will abide and your life will physically be saved. so im not worrying because im definitely going to be obedient but i already know that stuff is going to happen. its also going to be weird with stuff like they dont use gallons they use liters. they dont use feet they use meters i think? and they dont use their clocks 1-12 hours they do 1-24 like millitary time. so that will be weird haha. none of us can believe we have already been here for a month! thats crazy!! only 23 months left of our missions!! i think thats all i have to say for now. if you have anymore questions just ask. i love you all! keep up the good work!
Love Elder Buxton
p.s. is cassidee austin and ashlee planning on individually writing me back? just wondering
p.s.s. glad they havent looked at rings yet but i guess it doesnt really matter now. i wont be home in time anyway. and what do you mean you have to cut some stuff out? and also i have wrote steggell and brent but i dont usually have time to write them back so its kinda hard to talk to them. thank you for the packages!!!!!!!!!! :) :) love them!!

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