The Guys!

The Guys!
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Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

hola familia,
So this week was pretty good and I guess kinda different. So we had interviews on Tuesday which went pretty good. President talked a lot about how when we are young our parents make us do something and then later in life and with time we begin to want to do that thing. Its like that with our missions. We come on the mission for our parents at first usually but then it becomes somewhere where we want to be and want to do. Then on Tuesday night we had a meeting with our zone and president and all our bishops and ward mission leaders in our wards Cause a couple of the wards are having problems with their bishops like I had in tortuguitas. It was pretty crazy the discussions and almost arguments that were going on but our President is so lead by the lord and doesn't fear like anything it seems like. Our zone leaders (one is elder middaugh) were kinda crying cause they have been having big problems with their bishop and yeah it was pretty nuts. Then I think it was like the day after we went to the villa. We only went twice this week cause we haven't had any money to travel. But it was really sad cause we went and talked to Victoria (the mom of ana and cecilia) and she was angry at the bishop cause hes supposedly not helping them when they haven't even made an effort to talk to him or anything. So basically she told us that she doesn't want to do this anymore and isn't going to church ever again.. It was way sad and my companion was in tears and it was just depressing. But also our bishop is now moving back to mendoza so we will be getting a new one in a couple weeks. Also the relief society president is leaving too. Every is leaving! haha its crazy. Then one day this week our heater kinda blew up when I went to turn it off so we didn't have light for a couple days which is always fun. We started to teach some of these referrals we have been getting and they start off good but then they just kinda die fast.. Its sad. But we did find an old investigator that was being taught like 2 years ago that we talked to on Saturday and he came to church so that was good. But something cool from the week was that on Sunday after church we walked to get our lunch to go and the 2 girls that gave it to us told us we should go visit this one family that's been less active. So on our way home we did and they are from Texas and are just here cause the husband works for nuskin and they are here til December so that'll be 2 yèars in total. But their kids don't speak much Spanish and the wife doesn't at all and the husband served in mendoza so he speaks good but it was way cool and weird cause I taught them a lesson in English My companion doesn't speak English so he didn't understand but it was way cool and so weird I was like struggling for words quite a few times cause my English is destroyed haha. I can only really think and talk in Spanish now. Its half English half Spanish when I try to have a conversation in English haha its really weird. But it was good I invited them to watch general conference this weekend and then come to church the next week and they accepted. But yeah so we are really excited for conference this weekend and are gonna try to get everyone there to be able to watch it. Today should be kinda fun too since we are going to a tenedor libre (a buffet) with some of the zone. We've done this quite a few times now but its way way good. So I'm stoked for that! We will see if we can get some new investigators this week also.

Wo the weather has been weird still but mostly colder. Its gonna get warm hopefully soon though. I'm still sick though so that stinks. I'm better than last week but still sick. wow that's crazy about carson and them. Tell them all I love them and am proud of them! Who is the other going to new york, Kyle and? wow sounds like it was a pretty busy week. Hopefully you can get some rest this week mom. But I asked what Ashlees last name was cause ayelen went to the temple last week and she asked me if I wanted her to put anyone on the prayer role so I gave her your guys names and also all the Terry's names. Yeah they don't have daylight savings here so I will be 4 hours ahead of you in November haha. Well I guess that's it for this week. Get excited for conference! I know I am!! Mom be sure to send me a talk (or 2 if its smaller) from the priesthood session every Monday after conference! Its too late in the night for us to go here. ¡les amo mucho! ¡La iglesia es verdadera!

Love Elder Buxton

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