The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

hola familia,
Wow okay so pretty much last week was so nuts. Sorry I couldn't write much. It was a way hectic day but that's alright cause everything's good now. So yeah I already told you about transfers. Me and my comp are already pretty good friends so we don't have problems so that's good. We have a pretty nice apartment so that's good too. But anyway so yeah my companion finishes his mission this transfer and he told me that on your last p day of your mission you can get permision from president to go anywhere in the mission so we are going to do that and we are going to go to the boca stadium and lots of other sick places. I'm stoked!! :) and basically it is freakin hot here!!!! It is officially spring here.. we are already dying. We sleep with 3 fans in our little room and still die of heat at night. Like us utahns really have no idea what hot is haha. Its only spring and its in the high 80s and 90s with like 90% humidity. The humidity is killer....! So yeah when it becomes summer it will always be over 100 pretty much. So basically I'm gonna die haha. Its kinda a gross feeling being wet with sweat literally all day haha but I guess I'll get used to it. So yeah also since my companion leaves it means I for sure will stay here and we all think I'l get made senior companion so I guess we will see. But that means that I will be here in this area for halloween, thanksgiving, my one year mark, christmas, and new years. haha thats weird. I'ts a really small ward with about 50 actually active members. Way way small. Okay I guess some other facts. So we had a zone meeting last week and they told us that right now we have about 190 missionaries in our mish and in a few months or something we will have about 250. Its gonna be nuts! This transfer was kinda funny too that elder mcnab and I left together and he is here close in my zone with elder schoefer(elder jorqueras trainer). We always stay close haha and we heard that elder brown and elder harrison (elder harrison in the south) got made senior comps this last transfer so that's cool for them. and yeah elder walker is here in my zone too with elder whitsitt haha so thats kinda cool. So yeah our ward is pretty cool I guess haha we have a huge like 10 block radius full of stores and cheap food all over the streets and just everywhere. I'ts way way cool. The other day we had the elders quorum president visit some people with us his name is hermano toƱanez. He is way cool and we learned a lot from him as we were knocking doors with him and talking to everyone in the street which we don't do too much in this mission. but I hope to continue to learn from him he's way cool. Also tomorrow I guess we have a capacitation meeting again with the zone leaders and district leaders and trainers and then on thursday we have zone conference already. And then on Sunday I get to teach the gospel principles class. Sounds like fun no? :) hey be sure to be sending me georgias emails. And tims if you can too. oh oh and also! Messi is a dad now!! :) haha he had a son the other day which I thought was cool. Little thiago messi! Soccer prodigy! haha.

So yeah it really was way hard to leave Luz last week and I'm going to really miss her and her whole family. I hope I will one day see them again. Yeah its way weird to think its November already but I'm glad you guys are getting things done and Austin did good with his wisdom teeth. Did he swell up like I didn't? thanksgiving should be fun for you guys hopefully! I don't think we do anything here. They don't have it here. Hey let me know the exact missions and the exact dates their leaving if you can. That's way cool though! These are some random pics from the past few weeks. zoo, cemetery, and with familia gonzalez and stuff. I guess that;s it for this week. I will go read all your emails now haha. les amo mucho! esta iglesia es la verdad!

Love Elder Buxton

ps nevermind about most the pictures. I'ts too big and I don't have time to put them all on again...

hey also tell kirst that I freaked out when I saw the pictures she sent me!!! And that me and her are going together when I get back!

(The missionary on the right is Elder Whitsitt. I work for his foster dad, Dr. Young, at my clinic so it was fun for him and I to see this picture today and know that our sons are in the same zone together now)

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