The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

hola familia

okay so first of all I wanted to say happy birthday to Toni since I forgot last week. Happy birthday Toni ! I love you!! okay this week was a pretty good week. First this week we did divisions on Tuesday and I went over to bel gran with Elder Holland who has the same time as me in the mish and he was in Atlanta at the same time as me and we flew to Argentina together. Hes a little bit shyer and stuff but divisions were pretty good. I met Justin bieber! ;) haha okay well their convert looks exactly like him! I wanted a picture with him so I told him we have to take one at conference and he said okay. But when we went to look for investigators between sessions on Sunday we went to his house and told us to come back in 30 min so we did and then someone had shut the outside door so we couldn't get in.. So yeah I didn't get a picture. Also last week we were told whoever finishes 70% of the lessons of retention to the converts in your ward, that zone would get to go to a pizza ice cream party with president and his wife and watch a movie. So we were working hard with that last week and we don't know if we did it yet or not. We should find out today or this week. Then on Wednesday we had a zone meeting. Not a zone conference. Just a meeting with our zone and zone leaders. It was a good meeting and it always helps to help motivate us to keep working harder. Also later that day we got a call from some of the hermana missionaries in our zone saying they found an investigator that they taught and put a baptismal date with and he lives in our area so we met him at conference and hes a freakin capo. Hes gonna get baptized this Saturday hopefully but hes already reading in 2 nephi. Hes gonna read the whole Book of Mormon, way sweet! Okay now to conference. WOW! can I just say I love conference! Conference as a missionary is so so sweet! I cant believe I never really paid attention in the past like I do now. You can learn so much! We are all so sad when conference is over. And I remember as a kid I couldn't wait for it to be over. I think conference is too short. It should be everyday for a whole week :) The talks were so good! We all had a good laugh from elder nelson on Saturday and his repeated statement "ask the missionaries, they can help you." haha. But okay I wanna know whats going on at home with the new missionary ages!! Cause that means Austin ,Jacob and Trent can all leave like.. right now!! How is this going to affect you guys? I'm curious to know. That was a very crazy announcement. I actually didn't hear it cause we got their late on Saturday cause we went to get an investigator from the villa. But yeah something else I loved about conference was that every single talk touched on the atonement and repentance. Man this gospel is so great! It was pretty nuts when elder holland pretty much dropped the cane on the church with his talk haha. But I loved all the talks and I'm glad I took good notes and I hope you all loved it as much as I did! There's no way someone cant know that those men are apostles and prophets of God. I know they are! so yeah I think today we are going to the zoo :) that should be fun. Its only open on weekends and holidays on Mondays so one of those rare occasions happens to be today so sweet! Besides all that we are still working on finding some solid investigators. And its kinda sad that ulises pretty much hates us. He wont talk to us or even look at us. And yohana not much either. We don't know what to do with them. But I guess we will see. Oh and those pics I'm sending.. me and elder martinez had some fun with our new friend in the pention :) haha and then at conference. For conference us greengos were in the institute building which is way nice and there was like 20 of us. There are quite a few English people in these wards in capital. pretty cool.

Yeah I tried to listen to a little bit of that press conference with elder holland but we were teaching a couple lessons to some investigators so I couldn't really. All those changes are so crazy!! Its hard to know what to think. If Austin and them leave sooner then I will see them sooner so that's good. But also if like David leaves sooner then he wont be here when I get back. But as long as they are all out then I'm happy with that! and that's crazy about the mtc time cut short. I'm glad I was in the mtc as long as I was cause me and my district got way way close and 5 out of us 8 live close in Utah so I'm planning on being friends with those kids for a long long time. But yeah way weird. Wow that's way crazy about Austin. I'm so glad that he is excited though! Tell me how Jacob and Trent and Tanner and him are feeling right now! wow I never thought about it like that.. in the fact that the timing was right and how me and the others missionaries with my time are going to soon have the responsibility to be leaders soon and help out many missionaries. Wow Jamie is getting married?? Weird! yeah its been kinda rainy here but no matter the temperature its always so so humid.. well I'm glad everyone is doing good and things are good at home. I would love to know everyone's comments and thoughts about the new missionary changes. email me if you want to share! especially you Austin Jacob and Trent and Tanner. les amo mucho! Esta iglesia es verdadera!

love Elder Buxton

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