The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

hola familia
So I wont lie this week was kind of a struggle. We luckily got yohana to church yesterday and got her confirmed so that is really good and ulises did good in church yesterday too. But this week we have pretty much used up all of our investigators and are working on finding more right now. Also we already ran out of money for the month and so we have nothing really. So thats been really tough. This week it rained hard a couple days and its been kinda colder and probably because of that I am now really sick.. So that is not fun at all.. So yeah we got a couple good referals the other day that we are going to contact tonight and we got one that a member actually brought to church yesterday and we taught him later in the day too which went great. Its an 18 year old kid named gerardo whos catholic but we will see how things go with that. So I guess thats kinda it for the highlights of the week. ayelen has been helping us out a lot which is great but somehow about every other day or so we have drama with her or with her and her family which never really helps cause then my companion worries about it too much and then hes in a bad mood and then everyones just in a bad mood. But we are still moving forward and are excited to teach some new people today and this week. Also tell coral happy birthday this week for me!! And then also tomorrow we have our interviews with president already and also we have a meeting with all the bishops and ward mission leaders and missionaries in our zone with the stake president and president gulbrandsen so we will see what thats about tomorrow night.

Oh and whats Ashlees last name now? haha thought about that the other day and I realized I didnt know. Yeah its officially spring here so it should be warmin up pretty soon. Yeah things are alright in this ward. They are definitely different from provincia but yeah my companion is 22. Yeah hermana gonzalez was asking you if you could buy some mary kay stuff and send it to me down here and then she would pay me. She saids its less expensive in the states but I dont know. Don't worry about it though. Shes kinda weird haha I'll tell you all about them when I get home. Wait I've been to 3 dedications? which ones? What dates exactly do robbie and connor and all of them leave? I wanna know to put the days on my calendar. Tell georgia feliz cumpleaƱos!! well les amo mucho! everyone keep up the good work and stay strong! The church is still true and always will be!

Love Elder Buxton

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