The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

hola familia
okay so I guess I will start with transfers. So me and elder martinez are staying here in palermo. There are a bunch of changes though. Elder martinez got called as district leader which will be interesting. Elder mcnab is staying in juncal and has a new companion since his companion died. Elder diaz left and Elder middaugh got called as zone leader but is staying in juncal also. The other zone leader is moving to be with him which is elder leva whos way chill. And then some other changes too but yeah I'm way glad that elder middaugh is still here cause me and him have been becoming pretty good friends and he is honestly one of the funniest kids I know. Honestly he's about as funny as cade haha. Okay hmm so earlier this last week and today we helped our ward mission leader move which was kinda sad but its alright. And also we have had an investigator named eddy who has wanted to get baptized for about a year now and has been going to church and everything but he had to move cause he was living with his girlfriend and so it took almost a year to find a cheap place to live. And then on Friday he finally found a place and called us and wanted his interview. He moved into juncals boundaries so they baptized him but it was way way cool. He is from holland and knows 5 languages. Including English. Thats a pic of me and him with elder middaugh and elder martinez when we helped him move. So then also we talked with mabel this week and she is doing really good and we talked to the hermana missionaries that correspond to her area and they are going to start meeting this week and get baptized this Saturday. Oh and also we baptised johana yesterday. Shes ulises sister. (ulises it the biggest nut you would ever know). hes always runnin out of church and wants something to eat and just wrecks havoc all day. But yeah so it was crazy cause a few days ago their parents punished them and said they couldn't go to church on Sunday. Well it was the moms boyfriend that said that cause he doesn't like us and doesnt want anything to do with the church. The mom is really inactive. But we went on Sunday morning to look for them and somehow they were able to go and the boyfriend left so we got the signature from the mom and then during church johana had her interview and it all went good! So yeah and also yesterday we went to the despedida (farewell) of the missionaries leaving and that was great cause I got to chill with elder jorquera and elder brown for a bit (as you can see in the pictures) and a few friends of mine were the ones leaving so yeah that was good. We had some random investigators show up in church yesterday that we are going to be visiting this week so that should be awesome.

Also something that I was kinda thinking about this week and always thought was interesting was that in south america they dont really have ratings for their movies like we do. So most of the latins here have seen a bunch of rated r movies and stuff. But a lot of people would think that they are lucky and I actually thought that at first. But its really not like that. We are lucky we have ratings and counsel from the prophet not to watch those movies and even some pg13 movies. They have to be a little more careful than we do. Also I was thinking a lot about some less actives that have kind of a habbit of using gods name in vain. And I found a scripture I really like. Its james 3:8-13. It talks about how spiritual words and goodness basically cannot come out of a mouth that says fowl things (that includes swearing). They cant coexist. But yeah I thought that was something we could all understand a little more to help us keep the spirit. I also read a part of a talk which I loved and I'm sure the talk is all good but I thought youd maybe want to read it as a family mom. Its ¨when shall these things be¨ by elder ballard, byu 1995-96 speeches. ohhhhh I forgot! since we broke the baptism record for last month on I think it was wednesday our zone and the missionaries that left today all got to go do an endowment session at the temple with president and his wife. It was way way cool! A bunch of us went out and ate at a peruvian restaurant afterwards too which was cool.

No we werent allowed to take cameras last weekend with the temple stuff so that was kinda dumb.. but its alright. haha yeah sounds like cassidee is adjusting well to high school. Tats good! wow thats nuts about the calls. What day does connor and kyle leave? yeah here it is starting to get really hot and humid.. but yes I print out the emails you send from my friends every week. Whats austin doin everyday? Well I'm glad everyones doing pretty good. les amo a todos mucho! This church is true!!

Elder Buxton

ps. haha mom when hermana *gonzalez says hola soy luz. that means hey this is luz. luz is the 10 year old daughter haha ;)

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