The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

hola familia,
So basically I have no time to write so this is gonna be way way short and I cant really read anyones emails so dont send me too much next week cause I'll have to read it all next week and print next week too. So short and sweet. We were all thinking that elder martinez was going to leave since he has more time in palermo than me. We were with familia gonzalez a lot yesterday to spend our last time with them. ayelen really likes elder martinez and luz really likes me haha but we are way good friends with them. soooo.... of course I got transfered. I am now in tonelero with elder prado. Hes from peru and he dies this transfer (he goes home) so I get to kill him haha. But yeah today has been the longest and hardest day. I am soooo dead.. being up late and up early and lots of crazy stuff happening. I will tell you guys next week. But it was so sad last night when I got the call about transfers and then called ayelen and luz and luz wanted to know really bad so I talked to her and told her I was leaving she instantly broke down in tears... it was so sad. Then ayelen came and said goodbye to me in the morning and said her and luz were crying a lot that night. But yeah it was sad and I really love that family... but there really is starting to be some miracles in that ward with the new bishop and everything. And I just got starting to know all the members. But I guess the Lord wants me here. My area is half capital and half provincia. I will miss palermo though. But yeah anyway I guess thats all. Sorry I have no time to read anything. les amo mucho! espero que todo este bien!

Love Elder Buxton

oh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!! :)

(Here are some pictures from facebook from the girls that he is talking about. They downloaded them today and I love them!)

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