The Guys!

The Guys!
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Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

hola familia
So this last week was a pretty good week. It was really funny last week at conference an hermano from our ward came up to us and told us how we were doing with people in the ward giving us lunches cause we were looking kinda skinny hahaha so then he stopped by later that day and gave us a huge bag of milk and chocolate milk mix and sugar and stuff haha so that was really funny and cool. And weird cause I definitely do not feel skinny at all.. I feel really fat and lazy.. ha. So this week we taught esteban a couple times and hes doing pretty good. Hes already in Jacob in the book of Mormon. but he wasn't able to come to church yesterday so we set a date for his baptism this next Sunday. He isn't too sure about it but we are going to really help him to realize the importance of getting baptised asap. We are still working on finding investigators. We don't really have anyone else. We have been passing by a lot of older investigators but a lot of them don't live here anymore and some don't really want anything. We went to the villa a couple times and one of the times ulises passed by us and actually said hi to us but that was about it. We talked to his mom on the phone and there is problems with his "step dad" (not really step dad cause they aren't married) but whenever he sees us he pretty much yells at us and tells us to leave and doesn't want us to be talking to his family. Its really dumb but we will see what happens. Also a random thing that I found this week that I really love and that I'm going to miss when I go home is that when Argentina is playing everyone is watching it ya know? And when they score the country goes nuts and yells. And so its sweet cause we open our windows and yell GOL ARGENTINA!!! with them hahaha :) Its fun. I wish they did stuff like that in the united states. Tuesday Argentina plays Chile (my companion is chilean) so its gonna be sweet. My team versus his team! :) We are also going to actually play soccer today finally so that should be fun too. Oh and also yesterday we got our new bishop which was really interesting to find out who it was. Its an hermano who we are good friends with and likes us so that is really good. So that's pretty much it from the week.

Oh yeah haha the zoo was really cool! I took pictures but I'll send some later. Yeah its sad about inactives that go inactive for dumb reasons. ayelens dad is inactive and her mom is going inactive now so that's not good. And don't think I ever get bored of your thoughts mom. I love reading them and printing them out and reading them again. But it truely is sad to see so many returned missionaries go inactive. Obviously I'm not old enough or in a place to judge anyone but I still don't understand how someone can do that after experiencing this stuff ya know? haha yes there are quite a few sister missionaries in our mission. Remember how I baptised someone for them last transfer? Wow that's awesome. I'm way glad and proud of austin jacob and tanner. They are going to do great. And we truely are so blessed with such an amazing bishop. I love and respect and look up to him so much! It was cold during the beginning of the week but the past few days its been hot. We haven't had to use sweaters. Wow that's crazy and awesome about andy. Weird how fast he is leaving though. oh I'm so glad austin is getting the melquesidec priesthood (yeah i only know how to spell that in spanish haha). That will be way good for him. Its an awesome thing to have. I gave a blessing yesterday to someone and it just helps me appreciate the priesthood so much. A quote that our old bishop said that other day: "we, as men, don't have the priesthood cause we are better. We have the priesthood so that we have the responsibility on our shoulders to be better." I liked that a lot. The church is true! les amo mucho!

Elder Buxton

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