The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

hola familia,

Well this week was a pretty good week I guess. So on tuesday we got a call from president and we were doing divisions that day so me and elder middaugh had to go to the mission home and talk to president that went good and all. It was way fun doing divisions with elder middaugh. He's so funny haha. So yeah then on thursday we had a training meeting with all the district leaders and zone leaders and their companions. The training meetings are always so good and we learned a lot of stuff. We watched a talk by elder holland that he gave in the mtc almost 2 years ago (which I actually already have on cd and am excited to show you guys) and we split up to watch it in our own language. After we watched it he had the latins still watching theurs and so us greengos were being taught a little bit after by president. haha it was weird in english but really powerful from president. Elder holland talks a lot about how we as missionaries have to be converted before we have any hopes of converting anyone else. We have to get it in ourselves and in our hearts first. So also with esteban we havent had much contact with him since we have now credit on our phone and cant call right now. He said he was coming to church but didnt so we will see what we can do this week. We are still looking for investigators but have some possibilities like a referral from ayelen and so we will see what happens with them. Yesterday was mothers day here so that was pretty cool but after like 2 it started raining hard and we actually went to the villa and something pretty crazy happened. So where ana and cecilia and ismael and them live is under the highway. So we walked all through the villa and it was pouring at that point so when we got there we were drenched. Victoria (anas mom) was with some of her family and people around and the guys were all drinking and all that but its whatever. They always do. But something common a ton in the villa but also everywhere in argentina is people just blast their argentina music with speakers from their houses and cars. So they were doing that and then we came and wanted to share a short scripture with victoria. So she turned off the music.We started to share something and we were talking and there;s a wall across the street from them with barbwire fence on top and a watch tower right there to guard whatever is on the other side. There was a guy in the watch tower and he started to yell at victorias husband and the other guys near us. I didnt hear it but they did and they all look over and saw that the guard was telling them that the house 2 houses down from victoria and mabel was on fire. All the guys ran and got water and one climbed up and the second story on the balcony and put out the fire. It was a sofa that caught but it was completely burned before we all noticed this. And they threw the sofa off the balcony. It was way way crazy. But the thing that surprised me and my comp was that victoria said after that angels sent us. And we were like haha why? And she said because if you guys hadnt have come, I wouldnt have turned off the music and nobody would have heard the guard in the tower yelling, and the sofa would have caught the house on fire and that would have burned and then burned all their houses under the bridge cause they are so close together. We don't feel like we did anything but we are glad that everyone was alright. It was pretty scary. So yeah besides that we actually saw mabel yesterday! The one that we were going to baptise but lives out of our area. She came to our ward yesterday which was great to see her and she got baptised and she is doing great now. So yeah and since yesterday was mothers day I just want to say that I love you mom and am so greatful for you in my life. I would be nowhere with out you. Thank you for everything!! I'm constantly amazed by you! So I'm guessing georgia had his farewell yesterday? How did that go? Thats so crazy he is leaving in 2 days. That went by so fast! Tell him that I say good luck and I love him! And I'm excited for him to experience this stuff. Hes gonna do great! Also this week is the last week of the transfer. Next sunday a lot of stuff will change in our zone so we will see what happens. Also I think the other day I got an ingrown toenail I think it is and lets just say right now its not doing that great. If I touch the right spot it feels like someone is stabbing my toe with a knife. So thats not good. haha. Hopefully I'll be alright.

wow no car? thats terrible... I hate it when that happens. I'm glad that jacob and matt are there to help though.Your uncle really died?? wow mom thats terrible! sounds so so sad.. :( I'm so very sorry. I'm so greatful too for the knowledge we have of the plan of salvation. This gospel is so great! I hope your doing alright now and praying a lot for his family! Awesome I'm so glad austin got the higher priesthood now. Its such a blessing to have! landons going on a mission??? seriously?!? wow thats nuts!!! Let me know where hes going as soon as he gets his call!! Thats sooo awesome!! I'm glad austins getting everything done for his papers. Waiting for your call is way crazy haha. Tell him good luck at the dentist! haha, argentina beat chile last week. So sweet! I heard USA won too. These are world cup qualifiers now so its pretty crazy. Everyone apparently plays again in february. Sounds pretty crazy for the terry family. I know everything will work out with them and that everything will be alright. Thats really weird though. Okay well I guess thats it for this week! I hope everyone has a good week especially with georgias departure! Let him know I pray for him! I know this church is true. les amo mucho!

Love, Elder Buxton

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